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             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                        PERSISTENCE AND BECAUSE
                                EXM - 51
                             24 March 1992
         Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     Persistence of condition is caused by misassignment of cause.
     Let's say you want to create something horrible.  So you create it.
Your WANT came first and THEN your creation.
     The thing exists and is horrible BECAUSE you WANTED it to exist and
be horrible.  That is the truth.  The thing you created is a CONDITION.
If you create it again, a perfect duplicate, or you just continue to
create it as it is and then let go of it, it will vanish.
     But now let's say you claim that you WANT it BECAUSE it is
horrible.  This is a reversal of cause.  You are saying it exists out
there and is horrible, THEREFORE you want it.  You have made it cause
and you effect.  Your WANT is caused by its being there and being
horrible.  Why would you want something horrible you didn't make?  Well
to get you out of school or war maybe.
     Or let's say you claim that you DON'T WANT it BECAUSE it is
horrible.  This is also a reversal of cause.  You are saying it is
horrible THEREFORE you don't want it.  Again you have made it cause and
you effect.  Your DISWANT is caused by its being there and being
     The only difference between a CONDITION and a SOLUTION or a PROBLEM
is the direction of the BECAUSE.
     Saying that something exists because you want it is the truth and
will cause a vanishment of that condition.
     Saying that you want something because it exists is assigning it
cause and you effect and will cause a persistence of the wanted
     Saying that you don't want something because it exists is assigning
it cause and you effect and will cause a persistence of the unwanted
     Thus conditions become solutions which become problems.
     First you say, IT IS BECAUSE I WANT IT.       (CONDITION)
     Then you say, I WANT IT BECAUSE IT IS.        (SOLUTION)
     Then you say, I DON'T WANT IT BECAUSE IT IS.  (PROBLEM)
     And THAT is the anatomy of a trap.
     How do you audit this?  Well all that is wrong with your pc is his
constellation of unwanted conditions, his 'problems'.  Each problem was
at one time a solution for him, and before that it was just a condition
he wanted and made.
     Take his stuffed nose.
     What has he used his stuffed nose to SOLVE?  Here it is a SOLUTION
to him, something he used to help him deal with an earlier problem that
he did not deal with directly.  His stuffed nose is a condition he is
presently pretending he did not make, but exists none the less, and he
WANTS it because it gets him out of school, or homework, or out from
under the eye of a cold mother or a colder Eternity.
     Later in life, long after his cold mother lies in a warm grave, he
can't sleep at night because he can't breath through his nose.  His
mouth dries out and he snores incessantly, and his life is a wreck
because he can't get any rest.  Now his stuffed nose is a problem to
him, something 'he did not create', but exists none the less and he
DOESN'T WANT IT because it is ruining his life and his marriage because
his wife has to sleep in the next state.
     So now you run, "What has he used to SOLVE his stuffed nose?"  Nose
sprays, picking at it, chlorotrimeton, water, cigarettes, pot, allergy
doctors, injections, chainsaws, etc.
     As he runs off all the things he used to SOLVE his stuffed nose,
and all the things he used his stuffed nose to solve, his stuffed nose
will leave being a problem and a solution behind and come back to being
a condition.  At which point he will be willing and able to make it
again and have it vanish.
     You see as a solution, he wants to have it PERSIST.  He wants to
get out from under school or war or mother dear, so he wants it to
persist, but to do this he must really avoid making it responsibly
because that would cause it to vanish.  Thus he has to pretend he had
nothing to do with it.  Irresponsibility is a solution to him because it
creates solutions that persist for him.
     But then the solution becomes a problem, and now he doesn't want to
make it because he wants it to go away.  But the only way to make it go
away is to MAKE it with full responsibility again.  Re-operation of an
AS-ISNESS causes a vanishment of the condition.  Thus his
irresponsibility becomes a problem to him because it creates problems
that persist for him.
     There is NOTHING that does not follow this little piece of idiocy
including your persistence in this universe and its time stream.  Your
persistence started off as a condition, became wanted as a solution, and
then became unwanted as a problem.  End result, you are a meatball.
     Good work.
     The way to OT is to audit out these Condition-Solution-Problem
cycles and reverse the direction of all BECAUSES that point from the
external world (that the pc actually made himself) back towards himself.
The direction of cause is a vector, and in truth is ALWAYS from the pc
out towards the external universe.

     ((Even when other people are originating at the pc, they can only
do so if the pc let those others into his dream.  So for every
incoming cause vector from another person, there is a prior outgoing
cause vector from the pc creating the doorway for the incoming vector
to enter his dream.  It can be a generic 'Let all enter who will...'))
     The word BECAUSE is itself sort of a joke, because it means BE
CAUSE, yet your pc has been using it forever to do everything but.
     Be that as it may, what ever it is, if it is in his dream, he
made it.  Anytime you find the pc with a cause direction coming in at
him from the external world to himself, you know it was once a
condition created by him and then made to persist by making it a
solution, and then a problem, by ARBITRARILY REVERSING THE CAUSE
     Perhaps your pc is not ready to take responsibility for the
stars, but he is certainly ready to take responsibility for his
stuffed nose, and his existence in a body.  Total responsibility is
the cure all for all wanted and unwanted conditions, solutions and
problems.  Thinking yourself as a body, that you were created OUT of
the physical universe BY the physical universe is the ultimate in
incoming cause vectors.  'I exist because something out there made
me!' This is the bottom of the total responsibility ladder.
     Such people inevitably become Scientists, forever trying to find
their origins 'out there'.
     If they study it long enough they eventually realize that all of
'out there' came from 'in here'.  That's when they become OT.
     The answer to who done it, is you did it.

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