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                          CAUSE AND ASSIGNED CAUSE

                   Copyright (C) 1990 Homer Wilson Smith
         Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      'The outrageousness of the mechanics of learning is matched only by
the outrageousness of what we have learned.'

      From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.

      The world consists of CAUSE and ASSIGNED CAUSE.

      CAUSE ASSIGNS CAUSE to things which otherwise are basically effect.
They are the effect of having been created by cause and they are the
effect of having had cause assigned to them by cause.

      Assigned cause is not true cause, assigned cause is illusory cause,
objects that have been assigned cause interact with each other AS IF
they had true cause, but only true cause has true cause and that is the
cause that assigned the cause to the objects.

      You are cause.  Everything you are conscious of, the world of dream
objects around you perceived as colorforms in space and time in the
rendition zone of your consciousness, is an effect to which you have
assigned cause.

      The purpose of assigning cause to an effect is to be the effect
yourself of something you have created.  By assigning cause to something
other than yourself, you are in the same breath claiming to be an effect
of that same thing.  You are saying it is cause, I am effect, it is
cause over me.

      The catch is whether you are aware that you are assigning cause or

      More specifically the point is whether you are aware that assigning
cause to something is CAUSE of that thing having cause over you.

      A being in good shape and in a high enough state is aware that he
is assigning cause and ASSIGNS CAUSE to his ASSIGNING CAUSE as the
reason that other things have cause.

      As a being comes down tone and CHOOSES to lose awareness that he is
assigning cause, he continues to assign cause but no longer considers
that his assigning cause is CAUSE of other things having cause.  Instead
he considers that other things just exist and always had cause in the
first place and his act of assigning cause is more an act of LEARNING or
AGREEING that they have cause, than an act of CAUSATION that they have

      He assigns it cause because it BIT him.  He had no responsibility
for it you see?

      Learning is an INFLOW.  Assigning cause is an OUTFLOW.  They are
dicoms to each other, dichotomies of comparable and opposite magnitude.

      CREATION is an OUTFLOW and involves KNOWING first what you want to
exist and then making it so.  This is outflow.

      Actually if you are high enough, just knowing what you want is
ENOUGH to make it exist, and things are created in the mere conception
of them.  God's don't 'plan' what to create by knowing first and
creating second.  You know it, you got it, that's operating sovereignty
at its best.

      This is the operation of a Creator.  You KNOW something and THEN it

      LEARNING is an INFLOW and involves having something exist first,
but not knowing anything about it, and then LOOKING at it to LEARN what
you want to KNOW about it.  This is inflow.

      This is the operation of a Creature.  Things exist first, then you
LEARN about them because they impinge on you.  First it exists, and THEN
you KNOW about it.

      When a person has come down to the bottom of the barrel where he
thinks he did not exist before a certain time, and that the entire
universe conspired in a coincidence of space, time, form and event to
create him, then he becomes devoted to LEARNING about the universe and
in the same breath declares he is the EFFECT of everything.

      At the same time he ceases to create anything new to know.

      His job is to LEARN knowledge, not to CREATE knowledge.

      He becomes the total effect of the universe at large claiming that
he has no idea what's out there but that he must find out.

      Creators create ANSWERS first, and QUESTIONS second through fair
chosen NOT KNOWING of what they just created.  This causes a game.

      Creatures create QUESTIONS first and ANSWERS second through

      The purpose of being a Creator is to become a Creature.

      Creators become Creatures at will, through masking created answers
with created questions.

      The purpose of being a Creature is to unmask answers by asking
questions.  This is GAME.

      Creatures can re-become Creators at will.  The way to become the
Creator is to BE the Creator becoming the Creature.  The way IN is the
way OUT.  The PURPOSE of BEING a Creator is to BECOME a Creature.

      The way out of any mess is to reoperate MAKING the mess, which
consists mainly of creating things to know, pretending that you did not
create them and do not know about them and proceeding to devote your
self to LEARNING about them after they have been created.  Especially
trying to learn who or what created them.

