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     Dangerous...  (Referring to the original posting appended at

     It's workability is in accurately knowing who to kill and when.

     The whole bank is made of a whole track of wanting to kill,
killing, failing to kill, regretting killing, not killing, failing to
not kill and regretting not killing.

     Not to mention being killed :)

     That's all there is in the bank, being the cause of death and being
the effect of death.

     The body is made of death engrams.

     90 percent of it is trying to kill with a thought, bullets came
later, much of it is trying to kill others by killing oneself, through
sympathy guilt etc.  This is the key to the service fac and grade 4
computation that keeps the whole bank caved in on oneself.
Unfortunately the whole bank doesn't have enough force to kill a thetan,
and the being has to keep his body alive anyhow to see if his ploy is
working on others...

     A suicide mission is defined as a mission that one will probably
not come back from, or one which one knows, as part of the plan, that
they won't come back.

     Kamikaze is not much different, whether the guy wears a coat of
explosives and harms others by 'blowing himself up', or the guy sets off
the ammo dump from deep inside it, where he harms himself by 'blowing
others up.' In the end they both get blown up, you see?

     Fixation on cause, whether blowing up me, blew up you, or blowing
up you, blew up me, is kind of silly.

     Or the guy who saves a comrade or his troop by throwing himself on
a grenade.  The end is all the same, good guy dies, but other good guys
live and/or bad guys die in greater number.

     There are 50 ways to leave your lover, and probably lots more ways
to leave your life.

     But it is still unclear to me when Adore says 'The purpose of life
is Kamikazee', or 'A reason to die is reason to live', whether Adore
means to kill or simply to undertake a suicide mission, which may end up
oneself dead, but not involve actually killing others, except in the
long term effects that enlightenment might have upon the corrupt and
already death directed.

     You might get killed publishing the proof for example.

     Or, er, this posting.

     No violence out, lots of violence in.

     So the suicide mission can be physical, emotional, mental or

     Remember Adore says that divinity doesn't give a damn, it won't
turn you away no matter who you are or what you have done, but neither
will it call after you, no matter how innocent, if you go the wrong

     So the guy who commits suicide because he's trying to get people to
feel sorry for him, well the Lord won't.

     But neither will the Lord hate those that kill self instead in a
sane cause, kamikaze.

     The law of the sky has different rules than the law of the land.

     The law of the land says you can only kill during a time of war.

     The law of the sky says yeah, so, and?

     Meaning we are always at war whether we know it or not.

     We are at war against spiritual insanity and the weight of the
status quo.

     "When law makers outlaw criminality, criminals become law makers."
- - Adore

     Criminal law makers then create laws that inure to the benefit of
the criminals and not the sovereign citizen.

     Laws are commissioned by the citizen to restrain the government not
the citizen, they tell the government what they can and can not do when
a citizen errs.

     A lawless government is a far worse problem than a lawless

     That's because the lawless citizen has a gun, the lawless
government has an ARMY.

     When the government becomes ass backwards and declares (for the
good of the citizenry) that the purpose of law is to constrain the
citizen and that the government is thus not constrained by law, you have
a social mausoleum aborning.

     The government sells this idea to the citizenry through FEAR, 'we
must put you in a prison for your own good'.

     When Merchants of Fear rule, life becomes not worth living.

     I am not a conspiracy theorist, I would never claim that the
government would then covertly CREATE incidents of chaos to enhance
their sales of fear, not under the American Flag, but it could happen
elsewhere in the world.

     As the law becomes heavier and heavier with criminal laws, the
staus quo gets heavier and heavier with stone.

     Government likes the status quo, because by definition the status
quo includes keeping the present government around.

     But eventually the government starts to fight for its own surival
at the expense of the people, all the while claiming what it is doing is
for the good of the people who would fall apart without the government.

     A government may have a vague conception that its purpose is to
benefit the people, but a government is utterly incapable of the thought
that maybe the best way to serve the people is to get rid of the

     Or at least a change of staff, which is why as long as the
constitution is sound, voting the miscreants out of office every 4 years
is a good thing and saves a lot of pain in all the revolutions that
don't have to happen.

     Such democracies are thus self correcting as long as the elections
remain free and fair.

     Thus people have a moral duty to take the most dangerous but
effective path in their lives against the status quo, not to destroy the
functioning of the social engine, but to enhance it by removing the
stone from its gears.

     In general the only ones who lose are the present government and
those who are embarnacled on it.

     Life is change for the better, not the status quo, the status quo
is a heavy yoke that eventually buries everyone in stone.

     After a while even the high rises made of stone look like the Nazi

     The law of the sky says that the highest arbiter of right and wrong
is your conscience.


