Visit Mount Shasta, sure we're still overrun with pirate soviet methhead and their gimps...

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Wed Oct 14 17:00:42 EDT 2020

Congress: (Second proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution.)
That any legal voter may use their vote to vote -1 vote towards any canidate if they feel inclined to do so. ~, dr.hrb

Congress: (First proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution.)

"That any government or law enforcement seat in the United States can only be filled by at least second generation U.S. citizens born in the United States, with both of their parents being born in the United States."
~, dr.hrb

"Nah, I aint seen nothing but soviet drug addict cops and their gimps."

Should we storm the cia, whitehouse, and the rest of america deporting soviet? Should we deport the canadian born soviet called our president with the rest of the russians? Should we deport all the soviets on the ballot and the soviet ballot counters? should we imprison all of their gimps for 20 years? Should we defeat the obvious active enemies of america (europe, japan, and the islanders) or bend over for them?


"..if your really hellbent on trying to get free advice (or anything else) from me, tardic pirate, my advice is still quit being stupid, stay off bad drugs, on good nutrician, and figure out the rest on your own." ~, dr.hrb

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