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>Add to the above the belief in Hubbard's A) "dwindling spiral,"

      The dwindling spiral is self evident, 'eventually all become
marbles on the thetan plane' - Adore

      The spiral is caused by the hypocrisy whirlpool, namely overts
against enemies, then regret followed by becoming the enemy and further
overts against your original group, back and forth, around and around,
lifetime after lifetime.

      Jew -> Christian -> Nazi -> Sweet Old Lady -> Jew etc.

      "The Hypocrisy Whirlpool is powered by Love and High Regret between
High Friends.

      If the Jews keep it up they gonna become Christians.

      If the Christians keep it up they gonna become Nazi's.

      If the Nazi's keep it up, they gonna become Sweet Old Ladies.

      And if they are sweet enough for long enough, they gonna become
Jews again.

      Eventually ALL become marbles on the thetan plane.

      How do you know a Jew that was once a Nazi?

      Show them these words, they will scream crosses of flames.

      You can always tell a sweet old lady who was a past life Nazi.

      They petty-fog, petty-whimper, petty-tone and petty-posh you death.

      Their intention is suffocation of interest.

      The result is suffocating panic about suffocating panic.

      Serves you right." - Adore

      Every ded justified by a dedex adds to the dwindling spiral.

      Every motivator used to justify a later or earlier overt act adds
to the dwindling spiral.

      Eventually people become 'no dwindling spiral cases'.

      "Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

      The Christians like to tell you about all the fire and brimstone in
hell.  The fail to tell you about all the Medusa's that run around
chasing everyone until they are rendered stone.

      Fire and Brimstone.

      Fitting grave for a Nazi, eh?

      Flaming marble with a flaming cross.

      Forever for free." - Adore

and B)
>Xenu and "Incident 1" and "Incident 2",

      Neither Xenu, incident 1 or incident 2 are real to me, however
clustering of beings is very real to me as are the existence of carnate
and discarnate beings.

      The more real I consider them, the more real they become.

      If you say to someone 'You are not real!' they will tend to not
talk to you :)

      Surely Hubbard's descriptions of time place form and event of OT
III and other cosmic history can be held in question.

etc., then toss in C) the Fair
>Game and SP "tech," D) inflated ego and petty anger, E) and use of
>derisive terms such as "wogs," and, well - one can get an idea of the
>infection that Hubbard has loosed upon the Earth.

      Your derisiveness is without match.

      Hitler should have been fair gamed early on and except for the
cowardice of many who failed to kamikazee his sorry ass into next
tuesday, much of the whole holocaust might never have happened.

      Inflated ego's are a problem, but the attackers are the meatballs
not the dreamballs.  I have had more meatballs tell me I belong in a
straight jacket.  After a while I return in kind, "kick into abyss and
cover with tar and spaghetti sauce."

>Then compare the above with the best in Scientology and Dianetics from
>the 1950s and the early 1960s.

      Early Scientology was all about entities.


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