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      Sorry Pip,

      You gotta get your head out of your ass and carefully read what is
said in order to understand its many points that are right, rather than
reactively try to find fault with it.

      You chronically do with me what the rest of the shit that can talk
does with Hubbard.

      They are LOOKING to make him wrong, and jump on every
possibility even if they have zero understanding of how it is right.

      Take anything written by Hubbard or me or anyone and


      How could that be wrong?
      How could that be right?

      Spot an interpretation that would make it wrong.
      Spot an interpretation that would make it right.

      The sex of the body is not as important as the PHASE of the body in
mastering the 4 part grade of a sphere of activity.

      The 4 parts from come a long list of 4 parts listed in Adore.

      God   Soul  Creation   Religion  Causal    New Beat      Scope
      Man   Mind  Discovery  Science   Mental    Counter Point Span
      Woman Heart Expression Art       Emotional Harmony       Depth
      Child Body  Trade      Business  Physical  Mimicry       Field

      Many beings are in the wrong body for the primary job in life they
wanted to do or ended up doing.

      All women in any grade are masters of offense in all grades below

      Very few are masters of offense in the grade they belong in, and if
they are they most likely rue the body they have for it.

      But again body sex is not phase sex, Adore just chose those words
of god, man, woman and child to communicate it in, just as the whole
rest of the world uses male and female to describe yin and yang.

      In fact it was the WRONGNESS of the 2 fold complementation of yin
and yang that drove Adore to seek a better solution with a 4 fold
ENCOMPASSMENT of God, Man, Woman and Child, as any idiot can see its

      Its nice to say men and women are equal, but its wrong, there are
male qualities and there are female qualities, and just so there are
child qualities, and god qualities.

      Within a grade the child seeking female qualities, and women
seeking male qualities, and men seeking god qualities, and gods seeking
child qualities AT THE NEXT LEVEL UP are normal and intended.

      That means they are making the grade and operating the master and
apprehentice relationship properly.

      However within a grade, a god seeking male qualities, and a male
seeking female qualities, and a female seeking child qualities and a
child seeking god qualities of the next grade down IS the dwindling

      Mortal meatball women can't see beyond the master and slave
relationship so they have reactions to this, and they hate their sons
born of jealousy that they themselves are not a male, and work
ceaselessly to demasculate them.

      Down deep in their tiny dark little heart of hearts, most mortal
meatballs women would prefer that men didn't exist, they don't see the
need for them, and can't imagine operating in men what men have that the
women in general have not yet mastered, the ability to lead.

      Very high grade women have full understanding of the God man woman
child cycle, and are quite able to lead the masses of low grade men.
But even they crave man worthy of leading them and their children, and
for the most part live very lonely lives for such men are not around.

      Men for the most part would shudder at the thought of a world
without women, but low grade men are embarassed and ashamed of what
women have become and of their own need for women.  Down deep they feel
sorry for women and understand their jealousy, but believe the surface
lie that mortal women are happy with being women andh have no
subterranean jealousy of men at all.

      Such men do not understand the covert desire of women to be rid of
them, born of the woman's seething jealousy that they are not men
themselves.  Woe be unto a male son born of such a mother.

      Only those that can't have a penis would WANT a vagina.  :)

      You also need to go word clear completely and forever HAVINGNESS.
I keep forgetting you are not a trained scientologist and are not able
to deal with the language of clarity that Hubbard laid out.

      The ability to have means the ability to own and control.

      That is what HAVINGNESS IS.

      People are actually stuck in bodies, or however the fuck you want
to put it, because they can't have bodies, they are below havingness on
the Pre Have scale, which I suggest you study carefully until you stop
nit fucking picking words with me.

      Once a being comes up to being able to HAVE a body, they can leave

      But they need to be able to HAVE not just a male body, but a female
body, and a child body, and a transex god body.

      And if there are other kinds of bodies they will have to be able to
have them too.

      One is stuck in a body, or however the fuck you want to put it,
because of

      Affinity -> NoSympathy -> Sympathy -> Propitiation -> BEING a body,
in order to better 'take care of it' after a long line of MISASSISTS,
which see in back of History of Man.

> Are you suggesting that one HAS a body or is BEING a body or both (or 
> neither)?  I suggest it is neither and that these are merely 
> considerations about one's experience.

      Now how stupid is this statement, of COURSE they are
considerations, so the god damn fuck what?

      You have to nit pick words to the point of missing the whole point
of the sentence?

      If YOU can't BE a body at will, then you will certainly get stuck
in one, can't move your viewpoint away from one.

      So what's your problem?

      You take your basher pills this morning?

> So what is the ultimate root of the interiorization/exteriorization 
> phenomenon?

      As stated exactly above.

> Does a being always have to be located somewhere and have
> relationships with things?

     No, native state is free of such relationships, but its
primary purpose is to CREATE such relationships.

> What is one actually doing in the case of
> inhabiting, or being confined to, ANY "body"?  That might be a good 
> target.    ........

      Taking care of, and then below that hiding.

      The whole negative tone scape from 0 on down is what a being is
doing with, in and/or connected to bodies.

      Pity for dying bodies starts it, sad eyes, the regret,
accountability, blame, shame, punishing, controlling, protecting, Owning
and getting approval from bodies.

      The needing, worhipping, sacrificing self to bodies, and hiding
bodies and hiding in bodies, and hiding AS bodies.

      Below that well they probably aren't talking here on this group.

Also, I know some women who are masters of 
> offense.   >:  )

      What exactly does that prove?

      I know pieces of shit that are more aware than most women.

      But anyhow, perhaps some day you will come back as one, and perhaps
too you will have a mind that functions properly, rather than nit pick
words to death for things you haven't given a moment's thought too.


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