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     Actuality is what is true.

     Reality is what we think is true.

     Space/time dimensionality is a virtual reality projected into a non
dimensional actuality called the All-That-Is.

     Hubbard called the non dimensional actuality Static, and the
dimensional virtual reality mockups.

     He said that from Static was extended anchor points, dimension
points and points to view.

     Some have interpreted this to mean that the Static CREATED
space/time in actuality, when in fact Static created the *ILLUSION* of
space/time in itself, in its own zero dimensional substrate.

     Static, the All-That-IS, is a kind of infinite but non
dimensional holographic film that can hold the apparencies of finite
dimensional objects, such as space/time and the objects we find in it.

     Now this view is very important.

     For one it is in direct contradiction to the prevailing meatball view
which is that dimensionality is actual, that actuality has in fact many
more than the 3 or 4 dimensions of space/time that we normally experience.
The Scientists of the Rock are up to 12 dimensions mathematically at this
point and getting more lost every day.

     The meatball theory claims that dimensionality and out there ness
are actual, and that the objects out there have actual cause that
interact between them.  The ball bounces off the wall *BECAUSE* the
wall has cause over the ball, or both the wall and the ball have cause
between them.

     In this view the conscious unit is a complexity of parts built
out of various actual external dimensional space/time objects like electrons,
protons and neutrons.

     When that complexity of parts is busted apart the conscious unit
dies never to live again.

     Further the conscious experiences, i.e.  color forms, that the
conscious unit has, are used by the being as symbols to refer to
these external dimensional actualities.

     His conscious color form of a car that he sees when looking at a
car is a symbol referring to an actual dimensional car existing in
actual dimensional space/time.

     When he turns away from the car or closes his eyes, his conscious
color form of the car disappears, but the car remains.

     Thus his conscious color form of the car and the car are two
different objects, each made of their own stuff.  The conscious color
form of the car is the symbol, and the actual car is the referent.

     Where the symbol has no external referent the being is 'seeing
something' that is not overlayed against an actual external
dimensional object that exists.  If the being knows he is doing this,
we call it imagination.  If he doesn't know he is doing it, we call it

     These are natural and necessary conclusions to be drawn from the
underlying meatball theory that external dimensional objects are
actual and that conscious beings are MADE OF THEM.

     Further meatballs tend to laugh at OT powers, because they know
very well that anything that is MADE OF various stuff will never have
ascendancy over that same stuff.

     In other words if you are made of electrons, protons and
neutrons, you will never be able to have any cause over those same
things which those things don't already have.

     So if there are no physical laws that say electrons can talk to
each other across a distance faster than the speed of light, you can
rule out any form of instantaneous telepathy etc.

     If you are made of ball bearings, all you can ever hope or aspire
to be is a ball bearing or a cluster of ball bearings, banging around

     Thus to a meatball all talk of OT powers comes across as


     They have a problem however, which is that if someone did come up
with an OT power that they could demonstrate, the meatball wouldn't
have a theory in which to fit it, as their theory of external
dimensional actualities is completely lacking.

     The dream ball theory however allows for OT powers, in fact it
claims that every ability IS an OT power.

     Rather than postulate external dimensional objects as actualities
and conscious units as a made of them, the dreamball theory postulates
the conscious unit as a zero dimensional actuality which is a
projector of dimensional but virtual realities.


     Thus the electron, neutron and proton do not in fact exist, have
never existed, never will exist, and in fact CAN NOT EXIST as external
dimensional actualities.  They can only exist as virtual dimensional
realities, i.e.  arcade game color forms in the conscious unit's eye.

     In this model the conscious unit's experience or color forms are
non dimensional actualities, used as symbols for a non existent
dimensional virtual reality.

     In this sense EVERYTHING the conscious unit sees is a
hallucination as there isn't and never was any actual external
referent to over lay the experience on.

     From this point of view, any dreamer, whether sleeping or awake,
could be said to be hallucinating external dimensional virtual
realities, the only question left is does he know he is doing this or
not, and is it under his control.

     Above 26.0 (Apparencies are Reality) on the tone scale, the
dreamer knows he is dreaming and is doing so knowingly, willingly and
with full awareness of the consequences.  He knows he is actual, and
he knows his conscious experiences are symbolic actualites for virtual
realities that do not in fact exist, at all.

     From this vantage point the being CHOOSES to go non lucid in his
dream and drops below 26.0 on the tone scale into Apparencies are

     Out thereness and external cause between objects become 'real' to
him, and he will argue strongly against the idea that there is a
meaningful difference between reality and actuality.

     In this state the dreamer is no longer aware he is dreaming, he
considers out there ness and external cause to be actual, and he
considers himself to be MADE OF bits and pieces of that delusional
external 'actuality.'

     Above 26.0 on the tone scale the conscious unit is engaging in
the creation of illusions of external dimensionality and knows it.

     Below 26.0 on the tone scale the conscious unit is engaging in
delusion about illusion, namely that there is no illusion.

     The track back to OT power over the physical universe and the All
That Is, is to start with recognizing where one is already operating
full OT power in the creation of the universe as it is.


     Surely if you can put the universe there you can move the
mountain in the universe.

     Once one can own and operate what one is already doing, i.e.
flip it from below 26.0 to above 26.0 on the tone scale, one is then
free to continue with that ability in what ever way one wants,
including creating grander illusions and diving deeper into the sea of
delusion about them.

     The real OT is not the one who can move the marble on the table.

     The real OT is the one who can put the table and marble there,
and limit himself until he can't move the marble any more, and starts
to post to a.r.s. as a septic.


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