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      ((This posting uses some of the newer tech on NO and SOME before it
was fully fleshed out.  In particular the below leaves out the SOME on
most commands.

      This is wrong, we need a gradient scale between the two ends of a

      NO LOVE - LOVE is just too much to bear, but if you run it as

      NO LOVE - SOME LOVE, why the preclear can handle SOME LOVE even if
its microscopic in amount.

      Just the tiniest amount of love is SOME LOVE, don't you see?

      This posting also assumes an IS-NESS level case, he can answer what
questions to some degree and loves to itsa, or tell the auditor things
all day long until the cows come home.  This is a good thing.

      NOT-ISNESS cases however NEED to not be addressed to actual
incidents but to creative incidents, so we run get the idea of instead.
of tell me about, or God forbid, What's it.


      The four classes of cases are:

      AS-ISness case: Has little to say about the incident because its
gone by the time he gets around to saying it.  Hates auditors as they
are too slow.  This is called erasure by inspection or spot and poof.

      ALTER-ISNESS case: Lots to say, mostly lies (alterations), but
incidents run quickly with What's It/Itsa, can handle who, how, what,
where, when and how long questions easily, lies run out quickly and
incident is over and gone with postulate off and VGI's, very good
indicators, preclear grateful, looking forward to more.  Joy to run,
just nod, acknowledge and accept payment for session.

      IS-NESS case: Terrified, audits with eyes closed lest he see, can
be cajoled to open eyes to a squint, but chain him down in chair so he
can't bolt from falling into hell fire etc.  His basic computation is
"Oh my God it *IS*!" He has no concept he could ever do anything about
it, let alone create it in the mere conception of it.  But making things
twice gets them to vanish, so the longer he can stay there contemplating
his fate at the hands of an *IS*, the less is it becomes and pretty soon
he is more IS than it is, and the thing vanishes.

      Otherwise he works fine with what questions just like an alter-is
case except has to be dared to look.  Takes a good auditor with a strong
stomach and exception auditing skills.  "OK, now let's take another look
down into the volcano.  Would you be willing to do a high dive into the

      NOT-INESS case: Can't answer questions, and must not be asked
questions because he will just say I don't know or fabricate answers to
get the auditor of his back.  He will eventually fake F/N's lest he die
of exhaustion runnnig stuff he can't run.  EVERY auditing question is a
loss and restimulates, runs in, more than it runs out.

      Inventive creative COMMANDS will get incidents to come forward.

      He hates to talk or move vocal chords, why talk about what won't
run, so you have to run with Model Session Two and "Get the idea of"
commands, never What or Tell me.

      MODEL SESSION TWO: Squirrel tech.  It has a different comm cycle
than the standard model session one of standard scientology.  Model
session two has the auditor give the command, and when the preclear is
ready for the next command the preclear must say OK.

      Between the two there are no rules except for dead silence and
interest on the part of the auditor.  The preclear need not talk,
describe or otherwise engage in any itsa to the auditor unless he wants

      If he wants to talk, he talks until he is done at which point he
says OK.

      It is NOT up to the auditor to know when the preclear is
extroverted and ready for the next command, and the auditor must not
interupt the preclear's silence unless it is obvious the preclear is no
longer in session, such as lying on the floor dead.

      This comm cycle puts full responsibility for being in session back
into the hands of the preclear with every command.

      A notis-ness case preclear will not talk to a model session one
auditor.  He is terrified of dying in session, or going insane, and he
is afraid of his own fear to a point of the body freaking out and falling
over dead.  Since bodies have a built in mechanism of being able to
die from fear/despair/terror, fear alone can kill.

      Model two auditing is NOT 'light' auditing, GodSouls create in the
mere conception of things.  Asking your prclear what volcano has there
been limits his attention to volcanos that have been and that he can
confront.  Commanding tone 40 "Get the idea of a volcano" will throw him
into every volcano that ever has been or COULD BE.

