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                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            25 Fairview Square
                                            Ithaca, NY 14850
                                            (607) 277-0959 Voice
                                            (607) 277-8913 Fax
                                            HomerWSmith at lightlink.com 
                                            JaneEStaller at lightlink.com

                                            07/16/20 9:37pm


     BANDWIDTH POLICY        http://www.lightlink.com/band.html
     SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT    http://www.lightlink.com/script/subscriber.script
     ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY   http://www.lightlink.com/script/aup.script
     THE JANE AND HOMER TEAM http://www.lightlink.com/hj.html
     Dear Lightlinkers,

     "On the best laid plans of Mice and Men..."
     The past week has been living hell for Jane and myself as we tried
to bring more bandwidth to you.

     Lightlink is like a 5 lane highway where each lane is fed by an
independent source and a dedicated head end radio that connects that
source to our customers down the lane.  Thus traffic on one lane does
not take resources away from the other lanes.


     Except that two of the busiest lanes are fed by a single radio
shared between the two lanes,


     We can call these two lanes the Western highway and the Eastern

     Our bandwidth issues are thus caused by having one radio feeding
two lanes which became heavily overloaded when covid moved in.
     Once that lone radio's bandwidth limits are reached things slow
down to a crawl on both lanes and anything connected to them, expecially
during prime time.

     For the past many weeks, I have worked on getting a second radio at
the head end, one for the western network, and one for the eastern
network, in order to double our available bandwidth, across those two

     It took me forever to get this done simply because I was terrified
of it not working or it crashing everyone after it was in.

     Finally on Sunday night, 07/05/2020 I flipped the switch and the
second radio separating east and west came on line, no more slowness at
night, zoom worked and everything was much better.
     For about one day.

     On Monday the next day lightning struck our tower at Terry Hill
taking out all the of the radios on the tower and thus our link to
Watkins Glen that was down for 2 days.  The boys climbed in the
scorching sun and put in new everything, and that link is now fine

     However during the interim, our entire network running with the two
new radios at the head end started to do strange things and eventually
came completely to pieces.

     This was experienced as repeated 20 second pauses in network
connectivity every few minutes, and basically ruined internet service
for everyone until today when we finally solved the problem.

     The issues were resolved at about 4pm this afternoon Sunday

     However a few days before, the efforts to locate the source of the
problem were so frustrating I decided to revert the two radio head end
back to the old one radio system, because the trouble started right
after I turned on the two radios.  Having a stable network was more
important than having a fast network.

     Also its almost impossible to debug why you are being disconnected
all the time, when you are being disconnected all the time.

     But reverting back to the one radio head end did not work, in fact
with the one radio back in place the problem got a lot worse.

     Anyhow we did resolve the problem, although I believe ghosts of it
still exist and are being looked into.  There is evidence that the 20
second pauses have been going on for a very long time, but happening
very 10 hours or so, no one thought to complain about it including me
as it affected everyone.
     I won't glaze your eyes over with the technical details except to
say it was a compound problem with two or more different things causing
the exact same symptoms.
     However we are still on the slower one radio system for another few
days until am sure things are stable again.

     That means prime time will be SLOW until we upgrade the head end
again. Soon.

     I apologize for not having sent some kind of letter a few days ago,
so everyone was not in mystery as to what the hell was going on.

     Original announcement is below.

     Jane and Homer

                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            25 Fairview Square
                                            Ithaca, NY 14850
                                            (607) 277-0959 Voice
                                            HomerWSmith at lightlink.com 
                                            JaneEStaller at lightlink.com

                                            07/07/20 12:41am


     I believe that Lightlink has finally solved most of its present
time slowness issues, including Zoom, engendered by long standing
problems at our head end affecting everyone equally.  Technical details
will follow in the next bulletin.

     Those who are still suffering slowness issues caused by their own
local connection to us should write us AGAIN detailing their present
     In the meanwhile you can test your connection at two speed test

     The first tests your local loop connection to us and should return
daytime speeds above 10 megabits download, and similar in the upload.

     The second tests our connection to the net as a whole, it is many
hops away from us so it makes for a good test, most of you should be
getting at least 6 megs download, unless you have paid for more.

     Test1:  http://speedtestax.lightlink.com
     Test2:  http://fast.com

     Test results from other speedtest sites are not dependable and will
be ignored.

