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Yes there is free (truely free, not a promotional gimmick) tech
available on the net.

A lot of it consists of Scientology's advanced materials which
are posted by critics as an act of protest against the
Church of Scientology's (CofS) bad behavior.

But this is of little help to a fringe Scientologist or interested
beginner who does not already know a great deal about Scientology 
processing.  So I have written a Self Clearing book which is also 
free that can be studied as a do-it-yourself activity.

I do this because I believe in the Scientology tech and I feel
that the organization is on a course of self destruction which
will cause the tech to be lost along with the organization
unless people do as I am doing and give it to the world freely.

The URL's given below will lead you to the book and my various
other writings.  For a detailed explanation of why I am doing
this and what is wrong with the organization, see "The Scientology
Reformer's Home Page".

I welcome you to the alt.religion.scientology (ARS) newsgroup.  This
is mostly a hangout for critics and disaffected members because
the CofS forbids its loyal members to talk unless they are under
the control of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and those
OSA people just post PR.

There are also Freezoners who believe in the tech but practice
it outside of the official organization.  The CofS considers them
to be heritics and attacks them at every opportunity.  They
mostly hang out on the alt.clearing.technology (ACT) newsgroup but
they talk on ARS occasionally too.

I am a secret reformer within the CofS who objects strenuously
to its bad behaviour.  I remain connected because I have many
friends there and I believe in the tech (but not in organizational
policy or the sanctity of L. Ron Hubbard's every statement - I
believe that one should think about the tech instead of worshipping

I remain secret at this time because the organization excommunicates
and attacks any member who tries to reform it (which is one of
the reasons it has gone so bad).

Best Wishes for the Comming New Year,

The Pilot

The free Self Clearing Book, The Super Scio book, and the
"SCIENTOLOGY REFORMER'S HOME PAGE" are all over the net.

See The Self Clearing Homepage for URLs to these sites
http://fza.org/pilot/selfclr.htm or

Or see The Pilots Home Page at http://fza.org/pilot/index.htm

Some translations are available, see
In German  - http://www.cso.net/mt/pilot.htm
In Russian - http://www.user.cityline.ru/~cisergem/ and www.aha.ru/~espinol
  and http://www.tagil.ru/~sk/pilot/pilot.html.

The MASTER LIST OF LRH TAPES which I posted recently is available both at 
fza.org and at http://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~krasel/CoS/tapes.html

This post will be included in the next archive (which will be number 33) 
when I do my next bulk posting. See the Pilot Archives at FZA.ORG.

Note that some of my posts only go to ACT.  I cannot be reached by email.
I watch ARS and ACT for messages with Pilot in the subject line.



Ralph Hilton

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Sat Oct 17 12:06:01 EDT 2020 
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