Hey, even the bible says if you look ugly as f'k in the eyes of god, such is a bad omen for you.

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Mon Oct 19 15:17:12 EDT 2020

P.s.. ..if your one of those methheads who don't realisticly see your self kicking anytime soon, my perscription for you is :
Literally eating mashed potatoes (idahoian) + apple juice + fresh grapefruit, instead of your usual piss crystal toilet mint medley.
Risparidal + Depacoat + Seroqel, followed by the above perscription if the other doctor releases you.
Try to eat and live properly, and refrain from being a f'kup.
  ~, HRB

Congress: (Second proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution.)
"That any legal voter may use their vote to vote -1 vote towards any canidate if they feel inclined to do so." ~, dr.hrb

Congress: (First proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution.)
"That any government or law enforcement seat in the United States can only be filled by at least second generation U.S. citizens born in the United States, with both of their parents being born in the United States."
~, dr.hrb

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And FYI kids, the bible was obviously written as a bifold yoke to premature saints who would possibly transend it and all the misunderstanders of it who were sure to splinter it 4,000 directions thus spreading it quickly and is third grade japanese reading material.

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