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     Clearly if space and time are CREATED, then that which
created space and time had no space and time itself.

     If the AllThatIS is a zero dimensional no space/time, then there IS NO
PLACE in which to create actual space/time, so the best it can do is
create holographic illusions of space/time is a scalar substrate, namely
the conscious unit.

     Konchok encourages us to look around us and see space/time as proof
that there IS space time.

     So do fools looking through a hologram think what they see
on the other side is actual.

     Just because we SEE space/time doesn't mean there IS space/time, it
does mean that SOMETHING exists which can, from some delusive viewpoints,
LOOK LIKE space/time.

     Konchok is down in delusion about illusion.  He thinks the illusion is

     Whether or not anyone can control space/time according to his
wishes is irrelevant.  However one does expect that if space/time
is a projection in one's own consciousness, that the possibility for
control is far greater than if space/time is actual and we are made
out of it.

     Thus practice with sleep dreams in controlling the course of events is
important, although one finds out that the rules that apply to sleep
dreams are not the same that apply to waking dreams.


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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning,
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