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      Dear Homer,

      It was nice speaking with you the other day.  I'm glad you got in
touch with me.

      I also appreciate your interest in what I am doing with
Scientolipedia so will try to give you a bit more information to share
with your contacts as you suggested.

      I've actually written quite extensively about how the site is a new
approach and uses some Internet technology not heretofore applied to the
Scientology community.  I'll post a link below and add a few words here.
There's a couple of video's I created included there as well.

      You mentioned you wanted to share this with some "old timers" and I
would say first that I think of the Scientolipedia effort, to use a
football analogy, as simply attempting to advance the ball a bit.  In
any case, hello to anyone reading this.

      The website is pro LRH, pro Tech, pro Scientology and
Scientologists.  It tries to present real stories and factual data about
the subject.  There's plenty of attack-the-church and whistle-blower
sites, this is not one of them.  (I created as my
effort on that score) It's also not a hate LRH site.  It is about
Scientology, not the corrupt organization that tried to monopolize that
brand - and an imperfect but brilliant man who really did something
special in his life.

      It presents many LRH stories and historical articles (more are
needed) and aspires to document the history of the subject and the great
people who helped build it up.

      I chose the same software Wikipedia uses with an added capability
called the semantic wiki.  This allows for sharing and using the data on
web pages in more ways than just the page it resides on.  (it's
technical - but on the cutting edge of where the Internet is going)

      The semantic wiki is not only more flexible and powerful than
traditional websites and blogs, it has the capability to gain very high
search rankings.  Something the several hundred other Scientology
related websites fail at.

      All you have to do is study a bit about the history of Wikipedia
(see the article called "Jimmy Wales" at the site - or just google him)
and it's obvious their successful action was the community participation
element.  Thousands of people ended up creating a global repository of
knowledge.  The academics didn't particularly like that but so what?
Several billion people, mostly school students, many in impoverished
lands without resources other than Internet access, love it.  Wikipedia
is the number 6 ranked site on the Internet by doing the above.  That's
the "successful action" I've been following.

      Because of the general lack of understanding of Internet and
computer technology, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and experience
with creating and editing wiki pages, I went ahead and launched the site
on a shoe string budget of time and money.

      It's grown steadily in the year since launch and is one of top few
ranked sites on the subject of Scientology already.  It's really quite
inevitable it will become THE highest ranked site on the subject.  IMO,
it's an unbeatable formula.  Just needs more contributors in article
content, time and that money thing as well.

      I hope the above gives you a bit of a picture of the scope of the
project.  Please take a few minutes to review the info at the link
below, look over the site and let me know what you think.  (I have a
page about myself at the site if interested.  Just enter "David LaCroix"
in the search box of any page)

      This email works to reach me but the one I give out publicly is
dl88008 at

      All The Best, David

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Posted: Mon Jan 14 12:50:23 EST 2013
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