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Here is what I have observed regarding karma:

When presented with a problem, the being  has a choice of using his positive
code or his negative code as a solution. 

If he uses the positive code, this means he will have to take responsibility
for what he has created and this often translates in present time as having
to endure some kind of sacrifice of comfort, convenience or pleasure.

More often than not, the being will choose to utilize his negative code so
as not to have to endure the sacrifice of comfort, convenience or pleasure.
This gives the appearance that the problem has been handled.   But. . .

By utilizing the negative code in present time to handle a present time
problem so as to not to have to sacrifice present time comfort, convenience
or pleasure, the being then has initiated the creation of a future time
problem which continues to get bigger and bigger as it approaches present
time.  Often, this may be of overwhelming proportions but in any case, the
being then suffers the enforced loss of comfort, convenience or pleasure
which  originally was a a self-determined choice.  He loses his future
self-determinism by resorting to the negative code to handle the present
time problem.  This is karma in action

The being violates his positive code because he does not want to take
responsibility for his negative creations (problems manifesting in present
time).  He violates his positive code because he does not want to give up
present time comfort and convenience or pleasure.  He is trying to avoid the
pain of having to be responsible (manifesting as the pain of having to give
up present time comfort, convenience or pleasure).

Karma is neither right or wrong.  We call the enforced responsibility karma.
It is what you create by your choices or decisions  not to take
responsibility for your creations and their consequences. Since you have
chosen the negative, and since this is a two-poled universe, the positive
has to come into being, and it does as the enforcement of responsibility
upon self.  It only looks like fate or some unseen force (which we can call
Karma) but it is really the opposite code maintaining the balance.  

This is not to say that if you choose responsibility that the negative code
is going to be lurking there in the future.  If you choose responsibility
you end the cycle then and there.  (More than likely the present time
problem that is being handled with responsibility originated from a past
decision made without regard to responsibility).

Karma is not punishment.  Karma is merely the enforcement of responsibility
onto the being by the being.  It is his codes maintaining balance.


      	Here is the sequence:

1.	A present time problem is temporarily handled by committing a negative
code action (surviving identity)

2.	This violates the positive code.

3.	The violation of the positive code creates a threat to one's beingness.

4.	The threat to one's beingness triggers the rightness defense control
mechanism.  (This is how the surviving identity dramatizes handling the
threat to beingness).

5.	When the rightness defense control mechanism fails to handle the threat
to beingness, the being receives an alien unwanted object (some kind of
negative code representation--the being is shown his negative code--often
this acts as an invitation to abuse.

6.	The manifestation of the alien unwanted object triggers the charge (loss)
of a destroyed vision or dream.

7.	This charge of the destroyed vision or dream triggers the winning identity.

8.	The being, having switched to the winning identity, accesses the alien
artificial time trail and dramatizes the winning identity's fury.

Note:   Although I am using Alan's Knowledgism terms, the above are
observations I have made in doing my own research.


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