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     Treasured Friends,

     In the course of training a clearing practitioner, this instruct
became vital to that person's understanding of rudiments.  I thought
this group might benefit from these words:

     Good, and thanks for ABC report (see earlier email on how to

     If I am "thinking in a box" then the PC picks that up in session
(whether knowingly or unknowingly).

     So, if I have an out-rudiment like stealing candy, doing drugs,
or screwing the pooch, the PC will never run that in session.

     So, PC will never get clear on stealing candy, doing drugs, or
screwing the pooch, no matter how many hours of auditing I give PC.

     I MUST have NO CASE ON POST AS AN AUDITOR.  Otherwise, my PCs
just don't succeed, and no one comes in for services.

     If my image is not spectacular, why would anyone want to come to
me for services.

     Ate-a-theta-potatah just doesn't get it.  You'll haul in the
mystics who can't afford auditing and will leave your lines as empty
as a Xmas tree store in June.

     "Sweetness and Light" won't confront murder, so those manifesting
this tend to have all kinds of failsafes, and backdoors, and ways out,
instead of just confronting.  So, their PCs never confront anything

     Fear cases are always running away.  So, they never get anywhere,
and their PCs don't either.

     For folks to want to come and receive services from me, I have to
DEMONSTRATE that I have superior knowledge, superior wisdom and I am
superior physically, mentally and spiritually, with just the right
touch of self-assuredness (not arrogance), or they start asking
themselves, "Why should I come to that guy?  He doesn't know as much
as I do."

     You certainly won't get $250 or better per hour from a
professional, (and they and rich widows, and heirs or dope-dealers are
the only ones who can afford 5-10 hours a week for a couple of years
at that rate), if your manner, demeanor and personal presentation
aren't at that level or of that caliber.

     Work to get a presentation that is a knockout, spiritually,
mentally and physically.

     Just do it - work yourself to the bone - don't flinch and don't

     Make that body do what YOU want it to do.

     It is not your friend, it IS your horse.  Never forget that.

     Get clean, honest and straight - knock out the secrecy, nasty
habits, "white lies" and all the rest of that stuff which is basically
degrading YOU as a being.

     Go straight-arrow as a being.  Get mentally tough.  Then force
that kind of think in on the body.That's the ONLY way to fly.  I mean

     And, never let a PC get away with anything - that's the surest
way to kill them dead.

     Now, get your ethics in like never before, become a paragon of
virtue not because you have to, but because you CAN and WANT TO.

     Demonstrate excellence in your life.

     Make every moment a diamond.

     And, don't let the body con you.  You are just leasing it, and
when its' time is up, if you were the junior, and weren't absolutely
in charge, you are just that much the worse for the experience.  And
trust me, your next body trip will be just that much worse.

     These are golden words.  Treat them as such.

     Love, LaMont

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Fri Oct 23 06:06:02 EDT 2020 
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