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      The difference between an unaberrated game and an aberrated game is
desire to play born of choice to play.

      In the absence of choice to play there can be no desire to play.

      In the absence of desire to play, one will be unlikely to win.

      In the presence of serious consequences to losing, the desire to
win can take precedence over the desire to play.

      Thus the game becomes inverted because one is now trying to not
play by winning, and one is trying to win by not playing.

      Since one must play, one will try to win by getting others to play
for him, to take the risks, and give him the rewards.

      That's not playing you see.

      Thus anyone trying to win by not playing is prone to ethics
violations (criminality).

      That makes other people not want to play with them.

      This leads to the spreading virus of preemption, if you can't win
against cheaters, you start to cheat yourself to get them before they
get you.

      Rather than ethics being the norm, the norm becomes ethics.

      Thus we have a dwindling spiral of personal relations and social 

      These laws are inexorable, thus the only way to restore sanity to a
civilization is to restore choice.

      That includes awareness that you have chosen, are choosing and will 
continue to choose whatever it is you are doing.


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