      Yes others can make things in your dream, but only if you make it
so that they can, and in any case you can always make what they made and
duplicate it out of existence as your own.  But that's a fast way to get
rid of others out of your dream which may not be desirable.

      This is the way to create any dream and therefore is also the way
out of any dream.

      If you create any dream once, it persists.  If you create the same
dream twice it vanishes.  Write once, it's there.  Write again, it's

      There is a reason for this that is beyond the scope of this
posting, but basically if a being makes something IT IS.

      To continue the creation automatically he has to start
asking questions about it, mainly how to get rid of it :)

      To ask WHY IS IT? is to say IT IS, WHY?

      The IT IS creates it the first time, but the WHY continues its
existence because the why prepostulates IT IS over and over again in the
quest to find out why it is.

      This is a trick that only dreamers and Gods understand or

      The answer to the mystery of life is that the QUESTIONS were
the KNOW was the big snooze.

      Don't be dismayed if you cant figure it all out in a day.

      It took you a few hundred trillion years and Lord knows how many
universes you have come down through, to get into the tightly wound up
mess you are in now.

      MESS means Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles.

      Remember there is ALWAYS BEAUTY to it.

      However you should be able to re-ravel (sic) your way out of it in
one lifetime.

      Unless you spend too much time in Church or the Army.


      There are three kinds of assigned cause.

      Sources, bouncers, and transmitters.

      The sun is a source, the moon is a bouncer, and the space and time
between them is a transmitter.

      The sun is an assigned cause of 'light' or photons.  Just as
photons do not light your dreams at night, neither do they light the
waking dream you call reality.

      Yes the world is a dream, and photons are virtual only.

      However once you say that photons exist, they exist virtually,
which means they as good as exist in terms of being able to make them do
things, measure them with other dream instruments, and have them light
walls and things for you to see.

      The dream instrument can always measure (sense) the dream, but
dream instruments can never measure the dreamer.  The dream instrument
can never measure anything except what the dreamer claims it can.  Thus
the dream instrument can measure other dream phenomenon in accordance
with the dreamer's wishes and rules of operation laid out for the dream.

      Dreams then are scientific playscapes, one uses objects in the
dream to observe, measure and learn more about how the dream works.

      Walls which reflect photons are bouncers.  WHY does the wall
reflect the photon?  BECAUSE the wall is CAUSE over the photon.  If the
wall were a dream however, that would be an assigned cause, because
walls in dreams don't bounce photons in dreams, even though the light on
the bed side table is on in the dream and the walls are lit.

      In a dream, you can turn the light off and the walls stay lit.

      You can do this in the waking state too if you dare.

      Being able to see in the dark is an OT ability.

      OT means Operating Thetan, a Creator mode being setting up
a dream for himself and others as Creature mode beings.

      If you assume, as the meatballs do, that the wall is actual, you
USE the fact of the real wall's causation over the photon to find out
about the wall, to determine that the wall is there in the first place.
If the wall exercised no CAUSE over anything you would never be able to
know anything about it.

      This is called LEARNING BY BEING AN EFFECT.

      This means learning about something by being the effect of it's
cause.  The wall CAUSES the photon to change course, the photon CAUSES
your retina to change state, which CAUSES you to see a conscious picture
of the wall.

      The wall is cause, you are effect.  If the wall were not cause,
then you would never be the effect of it and you would never know it was

      In a dream, all this is rigged up to behave the same way, because
playscapes are virtualizations of CAUSE.

      That way you can think you are awake while still dreaming and
thus end up taking the dream VERY SERIOUSLY.

      But the true cause in the dream is a third party virtualizer, the
conscious unit, virtualizing the causation between ball and wall to make
it convincing.

      This is by choice, and a choice to forget that choice.


      Take the game of pong.

      This is the earliest video game and consisted of a black and white
TV screen lying horizontal with two roller balls for two players.  On
the screen were displayed two white light paddles and a white light
bouncing ball.