      The model two preclear has to become willing to die, he won't audit
without it, auditing is no longer a safe activity, but dying on his own
terms and under his own control.  He won't talk to a model one session
AT ALL, he CAN'T, no access to the material.  But if allowed to open his
own pandora's box slowly and under his own ABSOLUTE CONTROL NO
EXCEPTIONS, he can crack it and let steam out at a rate the body can


      Heavens and hells are stuck condition of pleasure and pain.

      They run like any other item.

      NO ITEM / ITEM

      Items and their denial form ridges that need to be taken apart.

      Thus we want to run

      Tell me about NO HELL.
      Tell me about HELL.
      Tell me about NO HEAVEN.
      Tell me about HEAVEN.

      NO doesn't mean a true absence of the item, it means NO on the
CDEINR scale.  Curious, Desire, Enforce, Inhibit, *NO* and Refused.

      NO HELL means the guy has a hell and is aware of being unaware of


      NO items and their items need to be run in the past, present and

      What NO HELL has there been?  What NO HELL is there?  What NO
HELL will there be?

      Run, past, present and future tenses of

      Is, could, would, should, must, can, might, probably will and
probably won't.

      HOW TO RUN

      NO HELL and HELL form a ridge.

      NO HEAVEN and HEAVEN form a ridge.

      The two ridges form a super ridge.

      One runs the ridge by assessing for, or calling off, a no item,
or item, past, present or future, and looking for reads.

      A read consists of a stop followed by a controlled fall of the
needle.  A controlled fall means the thetan 'falls' the needle,
willfully.  This is the act of taking the ridge apart.  Falls that
happen by themselves mean the pc is overwhelmed by the charge, the
item fell him.

      Keep running until you are in control, you will know when you are
falling the item or it is falling you.

      The length and solidity of the stop prior to the fall indicates
how deep into the ridge you have permeated on that call.  You will
find some serious timelessness in these ridges, leading to the
illusions of hells forever and heavens forever.


      In running ridges, one must be very aware of the phenmemon of
'sync' or synchronization between auditor and flow.

      We assume solo here so auditor is pc.

      If a flow is ready to run NO HELL, and the pc calls off HELL, he is
out of sync.

      If a flow is ready to run HELL, and the pc calls off NO HELL, he is
out of sync.

      When auditing out of sync, no reads will happen, no charge will
release, the apparency will be as if 'nothing is there', and auditing
will stop for the pc, probably on this and all other processes to boot.

      Thus it is mandatory that when any item does not read you check
it again.  When you get out of sync just repeat the item that didn't
read, and it will start reading again if there is more to run.

      You may have to go back and forth a few times to get it going

      NO HELL   - read      in sync
      HELL      - read      in sync
      NO HELL   - no read   out of sync
      NO HELL   - no read   out of sync
      HELL      - no read   out of sync
      HELL      - no read   out of sync
      NO HELL   - read      in sync
      HELL      - read      in sync

      When HELL stops reading for real because it is flat for the moment,

      Then when that stops reading (goes flat) move to the next tense.

      Auditing can go out of sync for many reasons, don't worry about
it, but do get it back in sync again, don't just leave the process
because "nothing is reading."

      If you can't get this stuff to read and run, your meter is off.


      Be watchful for inversions and altered sense.

      Some of the heavens the guy will give you are actually hells, not
all pleasure is good for him.

      Some of the hells the guy will give you are actually heavens, not
all pain is bad for him.

      If things stop running, check for 'Heaven really a Hell?  Hell
really a Heaven?"

      You might think it more profitable to run hells than heavens,
what charge can there be on a heaven?

      But stuck heavens can lead to hells, and stuck hells can lead to
heavens, and if it makes you feel any better many of the heavens he
will give you will be hells anyhow.

      As always, you will find that running heavens will bring out the
hells, and runnings hells will bring out the heavens, so don't give
short shrift to the heavens.

      The guy who is just all hells everywhere, can't imagine a heaven
anywhere, really needs to run heavens badly.  Then his true hells will
come out.  His original hells will turn out to be mostly heavens, as
they saved him from his true hells.


      As a last note, sometimes ANDS run when ORS won't.

      If nothing reads at all on any of the above, try


      Ridges can get so fused they look like one item to the pc, and
he has been operating them that way for a long time.  He is living in


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