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     Inactuality is the make break point on the pc's case.

     Above inactuality the pc knows what is wrong with him.

     Below inactuality he doesn't.

     Above inactuality, if you ask him what's the matter, he will tell

     Below inactuality, he will give you a confused wrong item.

     Below oblivion he will tell you 'nothing, life is grand', all the
while poisoning pigeons in the park.

     Inactuality is the nail point below which the God Postulate on
the pc's case can no longer be changed.

     He can't change it simply and only because he no longer knows
what it is.

     He can't have the problem he's got, so he won't admit what it is,
so he's trying to change SOMETHING ELSE, some other problem which he
can have, which is an alter-is and results in more persistence of

     A God Postulate is that postulate which the pc thinks is true
because he has observed it to be true, when in fact it is true only
because he considers it is true.

     God postulates are created by taking the true sequence which is

     consideration -> observation

     and turning it around into

     observation -> consideration

     The observation acts as proof that the consideration is true,
independent of the consideration.

     Before the flip, considerations are cause and observations are
effect.  Considerations cause things to be, and then you verify they
match your original intent with observation.

     After the flip, observations are cause, and considerations are
the effect.  Observations cause the consideration that something is is
true because you observed it.  A consideration alone could not
possibly cause anything.  Which is why the pc considers that changing
his mind about anything will be fruitless.

     This is called the Consideration - Observation flip flop.

     This is also your pc's major upset with himself, that he ever
engaged in operating the flip flop on himself.  The humorous cruelty
of it escapes him.

     At any point down to inactuality the pc is able to change his
mind on any primary postulate of limitation he has made.

     That is how one handles a God Postulate, the pc changes his mind
and it vanishes.

     There will be many of them, not infinite, perhaps a countable
heavy hand full on a case.  The charge on each one however will be
'infinite', filled with forevers and nevers and loss of an infinite
number of beautiful eternities etc.

     Below inactuality the pc no longer knows that the problem is, so
he can't change his mind about it.  He will consider OTHER things are
the problem, and try to change his mind about them, but it won't work,
and he will become more convinced that postulates do not work.

     You see postulates work.  If you postulate you can't, then you
can't.  But that's because you CAN.  You see this?

     The postulate that postulates don't work, works.

     But a postulate can't be un done without undoing the original
true primary postulate on that chain of God postulates.

     Thus once he has started his permanent personal nose dive below
inactuality, any new postulate he makes won't be undoable because he
isn't considering that postulates do anything anyhow.  All postulates
are observations from there on out.

     Who the hell knows WHAT is creating reality for him at that
point, he certainly doesn't want to know.

     If you let something else create reality for you, what gets

     Inactuality is an effort to make nothing of one of the prime
incidents on the pc's case.  If assessed for duration it will read and
indicate as FOREVER.  This is because the incident is still going on.

     He is suffering permanently from the effects of his own

     When assessed for when, date, it will read as timeless.

     When assesed for where, location, it will read as everywhere.

     He has had it with him for a very long time, and carried it with
him to a lot of different places.

     Trying to find the beginning of this thing is hard.  You are
trying to bring the pc up above inactuality to disaster.

     From there it is merely a matter of changing one's mind on the
various God postulates found.  Each one will go from a lot of struggle
and 'I am sunk' to calmness and 'Wow look at that'.

     Once the prime postulate is found on the chain, the pc can simply
be there and change his mind about it and watch it vanish.  His first
time, his own disbelief will put him on the balance point between
persistence and vanishment, but he just calms the struggle, just sits
there with it and watches it persist with the willingness to have it
be just for a while, truth will win and the condition will
start to dissolve.

     His future on the subject will reverse before his eyes and go
from negative to positive.

     Once a pc gets the hang of this, and comes to UNDERSTAND the
mechanism at work, he will be a terror to any case that crosses his

     For most pc's, the actual prime incident on the chain has sunk
way below inactuality, down through oblivion ("What case?"), through
fixidity, uncausing, and unexistence.

     Ever run into someone who was just totally stumpy, they just
wouldn't budge no matter what you did or said?  That's fixidity on the
tone scale.  Its a last ditch effort to hold on to existence no matter
what.  Below that is erosion, dispersal and uncausing, criminality,
disconnection and unexistence.

     The last effort of a being trying to give is to take.  That's
criminality on the tone scale and here you will find intentions too
dark to countenance.

     Permission issues abound here, permission to open pandora's box.

     He knows its not just him that's in trouble but the AllThatIs
from the top down.  He is going to mess up heaven and hell for
EVERYONE and everything if he does it wrong.

     The only remaining solution for the pc is to disconnect and

     Each God Postulate chain will be found to have nails at least at
unexistence, fixidity, oblivion, shock and inactuality.  These are the
ridge points.  Most of the rest are flows and dispersals.

     Start at inactuality - NO inactuality, and when reads dry up, go
downwards until you start to get reads again.  NEVER run an item
without also running the NO item.

     Never go past an item without having checked for sync,

     item, no item, no item, item, item, no item, no item, item.

     Continue to the bottom, then come back up once the bottom losens
up.  The pc won't have a clue what he is running, its all black until
the inactuality blows off.  But he will recognize his blankness and
the blankness of others as a serious indication that something is
there and needs to be handled.

     He also won't be making things worse during the day or sleep any
more.  Convulsive not-isness, no understanding that something WAS
buried, will becomes things of the past.

     His life will now audit him properly rather than sink him deeper.

     When you hit the qualms, you are winning.

     The qualms is 'this might be better to not look at, not know

     He will put up impossibility, preposterousness, incredibility, no
permission and overwhelming shame as last ditch efforts to stay dead.

     Better to have never loved, than to have loved and lost.


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