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                          OT POWER AND COMING IN

                                 ACT - 22
                              7 October 1993

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      OT means Operating Thetan or a Being in Royal Operating Condition.

      I had a little accident today.  I was replacing a window motor in
our Ford '79 LTD station wagon that had gone bad.  It's an obnoxious
affair, you have to take the window off its runners, and then the
motor assembly etc.  I had done it before and in fact I had done THIS
window before, trying to clean and fix the old motor, but it failed
again anyhow.

      So there I was, with a new motor in the door and tightening the
final screws on the glass itself holding it to its moorings when BANG!
the window shattered into a zillion pieces, a lot of it falling on my
bare legs and giving me about 6 or 7 small little cuts and scratches.
I sat there a while as-ising the experience wondering what I had done
to bring this about, and the blood was flowing all over the place, and
I thought I could wipe it all over my leg and go limping down the
street crying 'Oh woe is me, woe is me!'

      As I sat cross legged on the ground under the door, with a
million shards of glass scattered all over my legs and the ground, I
started to reflect on earlier experiences with glass.  There was the
time I had dropped a glass in the bathroom and it shattered on the
sink and cut my little finger very badly, hospital, anesthetics,
stitches and all.  That was my thumb sucking hand, so I had a hard
time with that one.

      Then there was the time I had a glass blasting cap go off in my
face filling both eyes with small glass shards.  The eye doctor spent
a couple of hours taking glass splinters out of the cornea of my eyes
with a needle.

      What was I doing building a blasting cap in 10th grade you might
ask?  Well preparing for Vietnam of course.  You should have seen what
we were going to put the blasting cap INTO!  Anyhow I got to walk
around for a week with a black eye batch over one eye, looking like a
pirate and saying 'ARRRRRGGGGG' to anyone who dared look my way.

      Of course I wasn't wearing eye goggles back then and neither was
I wearing eye protection now with the car either, and as I sat there I
marveled at how close a call this might have been, and what would have
happened if all that glass from the car door HAD gone in my eyes.

      As it was, it just shattered and fell like a frozen water fall
suddenly unfrozen onto my cross legs and the ground around me.

      The cuts on my legs were extremely superficial, I had the whole
thing as-ised and done with in about 15 minutes, and me and Jane
started cleaning up the mess, glass and blood every where.

      Then in the after math I started thinking, trying to glean some
useful cognition out of this.

      I do believe in God, namely the God of Close Calls.  The purpose
and nature of this God is to warn us with pain, but not a lot of pain
when we begin to stray off the path of the straight and narrow.

      In looking back on this incident, this was clearly a close call,
there was no serious injury, no serious pain, no serious down time, no
serious anything.  But boy was it real and boy was it a warning.

      So once again my God comes through for me.

      So I began thinking, ok Homer, how did this happen to you?

      Well I was thinking about my mother, and a.c.t.  and all the
enturbulation over my recent postings, as I was tightening in the last
bolt.  I was not being hard on the bolt, but actually rather gentle as
I screwed it in, but perhaps in my thinking about all these things I
twisted it just a tad harder than I should have.  Maybe the glass was
already weaker than it should have been, maybe I just screwed the bolt
in too hard.

      So I said to myself, 'Serves you right for thinking about
screwing people's eyes out while you are working on glass!' Almost
certainly I had dramatized AT THE BOLT ON THE GLASS about something
totally irrelevant to the glass, and I got what I got.

      So I said thank you to my God of Close Calls, and remanded myself
back to work and the business at hand.

      I had learned long ago when my God of Close Calls was not so kind
to me, that the single most dangerous thing you can do in terms of
creating accidents for yourself, is to get destructively angry at the
physical universe.  Such dramatization almost always results in an
accident soon afterwards if not immediately so.

      Getting angry at people is one thing, but getting angry at dead
cold matter that doesn't even know you exist and could care less?
It's not only stupid its dangerous as hell.

      If you want to end up in a hospital for the rest of your life,
keep it up.

      I had also learned about the dangers of making negative
postulates about OTHER PEOPLE'S INCOMPETENCY.  I was taking the car
out one day, which is always an exercise in dangerous postulates for
me, and I was getting into sort of an ARC break cognition to the
effect that no matter how careful or competent I was about driving,
there were always other people on the road and you just couldn't
control what they might do.  I saw OTHER PEOPLE as the weak link in my
safety/security net of personal postulates.

      So I went on about my business that day marveling at the terrible
danger of life, with all these other nut cases on the loose, kind of
wondering what I was to do about this all.

      30 minutes later I was slowing down for traffic ahead of me
coming to a stop at a red light, on a very busy 'miracle mile' kind of
road, and someone sails right into my rear end as if I wasn't there.
No harm to anyone, except my ego and my car.  Now THAT taught me a

      And the lesson was NOT that 'yes indeed other people are the weak
link in my security net of postulates'.  The weak link was MY OWN DAMN

      Now I can just hear the boo-hoo cases going 'Prove it, Prove it,
it was just a coincidence!'