      The ball was made to move back and forth across the screen from
player to player like a game of ping pong and the light paddles were
controlled by the roller balls in the hand of each player.

      If you got the paddle in front of the ball coming your way the ball
would 'bounce' off the paddle at the correct angle and head back over to
your opponent.  You lost a point by missing the ball and letting it
cross your goal line.

      So the obvious question arises, 'WHY DOES THE BALL BOUNCE OFF THE

      Is there anything different about this and bouncing a real ball off
a real wall?

      For people who believe that the external universe exists, the
answer is clearly yes.  The difference lies in the presence of true

      A real ball bounces off a real wall because both the ball and the
wall have real CAUSE over each other, which causes them to interact in
such a way to cause a bounce.  No conscious unit need be involved in
this for it to take place.

      In the pong game, however, the light ball bounces off the light
paddle because a THIRD PARTY, namely the computer which is projecting
both, is keeping track of the virtual positions of both and when they
come to a place where they are supposed to bounce, the computer
arbitrarily causes them to do so.  It could have just as easily caused
the light ball to go through the light paddle.

      In both cases there is CAUSE.  There always has to be CAUSE.  But
in the real world case, the cause lies in the two objects in question
ONLY.  There are two objects, the wall and the ball, and the cause they
own between them is sufficient to explain the interaction.

      In the pong game case, however, the light ball is a real object,
and the light paddle is a real object, namely real photons on a real TV
screen, but they do not have sufficient cause between them to cause an
interaction to take place (namely a bounce).  Instead one must look for
the THIRD PARTY that also has cause over the light ball and the light
paddle and which can cause them to change course in such a way that it
SEEMS that the ball and paddle have a direct causal relationship to each


      One can diagram the causal lines in each case.  In the case of a
real ball bouncing off a real wall, the causal line is a single straight
line connecting the ball and wall.

      In the pong game case there are two causal lines, one from the
central computer to the light ball, and the other from the central
computer to the light paddle.  There is also a third causal line within
the central computer keeping track of and comparing the relative
positions of the two other causal lines it is projecting onto the


      The purpose of the illusion is so that something, YOU, which is
inherently total cause, can be an effect and have a game.

      Games consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes.

      The purpose of the gameless state at the top is to create
games and action lower down.

      They have to be convincing with serious consequences for losing, or
no one would play.

      If there were no barriers, if you could have whatever you wanted
just by conceiving it (you can, how do you think you created this
place?), there would be no game.

      If you had no purposes, if you wanted nothing (you can do that
too), there would also be no game.

      If you had no freedoms, if all there were, were wall to wall
barriers (yep, you can do that too) you would also have no game.

      So a game consists of something you want to accomplish, a state of
the universe that does not exist now, but which can exist in the future,
a measured amount of ability to accomplish that end, and a measured
amount of barriers and challenges to those abilities to give you the

      You don't want too much ability or you will lose the game by
winning it too easy, and you don't want too little ability or you will
lose the game by getting slaughtered repeatedly.  The essence of a game
is NOT KNOWING if you are going to win or lose, and extending the play
as long as possible.

      That's called the Endless Volley, and it maximizes happiness,
which lies not in winning but in playing.

      Thus beings adjust their abilities to give themselves an optimum
game condition.  This is called tuning your power levels.

      This includes the possibility of LOSS.

      Not loss FOREVER however, although one neat game seems to involve
believing it IS forever even though it isn't.  Can't imagine why anyone
would want to play that game.  I hear its highly populated though.

      It's called Mortal Meatballs and the Killer Pit, in case
you are interested in looking it up.

      It's the roughest game there is, as everyone dies in the end no
matter what.  The winner then is the last one standing, and then they
get to die too.

