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    I want to go over 'tech' from top to bottom, we have done
this before, its time to do it again.

    I am winning rather than losing, doing pretty well for
someone who crawled off a morgue slab.

    I have not attained happiness, but I have attained awareness
of how my fear and upset is/was killing my body due to my non handle
when it occurs/ed.  A pissed off God is no good for a human brain.

    Things are pretty loose, can't see a thing, but when I can they're way 
too young. :)

    People in bodies just simply have no idea what beauty (and ugly) is 
available once the gates of mortal doom are opened to the exquisite and 
unspeakable candy land beyond.

    NOTS is turning on, huge malestrom of totally insane beings right
out of every horror picture ever made, billions and billions of them.

    Who are you, what are you, HOW MANY ARE YOU, usually doesn't
go much beyond that.  Amphitheaters of beings at a time.

    Been running ANDS, last one was

    The effort to die AND the effort to not die at the same time.

    Joke is they are almost the same effort, not quite but enough
to confuse, doing one does the other.

    Get one side of an AND and it runs a bit but then goes out
of control for the rest of time.

    Had the effort to not die years ago, only nailed the effort
TO die recently.

    When I got the AND, the relief was palpable.

    Lot's of reasons for a God to not want to die.
    Lot's of reasons for a God to want to die,

    He keeps himself busy by doing both at the same time.

    Take a being who wants to be eternal and tell him he is made of meat
produces the most amazing crash into solidity, harder than the hardest 
metal.  It only resolves by making it again.

    Efforts to reattain eternality by 'running out' the crash do not work, 
because one has to BE eternal to create the crash in the first place and 
thus run it out from the beginning.

    You can't become cause by being an effect, but you can cease
being an effect by causing oneself to be an effect until gone.

    No one is there yet, but it beckons...

    And the light on the other side is so spectacularly beautiful.


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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but 
not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.

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