      The LAST thing I am going to do is piss off my God of Close Calls
by thumbing my nose at him and telling him to 'Prove it!'

      I can just see it now, 'Prove to me it wasn't a coincidence God!'
'Ok, Homey baby, how would you like it?'

      So coming to present time, there I am sitting in a pool of glass,
and I started thinking about the long term, being here in this
universe for the rest of its time span.  I have often mused that if
something has a finite possibility of happening, then given an
infinite amount of time, it definitely will.

      There are many accidents and things that can be avoided merely by
being smart, on the ball, and saying your prayers to the God of Close
Calls every morning before you embark on your volcano climbing
missions.  But frankly, I don't really see any real way to avoid all
serious pain and trouble FOREVER.  Wars happen, bombs drop, continents
shift, suns go supernova, Church Mafia shows up at your door.

      The postulate here is that SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE you are going to
get hurt bad if you insist upon living in this universe forever.  The
God of Close calls can not protect you forever, unless of course he

      I realized that if the only things that happened to me for the
rest of time were things like this most recent accident, then I would
be most happy to live here for a long time, as this wasn't bad at all,
and clearly had some important learning to be gleaned from it.

      You see the definition of a close call is that the learning
gleaned was not canceled out by the severity of the lesson used to
teach the lesson.

      If you learn not to run down stairs by falling and breaking your
back so that you can never walk or run down stairs again, then the
lesson did not serve any useful purpose.  It taught you never to do
that again, by making sure you can't.  That's not a close call.

      If you teach someone not to speed by taking his license away from
him FOREVER, that's not a close call, and neither is it a useful

      If you teach someone not to rob people by executing him, that's
not a close call, and neither is it a useful lesson.

      If you send someone to hell forever for doing wrong, that's not a
close call, and neither is it a useful lesson.

      Except perhaps as an example to others.

      Anyhow the God of Close Calls is trying to teach us things when
we are being particularly stupid and dense, in such a way that we can
actually pick up the pieces and BE WILLING to continue on in the game
and even make the same mistake again.

      But if you continue to be stupid and dense and self-right inspite
of all the gentle warnings from this God, well then he allows you to
suffer the partial or full consequences of your actions and to hell
with you.

      The idea here is that if you don't learn with gentle warnings, he
will allow you to ruin yourself.

      So this is all very poetic and everything, but is it useful?

      Here is the real question.  Given that serious injuries can and
do happen for no apparent reason, and that given long enough time they
WILL occur, is there any reason to BE in this game given that one day
you will certainly rue being here?

      Just how protected can you be in this universe of thermonuclear
ion storms warming the daisies?

      Now if this universe is just a conglomeration of cold and
uncaring matter, then surely there is no safety in the long run.
Everyone risks untold horrible consequences every day that he remains.
You could try to spend every minute of every day trying to out guess
what the universe might do to you next, and taking every possible
precaution, but I submit that this would load down your life so much
as to make actually living it no longer available.  You wouldn't have
any CPU cycles left to LIVE, if you spent all your time trying to
figure out how to not DIE or get crushed and end up wishing you could
die and not being able to.

      It is easy to see that people with this cold and hard view of the
world will soon take to considering that the best way to live safely
here in this universe, even for a short time, is to get other's to
live it for them.  This means to get others to do all the work, to
take all the risks, and then give the created affluence to YOU.  This
is the modus operandi of the criminal, 'let others live for me against
their will, and to hell with them.  If I don't do it to them first,
they will just do it to me anyhow, because we are all in this boat
together and it stinks.'

      But then you have the spiritual side to the universe.  You have
all sorts of people who believe in a conscious intelligent Creator who
is overseeing what is going on, and although he may not respond with
help when you ask for it, he does have everyone's best interests in
mind.  Further most of these people believe that they are here only
for a short while, the span of one life, and that if only they are
very good, and don't anger the Creator, maybe they can get through
this life without any serious injuries or ARC breaks with life, and
then they can breathe easy once they are in heaven for the rest of
time.  And of course all those criminal types who made life harder for
everyone than it needed to be will all be frying in hell begging to
die and not being able to just as they deserve.

      Then you have the rest of us, who believe we chose to come here,
and will choose to come here again, but who for the life of us can't
figure out why the hell we would ever do something so stupid as that!

      "Chose to come here?  You've got to be kidding mon!  I can't wait
to get OUT!"

      So you see what we are running here is the Int-Ext Rundown on the
entire universe.  (Int-Ext = Interiorization-Exteriorization) And this
IS what case is about, being IN something that you want to get out of,
but can't, because you have lost contact with wanting to be in and
CHOOSING to come in.