     I apologize this fix took so long to accomplish, it was a nightmare
for me and Jane.

     If you are still having problems please contact
LIGHTLINK-BOARD at LIGHTLINK.COM AGAIN, detailing your experience in a new
unit of time, and we will start handling these problems on a case by
case basis.

     Below you will find a copy of our system bulletin No.  1 that was
snail mailed to everyone back in June, but apparently some of you didn't
get it.

     Homer and Jane
                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            25 Fairview Square
                                            Ithaca, NY 14850
                                            (607) 277-0959 Voice
                                            HomerWSmith at lightlink.com 
                                            JaneEStaller at lightlink.com

     06/09/20 Tuesday 2:24pm EST

     Dear Lightlinkers,

     This is from Jane and Homer, owners of Lightlink.

     PLEASE send an e-mail to LIGHTLINK-BOARD at lightlink.com, containing
your present correct e-mail address, street address and preferred phone
do billing by e-mail, and to send timely system bulletins to keep
everyone appraised of important changes taking place that affect our
survivability and your connection to us.  Don't worry, be happy.
     This includes threats on several fronts to our existence from those
who covet Lightlink or who are overtly or covertly hostile to our
existence.  You know, smiling entitled people, with knife in hand hidden
behind their back.
     If you have a complaint about lightlink please include it in your
If you hear others talking bad about Lightlink, tell them they can and
must complain directly to us at LIGHTLINK-BOARD at LIGHTLINK.COM.  If you
want to be anonymous send to LIGHTLINK-BOARD at ANON.LIGHTLINK.COM.
     We are working on slowness issues with concrete plans to remedy the
ongoing long term situation within a week or so.

     Once this is fixed, we will be looking at individual slowness
issues on a case by base basis.

     We were running at maybe 85 percent capacity before covid hit, but
now with everyone working and going to school at home we are running at
about 150 percent, so various things do not work well, Zoom in
particular is flaky as it is an uploading protocol rather than a
downloading protocol.

     Like CB, our wireless connections to you can not do both uploading
and downloading at the same time, thus too much uploading interferes
with downloading too!


     We understand that many of you are having a hard time making ends
meet.  If you need help meeting your payment deadlines to lightlink,
please contact Jane at accounting at lightlink.com.
     Please follow Kant's Imperative, do not do anything that would be
disasterous if everyone did it.

     Financially we are right on the edge just as you all are.


     Lightlink is a privately owned S Corp whose principal partners are
Jane Staller and Homer Smith.  He have about 200 wireless customers plus
other customers.  Lightlink's only sources of funding are the revenues
from our customers and the private savings and personal credit of Jane
and Homer.

     Presently Lightlink consists of 3 people, Jane, Homer and a few
part time employees who replaced Scott Adams when he left.

     Jane's salary is 17K per year and Homer's salary is 17K per year.
Homer, who is 69, also gets 12K per year in Social Security.  Money not
spent on basic living expenses and rent goes back into the company.  We
have no benefits, no savings, and no retirement.

     In 2018 our net losses were -$7000 on $206,476 of gross sales.  Net
losses were offset by new capital infusions from Jane and Homer's own

     Our yearly S Corp taxes and cash flow statements can be found (when
available) at http://www.lightlink.com/info/financials


     For a complete statement of what we are up to, you might want to
read this someday when you have nothing better to do.  It is long and
detailed, but covers us pretty well.


     This my personal web page in case you want to take me to court for
being insane.

     Your monthly payments not only buy you a ride on the Lightlink Star
Ship, but they also buy you a slice of the captains of that star ship

     Since we are the captains of this ship, each system wide bulletin
will have a section at the end called the PHILOSOPHY CORNER which will
tell you a bit about us.  If it is more than you want to know, simply
don't read it.

