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      BT means Body Thetan, one of a class of beings that are composited
into and around the body of a human composite.

Homer says:

>  IT's a BT.
>  "What are you?"
>  "Who are you?"
>  "HOW MANY ARE YOU?"  In the gobzillions perhaps.

BT says:

>It's amazing what Homer will do, rather than face himself.

>Why he insists on attempting to infect other people with his
>obsessions, only the Boogie man (men, "gobzillions of them perhaps")
>under his bed, knows (know) for sure.

      Fair enough, but I am just reporting the facts Jack.

      My dream life is very rich and complex, and I enjoy the time I
spend with both the positive and negative beings in those dreams.

      Most of my dream beings are very simple beings, they pretend to be
full fledged humans, and if I interact with them properly they do a
pretty good job.  But don't ask them what their name is, as they start
to disintegrate.

      Now really I don't want to disintegrate anyone in general, but my
dreams are full of highly negative beings, who like bullies, try to
invade, control, interrupt, or outright rape, murder or cause mayhem.

      Kind of like 3rd grade lunch time on the play ground.

      It has taken me years to learn how to deal with these negative
beings in my dreams.

      At first I could never remember the NOTS questions, but eventually
I got it down to a science:

       1.) Get eye contact and HOLD IT, don't let them look away.
       2.) Point a finger at them accusatively "You are a BT!"

      For example perhaps I am taking a leak in a bathroom in the dream,
and there is always someone who wants to come over and tickle my dick
while I am tinkling.  This really pisses me off, and "you are a BT!"
usually gets rid of them.

      Now they know I know and that 'handles' about 95 percent of the
problem children.  Once they are 'found out', they chill out, they stop
following me around trying to stick a finger up my ass, and they go off
and play nicely with others.

      But the remaining 5 percent don't.

      So then I have to continue, often for many repetitions:

       3.) What are you?   What am I?
       4.) Who are you?    What am I?

      It is not necessary to get answers from them, just asking the
questions repeatedly with eye contact eventually gets them to slow down
and stop being a nuisance.

      Eventually they go eyes wide, stop moving, and if I continue they
'puddle', melt into a puddle of color on the floor of the dream.

      But then there are still the remaining ones, these are the guys that
as soon as I point a finger at them they start mocking me "You are a BT,
what am I, who am I, hahahahahahah!" Sometimes its entire crowds of them,
gangs of deliquent assholes all out of have a lot of fun at my expense.

      Often they look like ghouls, just like out of the TV horror movies,
night of the living dead etc.

      Skin falling off, body parts hanging loose, but they are hard nuts
to crack.  And they are intelligent, originative, and *MEAN*.

      For these I learned to continue with:

      "How many are you?"

      Now some of the simpler ones will suddenly stop in their tracks and
count up, 1 2 4 6 8 11!  I will say "You are 11 of you?  and they nod,
smile and go off and play nicely with others.

      Sometimes in a crowd of approaching hostiles I have to be fast on
my feet, I pick the nearest or meanest and try to handle first, while
the others are approaching, pretty soon they all get interested in what
I am doing to one of them which slows them down, and that gives me more
time to handle each in turn until all hostiles are handled.

      Sometimes just for fun I will be in a large public area with lots
of people walking around and I will point at each one, get their eye
contact and say "Thank you for being in my dream!"

      I get huge smiles from them out of that.

      Or if I am horny I just put the idea into each female that walks by
that they really do want to take their shirt off and throw it away.

      It's interesting, trying to get them to do something they don't want
to do naturally is almost impossible, it gets into a struggle of wills,
but if they already want to do it, the slightest "Everyone will now take
their shirt off", gets me a LOT of booby.

It starts a permission chain, one gets the idea they have permission to do
it, and then the others see the first and they do it to.  Those that don't
want to don't, but you would be suprised how much girls detest wearing

      Jewelry yes, clothes no.

      OK back to the negative assholes, ghouls.

      Many won't count up for me.  I have to count for them.

      I do it just like an e-meter, are you 1, 10, 100, 1000 on up?

      One night I had a dream where a whole pack of ghouls was mocking me
"Yeah yeah I am a BT, go fuck you!" and approaching me, and I started
yelling at them

      "How many are you?

      100?  1000?  10000?  100000?  one million?  10 million?  100
million?  1 billion?  10 billion?  100 billion?  1 trillion?  10

      Suddenly a ripple went through the whole crowd like I had just said
something dangerous.  They all hesitated their approach for a moment,
all in unison, so I said "100 trillion".

      They all instantly went eyes wide, and stood perfectly still, all
the forward movement went out of them.

      And I went on my merry way in the dream, having "learned a

      Lesson was some beings are very large clusters, and if you get it
even vaguely close, their dramatization starts to break apart.

      Now there are still a few remaining that I have not been able to
handle at all.  I have used 'How can I serve you?  How can you serve
me?' to some avail, but others, particularly the serious demon class
beings with sinews of stone, I just have to walk right into them and
absorb them into my body, which works after a fashion but leaves me
feeling sick.  They are no longer out there bothering me, but they are
inside me now struggling around making me nauseous.  Not a good

      The last remaining few I can't control at all, they get me in a
half nelson with wing and tail, and I am done for, usually I just wake
up from horror.

      I have added

      "You are real people!"

      to the end of the command set, it is particularly effective against
the crowds of ghouls counting into the 100 trillions or more.

      Now those are the facts, thousands and thousands of well done dream
science experiments during night time dreaming have demonstrated a whole
class of dream rules.

      I await peer review of my work, if the peers can prove to me
they exist.

      Whether the dream rules work in the real world is very open to
question, and whatever interpretation one wants to put on the results as
to 'why' they work in dreams is anyone's guess but my own.

      Brainwashing by Hubbard is just as good as any.

      But for me, if it seems like a being, talks like a being, acts like
a being, smells like a being, then I *ASSUME* it is a being, because if
I don't, the invalidation tends to make things go away back into dead

      And frankly I have enough dead nothing in my waking time.


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