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     As for copyright the problem here is that the internet finally
has allowed anyone to say anything to anyone, which is a good thing,
it even allows the music owners to distribute music almost for free to
anyone, because the cost of reproduction is now zero, so they stand to
make much more money because the cost of production is so low.

     But at the same time that very ability to communicate freely to
their cusomters can be used BY the customers to communicate with each
other and violate the copyrights.  So it is a two edged sword.

     There is probably a technological solution that allows freedom of
anonymous speech AND protection of distribution for those that want
it, but many don't want freedom of anonymous speech so they are
pushing the solutions that serve only one side and not the other.

      *THEY* are the real problem.


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Fri Jul 15 03:06:03 EDT 2011
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