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Technical Essay # 36 - FAF 9 February 1991

.ce Ways of Thinking

Looking at where thought "comes from" provides some insight into what it really is. I looked at
that after running into some people who said they were channeling when they were giving
lectures, and after hearing the theory that LRH channelled some of his material. None of that
bothered me, but it made me think about where thought comes from.

There is a scale of thought going something like this:

	Sub-human	No thinking possible
	Human being	Reactive, introverted thought
		Analytical, figuring things out
		Responsive, extroverted action
	Theta being	Observation, change of viewpoint and considerations
	Static being	Postulation, making it up
	Infinite God	All possibilities known, no thinking necessary

Depending on who does the thinking, or which aspect of you, the process is different.

There is a level of thought below being human where independent thought isn't possible at
all. There might be some higher sub-human grades covering the thinking of Lambda or Phi

The lowest band of human thought is that performed by a reactive mind. Thinking by sub-
consciously reacting on external or internal stimuli. Thought is only produced based on input
and existing programming.

The next band involves an analytical approach. The available data are consciously
evaluated into logical conclusions and contemplations. That is what most people would
mean by "thinking". This method is limited by the data at hand.

Next kind of human thinking is thinking by action. Being responsive to what is going on in the
environment and taking the most optimum steps. That is an operating being in the human
sense. Seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them.

The way a free thetan thinks is by selecting a viewpoint, observing what is going on, and
having considerations about it. There is no figuring out here, just a selection of what to look at
from where and which consideration to assign to it.

A Static doesn't need to do that. It just makes up some truth, that is thought at that level. The
thought is whatever it is, it doesn't relate much to anything else.

At the infinity level all possibilities are available. There is no point in deciding anything or
finding anything out, all is known. This is the ultimate origin of all thought. Anything that can
be thought or thought about is there, but no thinking is necessary.

Now, "think" about for a moment: If you suddenly get a bright idea, where does that come

- Well, it could be the result of a reactive process; come out of some engram or
service fac or something.
- Or, you could have evaluated all the data you see in front of you, or know
about, and reached the logical conclusion.
- Or you have read the environment well and picked the optimum point of action.
- You might have travelled somewhere as a thetan and looked at something
and decided what it is.
- You might just have made it up as a static without regard to the circumstances.
- Or, it is just one of an infinite number of possibilities that you all know all about.

These are the ways of producing thought. They do interact and integrate with each other.
They have very different degrees of scope and power.

The process you used tell us which band of thought something is coming from. If you are
mainly operating on the analytical band and you suddenly get a bright idea, then we can
make some conclusions. If you didn't figure out that thought consciously, based on your data,
well then it doesn't come from that band. It probably comes from a higher band, but it might
come from a lower.

If you are not consciously aware of what you did to get the thought, then you got it by
connecting with something else that did. A higher or lower aspect of yourself most likely. Or
somebody else operating at any level of thought.

Getting data from the higher thought levels when you are operating on a lower level is what
new age people call "channeling one's higher self". That is another way of saying that you as
a thetan or as a static or as infinity have access to some things that you as a human being
don't, and that you currently keep most of your attention on being a human.

Take for example the fact that I am sitting here in front of my computer writing about esoteric
philosophical subjects. Is this something I have previously learned and am picking out of sub-
conscious recordings? Mostly not; the way I word things probably is. Is it something I am
logically figuring out from the data in front of me? Partly, but I don't have these kinds of data in
front of me. I am sitting in a room with furniture and papers and a computer; no such
advanced pieces of data are presenting themselves to my human sensory input. I have
studied such subjects and use my learning to evaluate the data, but the data mostly come
from somewhere else. Did I exteriorize as a thetan and go and look at some things? Yes,
sometimes I do that, and I have learned a lot. But many other pieces of data just appear
without it being clear how they came about. The likely place for them to come from is the
theta, static, or infinity thought levels of myself or others.

Now, my point here is that no human being is gonna sit down and produce new,
revolutionary philosophical ideas about spirituality and the universe by thinking as a human
being. They are not part of the human frame of reference, they have to be found somewhere
else. And, like it or not, that is a form of channeling unless it is done fully consciously.

What we are aiming at in clearing is to make all states of awareness available and optimized
in their relationship. Until then it is assuring to know that they are already there and that one
can visit them at times and that one can draw on their abilities.

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