      I mean what possible good could there be in this universe to make
up for all the pain that we risk and most certainly will endure if we
decide to really take up residence in this universe for the long term
and try to do something worth while?


      You see the mortals can't even think about the question, it's a
silly, almost criminal waste of time for them to consider it.

      The Heavenly types also can't think about it because they too
know nothing could ever make living in this universe FOREVER
worthwhile.  They can barely stand one life here which is why they
believe man is appointed to die but once.  They all want out as soon
as possible, which is why many of them try to martyr themselves ahead
of schedule, usually during wars designed to dispatch infidels to
their fate ahead of schedule too.

      You know, "God may be good, but He is not getting me out of here
fast enough.  Maybe if I get myself killed doing something good for
Him, like trying to kill or kamikaze his enemies, He will let me into
heaven early."

      There's a lot of dead bodies hanging on that Cross.

      Well it's all a joke of course, because they just keep coming
back in a new body, usually of the race they just tried to wipe out.
Adore calls it the hypocrisy whirlpool.  So these efforts to get to
heaven early just don't work.

      All they get you is a new body and some new scheme to get to
Heaven early.

      I mean how many lifetimes can you come back as a Christian, each
time thinking you will go to Heaven when you die, just to find out you
get another meat body, without becoming an Axe murderer or a Nazi bent
on wiping out his roots and his memory of having been a Jew two life
times ago?

      Adore says that the hypocrisy whirlpool comes from 'High Regret
between High Friends on High Opposite Sides.'

      It's based on the idea that you become what you regret hurting.

      And you know it's not FORCED on anyone, it happens by their own

      There you are on the battle field as a Christian shooting Nazi's
left and right, and one day you kill a sweet innocent enemy child.
You are holding his limp body across your arms, and all of a sudden
war has a very different meaning to you.  This child probably had a
mother who loved him, and whose eyes now will never be dry...  and oh
its just too sad to contemplate and YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!...etc

      So you look at this kid and you say, 'Oh you poor dear thing, I
wish I could take care of you in my next life', so later you get
killed, and off you go to a NAZI hospital to take on a Nazi child to
give HIM a good life, to make up for your cold cruel deed.

      The joke is, in your next life you will be on the battle field
killing CHRISTIANS trying to teach them a lesson about not being so
cruel to poor dear sweet little Nazi children.  And you won't be
feeling sorry for those Christians at all, oh no, you KNOW they
deserve what they get, you WERE one.  But watch out for the day you
kill a baby Jew by mistake.  Oh boy, are you in for it then...

      In your next life you will be celebrating Hanukkah.

      Just so for everyone else.

      If a Jew kills a Christian, he becomes a Christian.  If a
Christian kills a Nazi, he becomes a Nazi.  If a Nazi kills a Jew, he
becomes a Jew again.

      And around and around we go.  Pulling withholds on such a being
can be trying.  He just doesn't want to know about it.

      Adore says "Eventually all become marbles on the thetan plane."

      This is the natural result of all those overts, regrets, making
amends and justifications piling up on you until you are solid as a
log and can't remember anything.

      Picture cotton soaked in Crazy Glue, and you will get some idea
of what these guy's banks are like.

      You are going to put him on an E-meter?  You might as well encase
him in cement and leave him off at the bottom of the ocean floor for a
few millennia.  Give him time to think about this stupid merry go
round he is on.

      Actually, if you REALLY want to audit him, just get him to make
more of it.

      The hypocrisy whirlpool is not some kind of absolute law.  It's
just something that grows in areas of great mortal conflict, where
people in the course of things regret what they have done to their
sworn enemies.  Their solution is to become the enemy in their next
life, in order to protect it, and to fight the group they were once a
part of.

      Anyhow what this aberration all comes down to is NOT WANTING TO
BE HERE.  Even if you are a true Bi-Directional Immortal and you know
you chose to come here, you are probably still wondering what the hell
you had in mind when you made that decision TO BE HERE.

      So people start to get into clearing and the Bridge, and lower
forms of life start bombarding them with questions of the form, 'Prove
to me you have OT powers!'

      Like, they have just come out of swimming around this hypocrisy
whirlpool thing for 3 million years, and they need these kind of cat
calls from the hyena and jackal crowd?

      Now your first response to the skeptics might be, 'WHAT OT POWERS
did you have in mind?'

      But you know, your OT powers are for USE not for DEMOING.  So get
the difference there and how it applies.

      Every move you make in life is forever, you can't take it back,
so DEMOING something takes up one of your moves, get it?

      So when you use power, make sure it serves a purpose, YOUR
purpose.  Don't let them GIVE you a purpose so you will demo power to
serve THEIR purpose.   That's using your powers to serve another,
that's being a slave.  Is that what you want?

      It's ok to serve the worthy, those that treat you with respect,
not those that tempt you with cat calls.  Listen to a hyena one day,
and try to picture what kind of being that is.

