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     God and Soul are two different functions of a zero dimensional
operating actuality called the AllThatIs.

     The Soul was not made by God.

     God was not made by Souls.

     God and Soul are co eternal.

     The AllThatIs is made of Souls and the God substrate that
connects them.

     Take away all the Souls and there is no God left.

     In fact there is nothing left at all.

     The Soul is a viewport out into dream time, and form the Many.

     They are connected by a substrate that forms the One.

     Consider a plate of fine quality glass.

     Fill one side of the glass with etchings of crystal hexagons in
all directions spreading to infinity.

     Inside each hexagon enscribe a kinetic view of the world, from a
particular viewpoint in space and time.

     The hexagons are Souls, each with its own viewpoint, operating
command intention sourcing temporality from eternality.

     Looked at from this side, all there are, are Souls.

     The AllThatIs is a multi I-AM being.

     But turn the glass over and all there is, is God, continuous
uninterrupted glass that connects all the Souls forever for free.

     This etched glass, living in dimensionless eternity, is the
Chalice, is the static, is the AllThatIs, is the One and the Many, and
is God and Soul in operation.


     P.S.  The above analogy suggests that some souls are closer to
each other than others, and that some are even touching each other in
a way that others aren't.  This is a failure of the analogy,
dimensionless eternity does not allow for constructs such as 'next
to', 'in all directions spreading to infinity', etc.

     There is no separation at Source.

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