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>So whether you agree or disagree, you're co-creating it and are therefore 
>responsible for it.

>True or false?  if not, why not.

     Responsibility has many definitions.

     At the top it means knowing willing cause with full awareness of
the consequences.  "Who done it?  I done it."

     In this sense 'taking responsibility for' means owning up to
having knwoingly and willingly caused something.

     In Scn theory full repsonsibility for something allows one to
cease creating something, at which point it will vanish for one.

     A little lower down responsibility means taking responsibility
OVER an existing scene.  You see a lot of garbage on the street and
you decide to take responsibility over the mess and you start to pick
it all up.  That's being very 'responsible' you see?  All the little
old ladies will approve of you.

     It's ADDING your top level 'responsibility for' into an existing
mess so that the outcome is altered from what it might have been

     At the very bottom responsibility means following orders.

     One can have a partial unknowing responsibility.  Say a terrorist
has wired a bomb to the light switch in the school.  You walk in, turn
on the lights and unwittinly set off the bomb.  Those who are
interested in who 'did the act that set off the bomb' will be looking
to you, as you were last responsible entity in the chain.  But the
knowing willing part was not there, so they will look further for
those with the intent.

     You can also have parts of 'yourself' that sometimes do things,
say things, or act in ways that you did not consciously choose.  Again
when people want to know 'who did it', the answer is you did it, as
opposed to Goober over there, but this does not imply that *YOU* did
it knowingly and willingly.

     It may however mean you might need some correction leveled at you
so that you stop doing these things unwittingly.

     But the real issue in a shared universe is CHOICE and AMNESIA OF

     Have you ever knowingly and willingly chosen to not know a choice
including this one?

     If so, then we need to audit out that chain, so that a being can
once again recongnize what responsibility he actually had in his or
other's conditions.  Those who forget choices they made dwindle, and
eventually become natter boxes like Muldoon.

     They also become 'prove it!' cases.  All a prove it case wants to
know is if he made a choice he has forgotten AND if he chose to forget
it.  The guy who claims "prove it!" just wants proof he is responsible
for his condition.  OT powers and the marble on the table are a red

     You move the marble and he STILL won't have proof that he is
responsible, and pretty soon he won't believe you moved the marble no
matter how many times you move it.
     He will just sit at Hallucination on the awareness characterisic
scale, wondering.

     That's because the only thing he can know for sure is that HE
CHOSE.  Once he recovers his sense of choice on things, he won't care
if he is hallucinating you moving the marble or not, he will be able
to move it himself and make YOU wonder if you are hallucinating.
     Now the priamry choice that is forgetten in a rip roaring game of
good and evil is the INVITE.

     Two teams pair off on the playing field, but how did they get

     Was there any plan to it?

     Hell no!  says the good.  Hell no!  says the evil.

     So they go to a war they never created, never invented, didn't
set out the rules and exactly how to break them, didn't create the
playing field and most certainly didn't invite the other side to play.
     "I didn't create or invite you in!" says the Good.  "That would
have been evil of me!"

     "I didn't create or invite you in!" says the Evil.  "That would
have been good of me!"
     Is it ever good to create evil?

     Is it ever evil to create good?

     But when you have a game between Gods, both sides create and
invent the game, and choose up sides, and that is neither good nor
evil, that's DIVINE.  That's Authorship.
     God is game author.

     And it is this Divine Invite that is missing from both side's
awarenesses once the game gets serious.

     So any two beings in each others dream have chosen to co share a
resonnant connection to each other through the void.  I make an apple
and you see my apple.  You make an orange and I see your orange.  I
move YOUR orange and it moves for you.  Uh Oh, the game is afoot, you

     The question is, was there an invite.

     Now a couple of OS-2's, can do this by definition.  Operating
Sovereign level 2 is the ability to create and share a private link to
each other through the void.  Each one experiences what the other does
and they both have control over the other's experience.

     But if they get SERIOUS about it, they can forget the invite and
get into a war until the end of time.

     The OS 3 world of the shared MEST universe is much like this.

     So responsibility doesn't necessarily mean you created it, it
does mean your choice and approval lies behind another being's ability
to create it for you in your dream.

     You take full responsibility for anything space/time game stream
you walk into, regardless of who authored it.

     You bought it, you activated your involvement in it, who is to
blame now?



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