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     Psychic Storms


     Enid Vien

     It is most interesting to see AWs materials on "The Furies" It
parallels my work on psychic wounds, scars on the soul and psychic
storms.  Since Alan and I have been on the tech scene for so long, and
since truth is truth, it is hardly surprising to find we find the same
phenomena, but it does rather seem to validate the research line we
are following, that we come up with such independently.

     At any rate, the phenomena of "The Furies" parallels the psychic
storm data.

     A psychic storm is a moment within or connected to a psychic
wound.  It is that howl of outrage or anger, a primal scream of
emotion which the being imprints upon the universe, himself and
others, with every ounce of force and will he can muster.  These
storms can echo down through the centuries, they float in time with
the being causing repetitive patterns and repetitive events.  Since
the being imprints them on the universe with each successive storm,
they mirror back at him causing some very bizarre manifestations.

     The storms occur due to the outrage when the being has betrayed
or been betrayed, violating a core belief or principle the being has
held dear.  When it is a betrayal of his own belief or principle,
especially the one the being considers a true emanation of who he
really is, it causes him to try and be someone else, he considers he
is no longer okay.

     The phenomena of beserker rages has been noted in history, these
are psychic storms; the being actually steps out of the universe of
motion, throwing a temper tantrum in a timeless instant of
destruction.  These contain violent murderous intents; they are loaded
with the full creative force of the being.  Their timelessness allows
them to follow the being through the eons, echoing and repeating their
destructive energies whenever the being has a similar event occur, or
even believes he might have one.

     Psychic wounds sit under scars on the soul.  The scars protect
the wound and make them hard for the being to contact.  Often the
being will talk about these events with a slightly sour note, never
really contacting the force and anguish that lies within them.  In
earlier clearing techniques, regression therapy and traumatic incident
running, the being has often attempted to run some of these wounds,
removing surface energy, but never removing the imprinted life force
from the spirit or the world.  Unknown to the being, this started the
wounds bleeding some of their poison into the universe, where it has
been reflecting back at him continuously.  Once truly contacted in
psychic wound clearing the wounds are found to be as raw and deep as
the day they first occurred.

     Psychic storms are not found in every psychic wound, but imprints
are.  Storms are much more serious in their long term effects, due to
the timeless aspect.

     These imprints on the universe have much to do with the solidity
of the universe as we know it today.

     Clearing away the psychic imprints affects not only the viewer
with whom one is working, but the beings he imprinted with the darkest
aspects of his life energy, and the very universe itself.  The
violence and fury of the being's tantrum becomes engraved in his
dynamis (life energy) and thereafter the dynamis is impure,
contaminated by the storm imprint.  Psychic wound clearing actually
clears up the impurity of the dynamis.



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