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Technical Essay # 30 - FAF 29 January 1991

.ce Boosters and Bridge Actions

Several actions on the traditional bridge are boosters that are used out of their logical place
in order to make the routine levels run faster and more smoothly. Looking at it by dynamic
again provides a clue to what that really means.

Power is a 5D booster used on 1D. We are dealing with attention that is stuck, an inflexibility
of viewpoint. Full command and freedom of attention and viewpoints are accomplished by
clearing 5D. However, it is very useful to remove some stuckness in that area before. On
Power we blow apart the main stuck areas in time and location.

On Date/Locate we also address attention and viewpoints to blow something free. It can't be
called a booster, but it really builds on higher dynamic charge than where it is used. Notice
that we are only attempting a release with D/L, the actual clearing happens on 5D.

Valence or Identity handling is a 4D booster used on 1D, 2D or 3D. For example in the Ls
L10 addresses 1D, L11 2D and L12 3D, roughly. But, we don't go all the way and clear
personalities and categories of beingness. We only do just enough to free up the current
level of the pc. Same thing with XDN, LX lists and so forth. They are boosters.

Now, very interestingly, entity handling is a 7D booster used on 2D. We've got some
confusion of sources that can incapacitate one's abilities to deal with life as it is. We handle
the phenomenon until the person can concentrate on where he is at. But it can be overrun.
We don't have a chance of fully clearing its basics at that point.

Implant handling, like on CC or OT2, is a 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D action done for 2D.

Attention unit recovery, like on the Phoenix, is a 5D subject used as a booster on 3D.
Running it further than unblocking one's ability to act provides a potential danger. The person
is not ready to recover full command of his attention.

Creation handling, as in OT12&13, is a 6D handling given on 3D. Same thing goes there, it is
a booster.

The Grail is a 5D unsticking done for 3D purposes.

Exteriorization drills are 5D actions used to booster 2D and 3D.

Well, I'll be darned, there goes most of our OT levels. They are all boosters that might be
useful where they are at, but that aren't directly handling 2D and 3D as they were expected
to. No wonder people have a hard time becoming Operation Clear.

That is not as bad as it sounds. The ultimate causes of things are always found  in the higher
dynamic areas. What we are trying to do on lower dynamics is to attain a flexibility in the area
so that one is bigger than case manifestations on that level. E.g on the grades we look at the
phenomena of life from very many different angles until one is flexible in all of those areas.

To clear 2D or 3D we would need to look at their phenomena from as many angles as
possible. To bring up subjects and clear them in as many different ways as possible until the
person gains the ability to see it all for what it is and to act unhindered in those areas.

We do some of that on the existing operation levels. But not in anything near the systematic
way we use on lower levels. And there is the additional factor that 2D and 3D charge isn't
easily restimulated in a 1D solo session.

What would really be needed are a series of grades for D2 and D3. Subjects belonging in
those dynamic areas that one needs to master to handle that dynamic. Orienting the chart
around such areas is much safer than trying to fully handle more advanced areas

The rundowns that address higher level subjects before their time for booster purposes
should be recognized and labeled as such.

Any higher dynamic subject can be brought up before its time if it will boost the clearing of a
lower dynamic. However, it will always be a limited process at that time. In its correct place it
is an unlimited process, at least until such point where that dynamic area is fully cleared.

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