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      The rules of dream magic are pretty simple, they are all based on
the idea that questions prepostulate conditions, problems, and/or
failures and continue them.

      Since dream magic is the ability to get what you want in a dream
dependably, it is important to know these rules.

      For example, say you are in a dream, and you get a glimpse of one
of those impossibly beautiful girls whose genes meld with your
perfectly, and when your eyes meet, they 'fit' perfectly, and the power
from infinity starts to flow between you two.

      But she averts her eyes and goes running off and you are left
crushed and wondering:


      Wondering is question asking, using questions which are their own

      Being crushed is the result of the heavy efforts you put into
asking the question and failing to come up with the correct answer, in
particular one which opens the door to getting the girl to come back.

      Instead, feeling crushed from your why asking, you will probably
pick a hallucinatory reason that makes you feel the worst, and you will
give up in sorrow, self abasement and permanent malaise.

      Any wrong answer will make you feel bad, as that is what wrong
answers do, particularly wrong why's which ask about cause, and to a
being who is natively cause, asking questions about cause is a killer.

      But let's take a look at this, and apply the first rule of dream


      What is the question?


      So we reword that into standard Adorian dream magic form which states the
prepostulate first and the question second.


      Now for a GodSoul, who can create in the mere conception of
things, that would be a very dangerous sequence to engage in.

      First you issue a CAUSAL postulate that she is and will avoid you,
so of course she does, THEN you issue a wonderment, a question, asking
who or what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole.

      The why question is looking for an answer other than
the postulate that preceded the question.  Since that postulate
would fade and vanish on its own if not followed by the why
question, the why question is CONTINUING the postulate in time
or causing a persistence.

      Since the question ITSELF is continuing the problem, ANY POSSIBLE
answer to the question other than the question itself MUST be a wrong
answer, and thus MUST make you feel bad even before you have found it.

      Thus even LOOKING for the answer to a self answering question gives
rise to this feeling of doom, the qualms, in that you know it will be a
supreme downer once you find it, and you know this BEFORE you find it,
if you ever do.

      But since the question is its own answer, you never will
find some other correct answer, and thus you will instead settle
on a false answer that makes you feel the worst, and know that
this answer must be the correct answer because it makes you
feed so bad.

      One thus judges the truth of the answer by its correlation with the
intensity of the qualms you felt starting to seek it, and before you
find it.  THAT sets the standard for how miserable the answer must make
you feel in order for it to be true.  You will reject any other (also
false) answers that do not make you feel as bad because the pecursor
qualms during the search have not yet been matched.

      However using the rules of dream magic, the question is its own
answer to the problem, so nuke the question, run the postulate, and the
postulate won't continue.

      You have to get BEFORE the question in time, to BE in the postulate
in order to run it.  The question asking acts as an escape from the bad
feelings of the postulate, by removing you from the exact moment of time
the postulate exists in its first creation, but then the seeking the
answer to the question starts the qualms and away you go down the time
stream feeling worse and worse until you fall into the garbage pail at
the end, and that is your wrong answer which you are sure is true.

      Notice the question is not the cause of the postulate, you are, but
the question IS committing effort to the continuance of the postulate
while denying that the question asking has anything to do with anything.

      So instead of going down the tubes on this simple trap, we rewrite
the dream as follows.

      You see the girl, she averts her eyes and runs away, you go stupid
for a moment and ask 'Why is she avoiding me?';

      Then you go lucid, you stop asking the question and you say "She is
not avoiding me, she is off to powder her nose, and in a few seconds she
will slink around behind me and put her arms around me, all warm and

      And she does, as long as you are not dramatizing some other
wondering that would prepostulate that she won't.

      A clear can make this work in his own universe and his dreams.

      And OT can make it work period.

      The basic questions are:

      Why is this happening/not happening?

      Who or what is causing it and how.

      What should I *DO* about it?

      Do = effort.

      Stupidity then comes in these 3 simple questions and their many
variants, and the sum totality of stupidity consists of continuing a
postulate by asking a question about it.

      It is easy to make this stuff work in your dreams, and you will
quickly see how damaging the efforts to wonder about cause are to your
body, your health and your future.

      Wonder is asking why questions.

      Why questions kill.

      Therefore wonder kills.

      When you finally find where you been playing this game in the
awake state and have been creating a tanking future with a question about
a prepostulate, you will have found your first God Postulate, and your
life will change immediately without effort.

      A God Postulate is that postulate which the preclear thinks is true
because he has observed it to be true, when in fact the postulate is
true because he considers it is true.

      Consideration and Observation are dicoms.

      Persistence in time arises from converting a causal consideration
into an observation, and then questioning what to DO about it.

      Persistence continues by trying to solve a creation by creating
something MORE that is not the original creation.

      Thus basic OT power is the ability to ruin your own future with a
postulate/question pair.

      Running just one of these out provides all the proof anyone will
ever need of OT 'powers', and certainly all the proof they will ever


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