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             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                                EXM - 50
                             ca. March 1992
         Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     A CONDITION is an AS-ISNESS.  It is something you have created
which you don't particularly care if you have or not.  If you create it
again, or make more of it, it will vanish.  Or if you just be with it
quietly, gently and slowly, it will fade away.
     ((For some serious hardball conditions you really need to just BE
with them for a while for them to loosen up.))
     A PROBLEM is a CONDITION that you have created which you have
postulated that you don't want.  This of course causes it to stick,
mainly because you are refusing to make more of it.  Which adds up to
refusal of reponsibility for making it in the first place and putting it
     It is a lie that you are not making it, so if you look at something
you are making and see it is 'I am not making this, I wouldn't,
couldn't, shouldn't EVER make this', of course it is going to stick.

     Remember resistence and protest.

     Audit with 'Put it there!' Thankyou!

     "You sure you are putting it there?"

     "Ok, now make sure it NEVER vanishes!"  Thankyou!

     A SOLUTION is a CONDITION that you have created which you DO want.
This also causes it to stick, because again you are not making more of
it for fear it might as-is and disappear, and it is solving some problem
for you.  
     One way you make it persist, but not by making more of it, is you
say something ELSE is making it for you, so woe is unto you, you lucky
     Problem conditions also persist because usually you consider that
you did not create them, which is a denial of responsibility which is
enough of an alter-is to cause a persistence.
     Solution conditions persist for the same reason, only this time you
DO want them, but again you are denying you created them because you
don't want others to know you did, so that they will accept them as a
persisting solution to what ever problem you are trying to solve with
     Solutions are usually BAD conditions that normally you wouldn't
want, except that they are solving some worse problem for you, so they
become good that they are bad and not under your control.
     Getting sick to get out of school is a classic solution condition
that is created to solve the problem condition of mental exhaustion at
school.  Being sick is a persisting bad condition, but its a GOOD bad
condition, because it gets you out of school, and since 'you aren't
making it', your parents wouldn't stand for it if you were, it persists
like crazy.
     Denial of responsibility causes persistence, as does altering the
original 'don't care about it' that you created the thing with.
     The opposite of "I don't care about it" is "I want it" or "I don't
want it."
     "I want it" means it's a solution condition.  "I don't want it"
means it's a problem condition.  Both persist due to the desire aspect,
and denial of responsibility for creating it.
     This tends to form a cycle on the track that eventually buries you
under all of your solutions and problems that you have ever created and
denied responsibility for.
     The result is you become buried under a pile full of CONDITIONS,
and each one is either a solution or a problem or both to you, and so
you are very unwilling or unable to get rid of them no matter how much
you scream you don't want them.
     Your very first problem condition was itself earlier a solution
condition, a solution namely to the problem of not having any problems.
     The purpose of auditing is to bring all problem conditions and
solution conditions back to being just conditions, at which point the pc
can cause them to vanish by re-operating the creation of them.
     The cycle goes like this.  Say you have a PROBLEM condition with
your mother.  She always wants you do your homework no matter how stupid
it is and she refuses to help you with it because she can't do it
     To solve this problem you INVENT another condition such as to
develop a learning disorder, making it mandatory that she help you with
the work and realize for herself how hard it is.  This second condition
is a SOLUTION condition.
     But then this solution condition becomes a problem condition of its
own when you start to fall behind in class because of your learning
disorder.  So you invent another solution condition which is to take
remedial lessons with a tutor specially trained in teaching slow
     This solution condition becomes a problem condition when the cost
of the tutor begins to stretch your family's budget.  Your father
invents a solution condition to this problem by taking out a loan and
going into debt.  This becomes a problem condition when his debt limit
is reached and he is also fired from his job for other reasons.  The
final solution condition is to give you away to an orphanage.  By this
time you wonder what you ever did to 'deserve all this'.
     Each unwanted condition that you have is persisting because it is
presently a solution condition to an earlier problem condition.  THAT
problem condition was also a solution condition to an earlier problem
condition etc.  This goes back down the time track to the first problem
which you invented yourself for fun.
     The way to run this, and in fact the way to open any case who
really wants to get going, is to have your pc list out all his unwanted
conditions on all 4 planes of existence.
     Say he says 'sinusitis' as one condition.
     Then run,
     (1) 'What have you used your sinusitis for?'
     (2) 'What have you used for your sinusitis?'
     If he doesn't understand that question, you can make it as wordy as
you want until he does understand it.  If YOU don't understand the
question, get your pc another auditor.
     For example,
     (1) 'What have you used your sinusitis to solve?'
     (2) 'What have you used to solve your sinusitis?'
     early  - > late ...
                  (1)                     (2)
     Sinusitis starts off
     (1) being a solution condition and then becomes
     (2) a problem condition.
     Conditions, problem conditions, and solution conditions, exist on
all 4 planes of existence: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
Sinusitis is the physical aspect of the condition.  Find out what the
emotional aspect is.  Find out what IDEAS are associated with the
sinusitis.  Find out what feelings of irresponsibility go with the whole
     Conditions do not have to be just in your body, but can and do
exist across all 16 dynamics and all the interactions between them.
Body conditions are just one aspect of the parent/child game that has
the most visibility at this time, probably due in large measure to the
money made by the aspirin and medical drug companies providing chemical
solutions to your spiritual problems.  These solutions then become
problems, as your pc will quickly attest to in session.
     You can ask your pc,
     'With respect to your sinusitis,
     'What effort have you done?'
     'What effort have you withheld?'
     'What emotion have you felt?'
     'What emotion have you withheld feeling?'
     'What idea have you had?'
     'What idea have you withheld?'
     'What responsibility have you admitted?'
     'What responsibility have you withheld admitting?'
     Word them as you wish, and by all means change the tense of the
questions from past to present and even future tense as you see fit.
     Ask your pc.
     You should also run the 8 flows of forgetfulness on this, because
not only do his own overts and withholds affect him, but so do all the
O/W's of others in his environment.
     'With respect to sinusitis,
     1.) 'What have you done to a Child as a Parent in a past life?'
     1.) 'What have you withheld from a Child as a Parent in a past
     2.) 'What has a Parent done to you as a Child in this life?'
     2.) 'What has a Parent withheld from you as a Child in this life?'
     etc.  I presume you know the rest by now, if you don't, flunk.
     Once a condition, like sinusitis, is flat, go on to the next
condition that your pc is interested in.  Your pc will continue to give
you new conditions as he remembers old ones he momentarily forgot about,
and he will also realize anew that certain things that he had just
always accepted as being part of being a human being on Earth are really
dire straights that ought to be audited out.
     A common one is, 'being mortal', 'being in a body', 'can't remember
my past lives, or inbetween lives, or even this life back to the crib.'
I mean if he can't remember sucking on tits or a bottle, he really is in
bad shape.  Also any 'Black 5' condition or inability to make mockups.

