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      After games have become serious, people can get very serious about
their playing and not playing of games.

      One way to win a game by not playing it is to get rid
of the opponent.

      This is the football player, who when opposed by an overly able
player on the other team, at the moment of tackle, takes out a gun an
shoots him.

      Shooting the other player is not part of the invite, and is
certainly not part of the rules, but there he is doing it anyhow.

      The shooter may get to the goal post for a touch down because now
no one will come near him, and those that did are lying on the field
dead, but the nature of the game has changed, it sure ain't football any

      When someone tries to win against you by getting you to not play
its called a make wrong, they are making you wrong for being there and
for playing the game as it should be.

      People have to be pretty far gone to do this, so if it gives you
the heebie jeebies when you run into it, take a good long look at it.

      When you resist back and try to make the make wronger wrong, its
called a make right, you are making yourself right for being in the

      You already are right for being in the game, but that won't be
enough to KEEP you in the game when you are up against a psychotic make

      Psychosis is defined as the effort to stop what you consider you
didn't create.  That's a hard one for mortals who consider they didn't
create anything, but the spiritual world works on make it once and it
persists, make it again exactly as you originally made it the first
time, and it vanishes.

      Thus when someone becomes unwilling to make something, they get
stuck with it!  Only a God could appreciate the irony and justice all
rolled into one.

      You might see how too much awareness of this fundamental operating
law might make it hard to keep anything around, particularly when it
comes to the invite to a game.

      Thus people need to issue an invite to make the game, then pretend
they never invited the other side in and must fight them to the death,
in order to make sure they stay in.


      Thus good people get up in the morning all ready to fight evil
people, but the good people never invite the evil people in for the
day's play, for that would end their presence on the same playing field.

      Since the good people aren't PUTTING the evil people on the playing
field, they have no sense of responsibility for evil people's presence
at all, the good people consider they don't really desire to play the
game in the first place, and thus they elect themselves as smaller than
the game they feel they have to play, and thus can never win it

      You make yourself smaller than any game you consider you didn't
create, or invite yourself into, knowing in general what you were
getting yourself into.

      When you are smaller than a game you 'find yourself in', the game
will tend to eat you.

      So someone considers they are in a game they didn't create and
didn't choose to be in.  They already are feeling vulnerable and
smaller than necessary to win.

      So of course they find you, as an able opponent, to be a danger to
their winning the game, so they will try to out you from the game by
making you wrong for being in it, in an effort to get you to remove
yourself, or handicap yourself so they can win.

      Failing that they will use force and deceit to remove you or
incapacitate you from playing.

      Make wrongs are these are the fundamentals of criminality.

      If you do win the game, they will claim they won it instead, that
too is criminality at play.

      Or they will claim you cheated when in fact it was they who were

      Such people make you feel very bad about things, but if you get
into the game of making your self right against them making you wrong,
of trying to prove the suppressive wrong, you will eventually do
yourself in.

      Trying to prove the suppressive wrong is making yourself
smaller than the suppressive, who is already smaller than
the game.

      So that's a double whammy on you not him.

      People who are spending all their time fighting the suppressive,
trying to make the suppressive wrong, will be losing massively all
around them in the games of life.

      Eventually the only way to win is to join the suppressive and go to
work for him.  At first it is a covert attempt to do the suppressive in
from the inside, but eventually you just give up and become his right
hand man.

      Every time you fight a make wrong with a make right, you create a
schmoo box for yourself.  A schmoo is someone who lives between a rock
and a hard place, but at least he lives.

      Make wrongs are usually of the form "You are so unable you
shouldn't be here."

      Make rights are usually of the form "You are right, but I have this
reason I am unable."

      The intent is to make the make wronger feel sorry for you and leave
you alone or even start to help you, but what it really does is cement
your condition into the schmoo box with the two postulates:

      "You are right, I am unable and unworthy" and
      "And here is why, I have no choice about it!"

      It's the why that drives the nails home on the schmoo box so you
can't get out.

      Spot the why, realize it is a deceit of magnitude, even unto
yourself, and the prior postulate of disability will lift if you want it

      Remember it is one thing to create a disability for yourself, and
quite another to create a justification for it, because then you are
stuck with the disability, your justification says so!

      "Here is why and I have no choice about it..."

      The minute you postulate you have no choice, you don't.

      The postulate that postulates don't work, works.


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