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At 09:34 PM 5/2/2002 -0400, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>Robert D. (VoltR at ctinet.net) wrote:
> >Are you talking about your case in PT?  If so, have you tried Over/Under on
> >the "glass, tar and amber"?
>     Elucidate please.
>     Homer

"Get the concept (however vague, even if it's only "the idea of") of the 
terminal (in this case the "glass, tar and amber" or whatever is real to 

Put it above you.  (ack)
Put it below you.  (ack)
Put it to the right of you.  (ack)
Put it to the left of you.  (ack)
Put it in front of you.  (ack)
Put it in back of you.  (ack)
Put it above you.  (ack)
etc. etc.

If for some reason you can't do this right away, you can always start by 
placing yourself in the opposite direction of the terminal, like to put it 
under you, you would place yourself above it.

Itsa is invited from the Pc whenever it suits him.

This process can be carried on for hours if necessary with TA action all 
along the way.  The EP is typically a vanishment of the associated masses 
and a feeling of well being (along with F/N, cog, VGIs, of course).   I've 
never seen this process to fail.

If you would be interested in a free demo, I would be more than happy to 
oblige.  It could be recorded if you would like (or not) and afterwards 
anybody could then take over the function of auditor.

I have never seen it to fail to blow masses.

It's the most powerful single process I've ever used.


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