     Also don't forget terrified of finding out and too dangerous
to audit.
     Any case can be opened brutally with,
     'What unwanted conditions do you have?'
     'What have you used them for?'
     'What have you used for them?'
     The purpose of this is to get the before and after SOLUTION/PROBLEM
aspect off the CONDITION, at which point the pc can vanish the condition
by making it again, because there is no longer a vested interest in
having it (solution) or not having it (problem).
     Remember the SOLUTION aspect came first, THEN it became an unwanted
PROBLEM to him.  
     All a solution condition is, is a WANTED condition.
All a problem condition is, is an UNWANTED condition.  
     Since thetans love problems, many solution conditions are actually
wanted problems.  They become problem conditions when they become
unwanted problems.
     He can't get rid of the problem when it crosses from wanted to
unwanted, because he fails to recreate the WANTING of it, he just slides
into NOT WANTING it, and so gets stuck with it AGAIN.
     You can get rid of anything by making it again.  The catch is you
have to do it in the right order.
     A pc can create pain.  It will only persist after he stops making
it if he denies having made it in the first place.
     A Grade I, problems release, should be able to recognize the source
of problems and make them vanish.  This means at its extreme, that he
should be able to mock up and unmock conditions at will in his body and
his surroundings, all 16 dynamics, consider them to be problems or not
at will, and then mock up other conditions as solutions to his problems,
until they too become problems to him.  He should be able to ruin his
Grade I at will and come back in and get it audited out all over again!
     If he has a problem with money, ask what that is a solution to.
     No one in the Church has ever attained Grade I.
     It is unlikely that anyone on planet Earth has attained Grade I,
Permanent Cert.
     Eventually your pc will run into DANGEROUSNESS on his track.  He
will know for certain that you and him are beginning to tread where
Angels dare not go, and Gods go screaming for their Mama, and he will
wonder if he should progress.
     The primary way to limit a thetan is to make him believe, or for
him to make HIMSELF believe, that something out there or in here, is
more dangerous to him than he is to it.  People have spent billions of
years getting the pc to accept that he is more dangerous to them than
they are to him, so he had better limit himself if he wants to be
acceptable to the population at large.
     Once they have the pc so limited that he can't be dangerous to
anybody any more, they tell the pc that there is something over there
that is SO dangerous he had better not go near it for everyone's sake,
but that for a price they will help him stay safe and protected in their
     It's a con game, and probably the oldest one in the book.  You run
it out as usual, by getting the pc to own up when he did it to others
either before or after it was done to him.
     Get inventive, get him to mockup a BETTER one, and get stuck in
that, get it?

