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>In the presence of major ARCX's the meter does not even read, so then
>what do you do?

     ARCX's are caused by wrong indications.

     To indicate means to indicate the answer to a question.

     To bypass an item means to have it, to nail it on the head, and
then pass right on by it, still looking for the right item.

     To miss an item means to come close to getting it, but not get
it, and then go on looking for the item elsewhere further afield.

     When the pc has created a question that is its own answer, he
already has the answer to the question.

     ANY other answer then would be a wrong indication, both missing
and bypassing the correct answer, which is the question itself.

     Not all questions are self answering.

     Take "How many apples are in the basket?"

     The person can have the question and start looking for the answer
(since he doesn't know the answer yet) without developing an ARCX.

     Then if he looks in the basket and sees 4, he can be happy with
the answer.  But if someone forces on him that there are 5 when there
are 4, he will ARCX.

     So the wrong answer creates an ARCX.

     But the SEEKING of the answer did not produce an ARCX *UNTIL* he
found an answer and it was wrong.
     But what happens when the being has a question that is its own

     Let's take the simplest one, and one that is not particularly

     "What question am I asking?"

     You see, the answer is "What question am I asking?"!

     So that is an example of a self answering question, a question
whose answer IS the question.

     Now lets say the pc has created a real whopper of a self
answering question, and throws his whole beingness into answering it.

     Well he already has the answer but doesn't know it, so the very
effort to start looking for the answer bypasses and misses the correct
creates an immediate ARCX of magnitude.

     A being can utterly crash himself with this.
     He doesn't have to wait until he gets a WRONG answer, because ANY
ANSWER is a wrong answer even before he finds any answer, as he
already HAS the answer, the question itself.

     So in the first case you have a question that has an answer other
than itself, and the being is very happy seeking that answer, it
produces a fun game, and there is no ARCX until and if he finds a
WRONG answer.

     But in the second case, the being already has the answer, so the
very effort to to seek the answer invalidates the correct answer,
creates a wrong indication EVEN THOUGH NO ANSWER HAS YET BEEN FOUND,
and immediately ARCX's the being as long as he continues to seek the
answer to the question.

     This ruins his "get up and go", because "get up and go" IS seeking
the answer to the question!
     Now here is another new thought.

     Whenever you find a being who is afraid to find out the answer to
a question, this is because the question is self answering and he
already has the answer!

     He is afraid to find out the answer, because he knows down deep
that ANY answer he might find would create a terrible ARC break that
will cause him to melt down, explode or go splat all over native

     Why?  Because ANY answer would be a WRONG answer!
     When a being starts to seek answers to self answering questions,
they crash and burn into an OT slump, a super glum area, where they
just can't get themselves to get up and go any more.  This is because
they feel they are doomed by any possible answer they could come up
with to that question.

     The ONLY solution to this ARCX and fear of finding out is for the
pc to realize that the question that is bothering him is a self
answering question, that he already has the answer to it, and thus of
course any OTHER answer he might find would be a wrong indication
enough to ruin him.

     This will cease the seeking of wrong indications, and rehabilitate
his 'get up and go'.
     At that point he will find enormous relief, he will stop asking
the question, cease looking for answers to it, and be quite content to
get up and go again.

     The basic ruin on any case is the failure to answer a self
answering question.


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