If I, Hunter Reon Barnes, tell you, your problem is obviously Hoping Improperly, how long till you see that obvious, and if you self correct or burn off such, japosovirusk and lesser posted by them too long, retardedly.? (no, really, could you stay in the same place, that long, for any reason, working on anything, without causing improvement, unless on bad drugs, working for soviet, off false hope.. uglybutt? and how much handled must you receive to not sh't you f'king soviet and your adopties on MY land..? ~, HRB [o; -)

system@μ.. system@μ..
Fri Oct 2 14:38:51 EDT 2020

Congress: (Proposed Amendment to U.S. Constitution.)

"That any government or law enforcement seat in the United States can only be filled by at least second generation U.S. citizens born in the United States, with both of their parents being born in the United States."
Hunter Reon Barnes

Visit Mount Shasta!
Tell all the methheads overposted at all bottlenecks of the city by the soviet porky, they aren't fooling anyone, unless your too pussy.. (they say I'm really nice when I do so, (that I obviously don't have to be nice), and there is no question of whether you are their food, but that they can't get taste or sustainance off you.)

"We give you opportunity, then we give you lack of opportunity {when that's best for you}, then We give you opportunity again {mostly to keep you from being wimbly at us, not because We believe you'll ever go rye}." ~, The Sane

I'm voting for John Smith for Mayor of Mount Shasta, instead of myself or the soviets putting themselves only on the ballots, counting the votes themselves, not because John Smith is a big black guy that runs a garbage disposal, but because John Smith is a good baptist, big black guy that runs a garbage disposal, whom everyone likes and/or respects. ~, dr.hrb 

888.919.7566 / 530.500.2001

"Hey, yogurt cultures are non-lethal but won't hurt/attack anything other than you, should have been a clue to you soviet fagg't clump of false hopi."

(..and trust me on if your posted up at a city bottleneck for two weeks on bad drugs trying to fix a vehicle that isn't broke without causing improvement, for the soviets, or such like so, is alone enough to give both of you 20 years each.. not counting the rest of your sh't, but receive opportunity all along the way while you f'k up, until you can't, one way or another, bad dog...)

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