      One problem that beings have in assigning cause, is forgetting that
they assigned cause.  Sometimes they want the game to be REAL.  And
sometimes they fall in love with the game so badly that just when it is
about to end because they have figured it all out, they decide to trash
themselves into an even deeper level of ignorance just to keep the SAME
game around for longer.

      The guy is about to checkmate the other King, and he sacrifices his
queen instead.

      Thus you will find that most of us have a number of times gotten it
all figured out in past lives, but rather than choose to leave the game
and all our friends and pet machines behind ("What?  No unix in
heaven!?") we took another rocket powered dive into the abyss pretending
like we had never come close to knowing anything.

      Unfortunately this tends to produce a rather messy game, because
you are in multiple levels of pretending you don't know anything even
after the fact of figuring it all out.  When you begin to recover in
this lifetime you get the haunting feeling that you once 'had it all'.

      You did, even after the Fall.

      Also these second, third and fourth dives into ignorance are a
substitute, they are an effort to keep the ORIGINAL game going longer.
But that game ended the day you figured it all out, so you are still
trying to play a game that is gone by pretending that the game is not
gone yet.  This screw up in the rules leads to a life full of losses,
more losses than usual, so many losses in fact that you may find
yourself cursing this game from head to toe and swearing off ever
entering another game again.



      Parents love doing this to their children "No little Johnny
you can't play that game its too dangerous."

      Little Johnny is preparing to embark on the game of life,
and some stupid little game he wants to play is too dangerous?

      "The purpose of motherhood is to invent dangerous games for the
children in preparation for the real game ahead." -Adore

      (This is not bottom of the barrel.  Bottom of the barrel is the
GAME OF GAMES.  That's where if you lose the present game, you lose the
ability and right to ever play any other game ever again.  Its an
illusion but it seems real at the time.  See Killer Pit.

      Above the game of games is having won or lost a game, but continued
it anyhow.  Everything is down hill from there.)

      These various game conditions lead to sourness about being in the
present game or entering another game.

      However, once you become sour on the prospect of entering a game
you lose your facility in the matter of coming into and out of games.

      This of course keeps you firmly glued to the game you are in
because the way out is the way in, and if you aren't willing to
reoperate coming in, you can't get out.

      But that is what you WANTED, to have this game continue forever.

      No game can continue forever, all games are created in WHILES,
finite periods of time that can be unlimitedly long, but never not

      The irony is that now you are stuck in what you wanted because you
no longer can stand it.

      It is the pretended unwillingness to have created the situation, to
PUT IT THERE NOW, that sticks you to any bad condition.

      If you can put it there now, you can unput it there.

      It is sort of a love/hate affair.

      Part of the reason one can't simply unput bad games of life
is the being gets caught up in, "My God, I put this here?!  I don't
remember doing that, and I never would have, could have, should have
done that, I just don't believe it, what kind of monster must I be..."

      All of which distract him from actually putting it there, his
history here has been just too God Awful for him to let it go quite yet.

      "Prove to me I put THAT there!" while pointing to his most
destested incident.

      The house that is easiest to leave is the one you are most willing
to visit.

      You fell out of love with this house because you hid the above fact
from yourself, and you tried to leave incorrectly, quite violently at
times, and got locked inside.  THAT made you NEVER want to come back,
which locked the door to getting out even harder.

      Recognize the Chinese finger trap you are in.

      You can get out of any trap.

      The way IN is the way out.

      Just turn around and WALK IN.

      You will pop out.

      It is a matter of willingness and high appreciation for ludicrous

      You are stuck forever where ever you are unwilling to have entered.
You don't have to be willing to STAY, but you have to be willing to have
ENTERED, even knowing all the while that you would be immediately
unwilling to stay.

      But you CAN'T get stuck anywhere, unless you alter your view of

      Its when you regret having come in, claiming you didn't know how
bad it would be, promising NEVER to do THAT again, that the fly trap
glue starts to set in.

      You see it's denial of total responsibility, and one stops putting
it there, and assumes something else is putting it all there and you in
it, and that is what glue is made of.

