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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 12:48:26 +0200
From: Martin Foster <msfoster at telkomsa.net>
Subject: Re: R: R: [IVy-subs-1] Re: Energy balls and 30 foot thetans
To: <ivy-subscribers-1 at lists.worldtrans.org>

At 27/06/2006 17:45 Tuesday, luca milano wrote:
Snipped: You begin being vaguely exterior, and then more and more so,
as you go on working.

And you begin living the fact that feeling effect and feeling cause
of life are actually the same thing, seen from above.


Thanks Luca,

I have tremendous feelings of gratitude to yourself and all the help
I have obtained from others on the list for getting me to "look" and
thereby restore my beingness and knowingness. After I left the CoS I
had so much to resolve regarding LRH, the tech and 'others' punting
various routes and methodologies - Some were just extensions of the
CoS trap. Which may I say was a very necessary "freeing-trap" for me.
It gave me tools without which I may never have arrived at my current
quite happy or contented state.:) Unfortunately, I was also
convinced that it was the "only" way out and persuaded a number of my
rather large family to subject themselves to the evals of the church.
Without the views of IVy'ers I would not have been able to
disentangle them from that particular "Freedom factory" or "Bliss-shop"

I had to re-examine the tech which was in my estimation "absolute
truth" notwithstanding "absolutes being approachable but not
attainable". Thank you for the Latin. est modus in rebus. (Latin, in
things is embedded their own measure) Back then, we must have had
some awareness. :)

Whatever shortcomings LRH may have had - he certainly shook many of
us out of a very deep sleep.

It was a revelation to me that so many were able to climb on the back
of LRH and see more than he could, sometimes forgetting that it was
because they were standing on his shoulders.

I feel that I have been helped by IVy listers and been allowed to
stand on their shoulders and now have grown so tall that I don't need
any shoulders.

But please don't go away - It's sometimes a bit unstable up there.


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