     Jane and Homer



     Subversion is when a third party tries to insert themselves between
two other parties who are getting along in order make them not get
     For example persons A and B are good friends or business associates
or customers.
     Person C is jealous of A and B and does not like this, so secretly
C communicates to A that B does not like A anymore.
     Or C casts aspersions to A about B's integrity by telling A why B
is a bad person and that A should not like or trust B.
     Or C tells A that B has been saying bad things about A to everyone
else and that B is laughing at A behind A's back.
     A and B then get very cold and upset with each other and stop being

     It is almost impossible to mend these rifts without getting A and B
to both spot the sociopathic liar C and what the lies are that C has
been telling.
     Sociopaths consistently use the phrases 'EVERYONE knows, thinks,
says or agrees...' in order to make the lies being told seem to be
universally accepted or unquestionable truths.
     They may do this indirectly with "I am tired of trying to convince
everyone you aren't a crook, but I can't do that any more as everyone
knows you are a crook.  Everyone sees the evil you are up to, and no one
is fooled."
     In truth the sociopath may have at most a handful of people who
'agree' with them, but mostly the sociopath stands alone in their fear
of being found out and fear of others getting along just fine with each
other without them.

     In particular the sociopath can not stand the thought of two people
getting along with each other without the sociopath in between them,
often profiting from both.

     The sociopath suffers from 'self-referencing', paranoia,
grandiosity and delusion.
     Self-referencing means for example that if two people are talking
in private to each other the sociopath is SURE they are talking about
him, usually to do him in (paranoia).  They also live in a grandiose but
delusional fantasy world overlaid on the hum drum of normal life.

     They also suffer from high functioning (works all day long),
narcisistic (I am the best!) manic depression.

     But under heavy pressure they fall completely to babbling pieces,
and often become violent to get left alone in peace again.  Don't ever
push a sociopath on his failing responsibilities, you won't win.
     One primary outward manifestation of a sociopath is PERFECT CHARM,
thus some people believe everything the sociopath says because obviously
such a nice person could never or would never lie about such things.
     The sociopath comes across as God's Own Honesty.

     Perfect charm however hides the hideous heart.

     The give away is the sociopath never takes responsibility for his
own condition, everything they suffer is always someone else's fault or
wrong doing, mostly yours no doubt.
     To hear them talk, they have been suffering what you have done to
them from before they ever met you.

     They can't conceive ever having done anything wrong themselves or
having any responsibility for the galley they find themselves in.

     The one question they can not ask of themselves is

     "Que fait moi, dans cette galere?"

     What am I doing in this galley (French prison ship)?

     Beyond constant commiseration, they seek ownership of what is yours
to assuage their lack and losses in life and to make up for their
endless abuse beyond words at the hands of you and others.

     They covet something that you have (mostly your job or life) and
they think you do not deserve it yourself.
     But they think that even though they don't have it, they do deserve
it, so its morally right to take what they covet of yours by any means
possible including 24x7 straight faced brazen lying, deceit, treason and

     It also doesn't matter to them if what they are doing back to you
is immoral or illegal, if they conceive you did them wrong, it becomes
right and justified to do anything back to you no matter how immoral or
illegal it might be.
     They live in a world of a 3rd grade or high school sense of

     They become 'entitled' people through their belief that need
bestows right.  Because they have a need for something, they have a
right to it and deserve it, and that means you have a duty to provide it
to them whether you can or not.

     In the Master, Peer, Apprehentice triangle, they can understand
being a Master to your Apprehentice, and they can pretend to be a peer
to you, but they are utterly incapable of being an Apprehentice to your
Mastery, thus they can not learn from you.  They can not work with the
idea that someone might know more than they do.

     Often they are compulsive talkers, but can not listen without
interjecting comments and trying to take the conversation back.  If you
manage to say something intelligent or enlightening, they will demand
where you got that from.  They can't stand the thought you might have
come up with something original and bright yourself.

     No matter what you say or what you do they will find something to
criticize about it no matter how small or irrelevant.

     If you write something brilliant they will criticize every spelling
or grammar mistake as if you are a total fool and 'everyone sees it.'

     They can understand an "I - THOU" relationship as long as THOU are
under them, but they can not understand a 'WE' relationship, thus they
never feel truly connected by human warmth with anyone, outward
demonstrations to the contrary.
     Worse they will leave you feeling unconnected and unconnectable to
everyone and everything until you get back to real people for a while,
to erase and cleanse your self of the sociopath's know best influence,
and their reasons and justifications why you are unworthy of being
connected to.

     The Devil comes to us dressed in the gowns of the Lord.  
     These clowns are it.
     Yours in Good Faith,

     Jane and Homer

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