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<< The  trouble is it took running out GPMs to get a person in good
 case state to get the most out of the old OT levels.  The problem was that
 adequate GPM tech hadn't been developed.  I know for a fact that with GPMs
 out of the way, old ot levels have an enormous impact on a case.  They're
 like a rocket booster.
 The other problem was restimulation from the OT processes.  If you can't run
 GPMs or even engrams after clear, then you're outa luck, Bub.  And good luck
 running those masses with NOTs.  >>

This doesn't have to be long and drawn out. Consider the following:


0. Get them through Clearing, OT I and II.
1. Entites (synthetic or otherwise) have cases.
2. Entity cases have GPMs, IMPLANT GPMs, etc.
3. Blowing the Entities opens the door to effective handling of the PC.
4. NOTS, the "current" OT III-VII group blows enough classes of entity such
that a thorough survey of the PC's Own Goals can be effected. Liberal use of
PrPr 6 on the toughies, and for Christ's Sake, get ALL-ALL-ALL service facs
cleaned up once and for all (not always on all PC's, but give it your
absolute best). I sometimes stick Ex-DN (lightly), Technique 88, Scn 8-80,
Scn 8-8008 here.
5. L-type processing cleans up the dramatizers and blows them wholesale.
6. "Old" solo OT IV strengthens the PC at this point.
7. "Old" intention drills at old OT VII gives PC the "juice" to blow
stragglers off the case.
8. "Old" OT IV Class VIII rundown stabilizes the being at this point, who is
by now "squeaky clean" and has "rid himself of his fleas". Proof up dynamics
9. Now, Now, Now GPMs.
10. Now old OT 5, 6, 7 (solo) steps.
11. Run all of the Free Zone Eight materials you might have in your
possession. (Lightly, he's flying now).
12. Survey Philly Doc Course for stuff that remains unrun and do it (if PC
needs, wants, would like to have, unsure but willing to try, etc). 
12.. Now integrate, extrapolate and run experimental "Upper Level" material
as applies to the specific case (Filbert, Stephens, British 10-11-12,
Robertson, Robinson and others) Note: First taste it for yourself, and run
some on a trusted friend, co-audit-style, before you clang your dear PC with

This is more or less the way I run 'em, C/S 'em, and make 'em fly.


LaMont Johnson

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