     Your conscience is the only time God speaks to you that is not

     Since YOU ARE GOD IN CARNATION, having a conscience so you can talk
to your higher self is a good thing.

     Even if GOD HIMSELF tells you to do something that your conscience
says is wrong, you follow your conscience, or someday the real Lord will
have your ass in fire for a while for your disloyalty to yourself as a
full instantiation of the Divine infinite.

     All things are judged and condemned or confirmed by your


     Your moral duty is ALWAYS to do what is right, and never to do what
is wrong.

     Notice YOUR CONSCIENCE doesn't mean someone else's conscience.

     If there is a conflict between your conscience and someone else's
conscience, your conscience wins, EVEN IF YOU DECIDE LATER TO REGRET

     The High Us, as God incarnation, is forgiving, all sins are washed
away by a true confession and repentence (cessation of sin).

     No hell can outlast a true confesssion.
     That might seem unreasonable for a human, but people are not
suffering only from human sins, they are suffering from divine sins, and
there in lies the magic of a true confession.

     A being in good operating shape can rewrap the universe around him
pretty much as he sees fit.

     It is based on a willingness to come in, and an absolutely clean
slate at the divine level and a clear understanding of the mechanics of
entrapment, via A chase B, and questions continuing pre postulates.
     Magicians of old would have given their eye teeth for those two
ideas alone.

     Without them, they couldn't have done much anyhow.

     Leading a charmed life also depends on a perfect certainty not
based on belief, faith or conviction, but on direct perception, that God
is a multi being, that all life is God in carnation, and that the zombie
zoners are your mothers, fathers, mates, sisters, brothers, sons and
daughters lost in the nightmare of brains.

     There is no one in the prison of space time that is not family.



     To start a true confession and clean slate, run

     NO SIN        SOME SIN

     If NO stops running, use REFUSED instead, you will need to.

     Spot the INDECISION and the ORS.

     Spot the DECISIONS and the ANDS,


     Notice how the right WHY question continues a postulate of failure.
He fails which IS a postulate, he then asks why and seeks an answer down
the time stream AWAY from the self vanishing postulate into permanent
     And then he spends the rest of time begging God to destroy his
enemies for him forever.

     That's the end of heaven for him even for a while.

     While's are nailed into hells by forevers.

     The universe goes right naturally around a GodSoul with a clean
slate, he doesn't have to command it to do so, HE HAS TO STOP COMMANDING
IT TO GO WRONG VIA SIN and question asking.
     If he would just sit back and relax and stop careening around doing
wrong, his life would go a lot better.
     Repentence of sin starts at running refused apology and insisting
on continuing to do the wrong thing, and unravels from there.

     Sins are violations of conscience, that's it.

     Sin doesn't become a problem unless you justify it and continue it,
at the same time as try to restrain it because you know its wrong.


     It is the *AND* that kills you and any hope for your future.

     Your mausoleum is made of *ANDS*.

     Either do it, or don't do it, but don't do BOTH.

     Everyone in the status quo is playing the game of undermining your
confidence in your conscience, and is trying to sell you their
conscience and its dictates as the one true path to your survival and
the survival of those you love.

     These are Merchants of Fear, "You had better not follow your
conscience lest....

     .... you come a cropper."

     All liars lie, they claim it is for your good, but it is designed
for their good.

     They justify it with, "with out me you wouldn't survive at all,
thus what is good for me, is good for you, me first, you second, tithe

     The law of the land says that your conscience is subservient to the
law of the land.  In other words you are morally righteous if you follow
your conscience only when it doesn't violate the law of the land.

     Is that the kind of world you wish to live in?


     You know your government has crossed the line when you hear them

     The purpose of the government is to defend the rights and freedoms
of its people (which is true), and the greatest right of the people is
freedom from terrorism (to which we now must sacrifice all your other
rights and freedoms, so solly).

     You have a right to be free from fear?

     Life is made of danger, you have a right to PLAY, not win.

     Also, when you hear them say that criticism of the government is
criticism of AMERICA and its constitution.

     When criticism of the *GOVERNMENT* and its actions is called
unamerican and unpatriotic.

     Remember that being able to criticize anything, is what America
stands for.

     Who then is the UnAmerican or the UnPatriotic?

     Is it the person who says America is right when it is wrong, or the
one who says the truth no matter what.

     The bellwether?

     You know you are done for when it becomes a high crime to criticize
a war in progress.

     There is no possible excuse to continue a morally wrong war, or a
war that was started by mistake, let alone by outright deceit.

     The way to support the soldiers in such a war is to BRING THEM

     What about saving face you say?

     You wish to save face with your son's blood?
     Saving face is about pretending you are right when you are wrong.

