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>Homer wrote:
>>     You know I would much rather be able to make pleasure at will
>>than move the marble at will.

>Homer will be moving mountains in life when others are still screwing
>around with marbles.

     There is a really good process to run to take apart the core of
the desire for power.

     "What power would you have?"
     "What would you do with that power."

     It becomes quickly apparent that people want power to protect
something they consider fragile, usually themselves or their bodies or
their loved ones or civlizations etc.

     Fragile comes up as an item.

     "I want power so I can get rid of or punish all criminals or
those that been mean to me etc."

     Hate, care, sympathy etc come up.

     After a while one sees VERY CLEARLY that every reason one wants
power is itself a postulate of powerlessness, "I need power because I
am fragile."

     Thus the more he commits to getting power, the more he commits to
being fragile etc.

     Once this E/P is reached with thundering certainty, the being
let's go of wanting POWER, in the sense of force over physical things,
and turns his attention to spiritual, emotional and mental abilities.
The same kinds of things run out, and eventually the guy starts to
give up the 'I need ability because I am fragile' postulate and starts
being able to MAKE being fragile etc.  Then he runs into real power.
Once he sees that, he decides he would prefer to remain fragile for a
while, let the volcano cool off, let the beast go back to sleep for a
while etc.

     He has looked upon the face of power and finally understood the
saying, "Angels rush in where God's dare not tread."

     At that point power and proof of power is no longer a problem to
him, he has found power and is turning it off, rather than trying to
turn it on.

     One you have him turning power off, you can audit him further on
why and slowly get him to turn it back on.

     The guy who is desperately trying to turn power on is inverted,
he is out of contact with himself, using his inability as proof that
power does not exist.


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