      You KNEW, and you CHOSE, and you MADE IT exactly as it was.

      Immediately after you denied it all IN ORDER TO STAY.

      From ADORE,

      J.O.Y means Jokes On You.

      Self confidence is confiding to yourself that you did this thing to

      The world is a dream and it is also a game of Pong.

      Conscious pictures can not affect conscious pictures.  Only SOURCE
can affect color form or conscious pictures.


      But cause can cause *ILLUSIONS* of other cause.

      SOURCE through WILL is cause.  Source assigns cause to virtual
sources, bouncers and transmitters.  But only when the Will asks it to.

      That's YOU, Bozo.

      From ADORE,

      "You are a Sourcer.

      Sourcers like to cast sourcery, usually on Apprehentices.

      Apprehentices are apprehensive about apprehending sourcery.

      Sourcers cast sourcery from source by casting Pride before

      SOURCE stands for Sovereign Omnilord of Unanimous Regency and
Caliber Excaliper.

      Source gets into a regal fury if its names are spelled wrong.

      The correct spellings are Source, Sourcery and Sourcer or

      Pronounce them as you kind, if you leave out the U from the word
SOURCERER you will leave out the Unanimousness of his Regency.

      Regency is universal acceptance by others out side of one's own
normal operating jurisdictions by virtue of needed, wanted and
acknowledged superior operating know how.

      Caliber is WORTH, via Harmonies and Kindship, Intelligence and
Sensitivity, and Star Captain Ability and Operating Know How.

      Calipers measure caliber.  The caliper of the caliber of souls, is
the questions they have asked and the answers they have rejected.

      Excaliber means without worth.

      Excaliper means without measure.  Worth beyond measure.

      Excalibur is the two edged sword of Excaliber and Excaliper.

      Of worthlessness and worth beyond measure.

      Of omni no class and omni out class.

      They who can handle the spectrum, live.

      A Wizard is anyone who is a wiz with the sword.

      The sword is stuck in the star rock of your soul by your own
present time operational wizardry.

      A King is anyone who can free and wield Excalibur for themselves
and for others.

      King Arthur was able to pull the sword of Excalibur from the rock
because he was willing to put it back in again so that other's might

      The others would not have been so willing, so they couldn't pull it
out at all.

      The way in, is the way out."

      Well, I TOLD you this was fantasy.

      So getting back to reality here...

      Thus when any conscious picture 'bounces' off another conscious
picture it is because SOURCE is directing both to behave that way and
not because of any 'cause' inherently existing in the conscious pictures
that bounced off of each other.

      The only cause conscious pictures have is to make you see them
through self luminosity, zero emmision visuals.

      The same thing goes for the sun or a light bulb.  They are ASSIGNED
sources.  They glow and are visible for the exact same reason that the
walls glow and are visible.  Conscious pictures are SELF LUMINOUS.  The
sun does not light the walls in your dreams, and neither does it light
the walls in your present 'waking' state (snore!)

      In fact at the next level of consciousness up, it is quite apparent
that the sun does not light anything, as everything glows with its own
light.  Its called 'self-luminous consciousness'.  People try to get
there with drugs.  They usually end up in jail.

      The reason that conscious pictures of balls bounce off of other
conscious pictures of walls is because of the third party.  However that
third party is NOT an external universe of matter, energy, space and
time as most dreamers think.  Rather it is an internal Source that
connects us all.  The soul is a portal through which Source projects
from inside us, AT OUR COMMAND, to the apparent outside, an outside of
color form and conscious pictures, which in the last analysis is a

      Life is a holodeck.

      The proof that the world is a dream comes from re-operation of the
moment you decided to forget it was a dream.

      You don't have to BELIEVE anything to make this work.  Just feel
around for the effort that you would have had to exert to forget that
the world was a dream IF IT WERE a dream, and you will eventually find
it.  At which moment you will also remember why you wanted to forget it
in the first place.

      Who you gonna call?


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