     Just how dangerous is a thetan?  The answer is open, because NO ONE
has answered it yet.  This is a bottomless pit that your pc will make
enormous gains on if he has the presence to audit it.  If he doesn't, he
will fall into it, become it, and dramatize it, probably on you.
     You will find your pc considers there are things too dangerous to
know, look at, feel, do, think about, communicate, etc.  Also things too
dangerous to NOT know, NOT look at, etc.
     One way to get at this is simply the brutal way, for example, ask
your pc,
     ((The following are worded as Listing Questions, but I don't think
Electra meant them to run as Listing Questions, so reword them as you
think proper.))
     ((Oh screw that, run it as Get the idea of and forget questions

     'What is too dangerous to .........'
     Say he says, 'well its too dangerous to look at certain things.'
     So then you run,
     'What is NOT too dangerous to look at?'
     'What is too dangerous to look at?'
     Let your pc list out all these things that have been too dangerous
for him to look at.
     Say he says, 'evil eyeballs looking back at me!'
     Pick an item the pc is interested in running, not just the
first one out of his mouth unless it is.

     So then you run,
     'Tell me about the danger of looking at "evil eye balls looking
back at me."  '
     (1) 'How is this a solution to you?'
     (2) 'How is this a problem to you?'
     (1) 'What have you used this (evil eye balls etc) to solve?'    (as a solution)
     (2) 'What have you used to solve this?'    (as a problem)
     Run this until your pc is less hot on the subject of 'evil eye
balls looking back at me.' Keep listing for and running this on other
things too dangerous to look at, until the pc is less hot on the danger
of looking at things.  Then take up anything else your pc considers 'too
dangerous to ........'
     Your pc wants to be dangerous.  The only way to be safe, is to be
so dangerous no body would want to come near him.  He has wanted to be
dangerous to his parents, the government, the enemies of the land, his
bullies, his teachers, the physical universe, the Devil, GOD, animals,
girls, boys, you name it, there are lots of things he wants to be
dangerous to.  He can be as dangerous as he wants to be, and in fact he
IS exactly as dangerous or undangerous as he has chosen to be.
     Sad isn't it, there is nothing more able and dangerous than fair
chosen choice.

     There is nothing more dangerous than a full OT.
     Ain't that sweet.
     There is a point however where he can be TOO dangerous to things,
even in his own estimation.  No one will play with him if his every look
     So run the following with him,
     'Who or what have you NOT wanted to be dangerous too?'
     'How NOT dangerous would you want to be to them?'
     'Who or what have you wanted to be dangerous too?'
     'How dangerous would you want to be to them?'
     You will eventually find that your pc considers that he is the most
dangerous thing there is to himself and others.  This is total
responsibility AND IRRESPONSIBILITY kicking in at the same time!
     He's pissed, man, at what he did to himself.  He sees he has all
this ability to do himself in, but he is wondering if it was such a good
idea to use it.
     He sees that it is all just him, making his own bug a boos, and he
gets into a 'well I am ABLE to, but would I be WILLING to?!'
     It is one of those endless bottomless pits of 'just what would I be
willing to do to myself?' He is trying to see his future, by out
inventing the horrible condition he finds himself in, in this universe.
     "IF I did this to myself in the past and the present, what might
I do to myself in the future."

     Shudder.  Shudder means no full responsibility for having
done it, remember it was OK even desirable at the time.

     Many pc's wonder if they will ever escape from this universe, to
them it may be FOREVER.  They wonder what others are or were willing to
do themselves.  Maybe he will escape, but maybe others chose a harder
game, one they will lose forever.
     It sure can seem that way, and there is a lot of fear and horror
associated with free wheeling responsibility.  The problem here is not
absolute power, which the pc does have, but with WILLINGNESS.  Just how
much is your pc willing to do himself in?  Is he willing to do himself
in forever?
     The answer is no, but trust me, your pc wonders about it.