     Saving face is lying and is a sin of vast proportions because it
allows the justification of continuing to do wrong once started.

     Saving face is a government's way to protect its own continuance
beyond its time, not an effort to protect the reputation of its people.

     If you continue a wrong war to the end, you will either 'win' or

     If you lose a wrong war, you will lose face anyhow, and it will be
rubbed in your face for the rest of time.

     You want that?

     If you win a wrong war, you will save face only in your own eyes,
as the whole rest of the world will see the truth and international
respect will be gone although fear may keep others silent and offering
you a pretense of respect.

     Perhaps you want that instead?

     Some people are so desperate for a little respect, they will take
pretense of respect instead.

     Lot's of options here.

     Respect is reserved for those that can admit when they are wrong
when they are, and who refuse to admit they are wrong when they aren't.

     That is personal integrity you see.

     Does the government have any?

     As for the law of the sky, legal war and religious war are two very
different things.

     Bigots like to make war over whose messiah has the bigger dick, but
they are just selfish assholes who can't stand the smell of other's shit
and who think that God hates along side with them.  And maybe he does,
as most God's are lesser unholinesses pretending to be Divinity itself.
Such God's thrive on people AGREEING with them, all the while keeping
the people debased in lies and slavery to space and time.

     God is kind of like a big Government.

     True divinity doesn't give a rat's ass about any of it, divinity
gives you the playing field and the abilities to do what you wish with
them, including create consequences or not as we are all moved to, in
the game creation process.

     Remember everyone is responsible for their own condition, so no
matter what you are doing to him, HE had to let you into his dreamtime
knowing full well the possible consequences, and thus HE is culpable for
anything done to him by anyone else.
     This is true even if he doesn't remember any of his choices to
forget all of his choices to come in and be here.

     And down deep if these wrongs stick to him, (don't heal, no lesson
learned) he is guilty himself of the same or worse, either earlier or
     Like a cat waiting for a bird, he waits for a wrong to come in so
he can feel absolved for the wrong he did earlier.
     Guilt is patient in that way.

     "Patient as hell, as a patient in hell." -Adore
     But that cycle turns to stone, don't you see, and sinks the person
in time forever more, and it is all there is that does that.

     That's because the wrong that comes in to him has to be SOLID in
order to really wrong him, and he has to be SOLID too, in order to be
the effect of it.
     So solid he becomes, a stone in time (MEST).

     "If timestone be tombstone, then let wisdom be epitaph."

     "Mortals bow and pray to the God of Time, Stone, and Dust in the
Wind.  Their *FAITH* is not to be belittled.

     Eternal Pride however is Eternal Home." - Adore

     The primary spiritual war is between the sane and the insane,
between eternal life and eternal death, between the integrity of the
High US, and the disintegrity of the High Them.

     The bigot is stuck in a game against the High Them.

     The High Us is not quite sure what the word THEM means.

     Sort of like the Adorian Scale of Discount that goes from 'NO
problem' at the bottom to 'I can't imagine what a problem is', at the

     Anyhow the underlying idea was not to waste one's death, to not die
in a meaningless way...

     Only a warrior would have the concern though.

     Every soldier has to consider the wasting of his life balanced
against the wasting of enemy lives.  The soldier that is trying to come
home no matter what, is not a good soldier.  You go to war NOT to come
back, because if you come back someone else didn't.

     The good soldier is always looking for a way to maximize enemy
losses via suicide missions or kamikaze. 

     If he manages to come back from the suicide mission, he probably
didn't take out enough of the enemy, so he lives to try again another
day, confident in the sure knowledge of his death before the war is
over, and just so, the more he kills the sooner it will be over.

     Not every warrior lives by those rules, but those that do are a

     The rest feel guilty because they came back and their buddies

     For zombie zoners, both their life and death's are meaningless in
every way.

     One can kill bodies with bullets, or one can kill ideas with ideas.
It doesn't have to be about physical violence, but it does have to be
about life and death.

     About time(stone) and eternity.

     The best way to kill evil is to expose it, and reintegrate it into
the community of friends.

     It takes a big being to do that though.

     One who can admit he is wrong when he is, and has no face to save
before the face of God, the light of himself as a full instantiation of
the divine infinite.


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>>>      "If you have to die, take one of the enemy with you.
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>>>      "The Good Lord will not hate you for kamikaze." -Adore.
>>>      If we wish to choose the moment and manner of our births, should we
>>> also not choose the moment and manner of our deaths?
>>>      Do we only kill when the government orders us to do so?
>>>      Do we always kill when the government orders us to do so?
>>>      Is that what Gabriel is looking for on our resume, when we get to
>>> the Pearly Gates?
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