     That's why wonder kills, because doubt is self casting.

     Your pc will have tremendous ARC Breaks on the subject of what
OTHERS have been willing to do to themselves.  It knocks the socks off
his sense of total responsibility.  He figures 'NO ONE would be willing
to do THAT to themselves, BUT THERE THEY ARE, therefore they aren't
totally responsible for their condition, therefore I'm not either'.

     "Thank you Lord, that I am not as them!"

     That's interiorization into everything that is not them!

     Eventually the only safe place where he can be something where he
is willing to be what is there, is the snot in the back of his nose.

     "Ah, whew!  I am a boogey in a human body, what a relief,
I could have been ..."  Fill in the blank.

     Remember, what others do to themselves is part of your condition.
They are doing it in your dream after all, right?  You had to let them
in.  Would you let someone in your dream who was going to destroy
themselves forever on a lark?
     Thus your pc has a problem with freedom and total responsibility.
     If he gets free, he will be able to do himself in again, like he
did last time (he is being audited to handle this, no?) and if he does
himself in again, maybe he will do it worse than before and NEVER get
     Thus, being stuck in this universe, as a no-case-gain-worm-on-a-
stump, can be, for a while, a safe solution to the problem of what he
would do to himself if he ever got free and was able to make another
game for himself, one he might NEVER get out of.  This attitude of
course keeps him in this game forever or for as long as it continues.
     I would never suggest that the false FOREVERs he is worried about
were placed there BY HIM, to keep the game persisting for more than a sneeze.

     He's been shopping for forevers to keep the game around, all the
while complaining its been going on too long.

     Thus those with an eye to humor and wisdom might conclude that one
way a pc could stick himself in a game forever, is by making himself SO
AFRAID of sticking himself in a game forever that he chooses to hold on
forever to the game he has, so that he never gets that powerful again.

     The danger of being free is the intent to not be free.
     It's a joke of magnitude that only an OT could appreciate.
     Or be willing to do to himself!
     In fact, it takes a tremendous amount of power to keep an OT in a
game for long, he has to be holding on to it VERY HARD, and what better
way to get an OT to hold on to a game forever than to convince himself
that he may lose everything if he loses the hold he has on the game he
is in.
     Therefore, this is no small matter, its got to do with HOW the OT
got this game to persist for as long as it did.  He just didn't want it
to end, at all costs, at least for a while.  Too many friends here or
some such sad thing.
     He wasn't willing to have the game end for himself and leave every
else behind forever.  So he had to find some way to stay.  Making
himself terrified of getting out was one way that seems to have worked.
     The subject of willingness therefore is a big subject to your pc.
It is the solution to all things, but also can be the biggest problem
your pc has in session.  He needs to be willing to make things again in
order to vanish them, but he is afraid once he gets back his total
willingness, he will THEN make something he can never unmake.

     He doesn't trust his own intent in creating things, he doesn't see
that his only interest in believing in forevers is to keep things around
for a while, not forever.

     So he will shop around for suitable forevers until the cows come
home lest his game vanish before his eyes and leave him looking at
holodeck lines.

     He is not a Grade III, ARC break release, because he is still
long on ARC breaks.

     ARC breaks make his future worthwhile for the time being.

     So in the meanwhile he is terrfied that he chose to believe in
(false) forevers, because of some detested alien intent inside himself
to actually suffer a forever, an actual forever, not just a temporary
dream nightmare of a forever.
     But the truth is he only wanted the apparency of forever to last
until he got the god damn girl.  Then the dream can end.
     After all who wants to be around a girl forever?

     The E/P of this is OT III by the way, freedom from overwhelm
forever by forevers and nevers.

     Of course ANYTHING can be unmade by just making it again, that's
sort of a safety release on this or any game, so the only way he could
create a game he could never get out of, would be to hide this basic
truth that exercising willingness to make things AGAIN with the original
aesthetic and motivation to have what he doesn't want, vanishes them.
     So you see he CAN get out of any game he can create, but he may set
it up so that he doesn't know how, and he does that only because he
doesn't want the game to end.  Not quite yet.

     And no he CAN'T hide these truths from himself forever, for one
because he has no such intent to suffer an actual permanent forever, so
all things are created with a happy ending, and for two, all things are
created in finite whiles, so he couldn't create a forever in time if he

     And no forever outside of time, which we call eternality,
has any manifestation at all, so there is no problem with it
and couldn't never be.

     Native State: "Yawn, I can't imagine what a problem is."

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