      Each of these skeptic meatballs considers himself your reason to
live.  In his eyes you exist to convince him he is wrong, and he
exists to give you purpose in that endeavor.  Thus they always protest
loudly when you insult one of their kind as they figure that if you
drive the meatballs away with your rudeness and lack of consideration
for the favor they are doing you, you will be ruining your own most
precious game in life, proving them wrong.

      They are only able to see the world through the eyes of the game
'What proof do you have for me today?' There ARE no other games going
on for them, or anyone else as far as they are concerned, and all
other games they are engaged in are directly or indirectly subsumed
under the game of justifying their belief in mortality and meatballs.

      They don't WANT proof or they would have it on their own.  But
don't expect them to EVER admit this.  In fact expect them to get
loudly and rudely upset by such an allegation.  'Prove it!' they will
say.  You see its a dramatization that applies to EVERYTHING.

      They maintain stability for themselves by remaining forever in
doubt about their Operating Sovereignty.  It's a phase we all go
through on our way back to the top.  They would go to pieces and
become unstable if they received the proof they seek.  They ask for it
all the time only because they hope desperately it won't be
forthcoming so they can live again one more day in relief.  'Thank GOD
I am going to die for good one day!'

      Mortality is a solution to a detested immortality, so its a
cruelty to give them back their immortality without clearing the
destedness of it first.  THEN demonstrate all you want, but they won't
need it by that time.

      Their TOTAL lack of proof or evidence, inspite it dripping from
the walls, SERVES A PURPOSE to them.  So get that good, you would be
OPPOSING them by GIVING them proof.  In their eyes you would be doing
them a DISSERVICE by demonstrating the proof they desire, and they
would then proceed to return the favor in like kind.

      Meatballs seek proof only where they are very sure they won't
find it.  If you actually were to put on a demonstration and they
thought you might be able to do it, they wouldn't show up.

      You might just demonstrate it on them, and they know it.

      So to hell with the people who ask you to waste a move in life by
demonstrating OT powers to them.

      The IMPORTANT question you should be asking yourself is, 'WHAT OT

      Most people low on the bridge would say, well it would be nice to
be able to breath fire, and eat bullets, and flame all my enemies from
a distance, and get out of my body, and create a mental forcefield
around me so my poor fragile body could never get hurt.

      Don't you see, they want to be a GOD OF FORCE so that they can
protect their little worm on a stump.

      This is a joke, no?

      Pretty soon though, people begin to mature and they see that,
although all these fantastic abilities might indeed exist, they really
don't want them.  I mean who would want his own personal atomic bomb?
Only a nut case, right?  So the same goes for being able to microwave
people with your mind.  It's really not that desirable an ability.

      So you start to audit people on what abilities WOULD be
desirable, and you come up with some surprising answers that are one
hell of a lot more subtle than the 'prove it!' types ever imagined.

      For example, it would be nice to be able to be a normal human
being for the rest of time, in many different bodies, and NOT get
seriously injured no matter what happened.  THAT would be a most
amazing OT ability, now wouldn't it?

      How would you prove it to others that you had it?  You couldn't.
You wouldn't want to flaunt it either, because they would only try to
CAUSE you serious injury to prove to YOU that you DON'T have it.  So
one would be very quiet and humble about all this, now wouldn't one.

      So now you see the secret to GETTING OT abilities starts with
SENSIBLY delineating exactly what OT abilities you would REALLY like
to have, and which would allow you to be WILLING to be in this
universe for the rest of time (or for a good long fair chosen while).

      That DOESN'T include abilities that would allow you to wipe out
this universe tomorrow, or destroy all bad people, or ruin every game
going on because you can't stand the sight of it anymore.  These are
abilities you want because you DON'T WANT to be here.  You can have
them too, but only after you WANT to be here.

      And that's the difference between a sane individual and an insane
individual.  The insane individual doesn't want to be here, so he
wants abilities that somehow allow him to not be here, even if its
just wiping here out.

      But that's a trap.  Those abilities exist, but they come AFTER
you have peace and equanimity and DESIRE about BEING HERE.

      So if you seek the right abilities first, the humble ones that
allow you to walk through the valley of death unharmed except by
warnings and close calls that do not embitter you, then you will go OT
very fast, and finally attain all those other legendary abilities that
the meatballs don't believe are possible, and would die in their
tracks if you ever did prove you had them.

      They are going about it in the wrong way, they are trying to GET
OUT, you are trying to get IN.

      That's called being responsible for your own condition.

      Coming in is a basic on the chain of all OT abilities, to create
and enter a space-time-game stream.  If you connect back up with THAT
ability, all other abilities will flow to, through, and from you by
default.  That's called in Adore, 'being connected to the Fountainhead
of Source'.

      The noise makers don't want to come in, they deny ever having

      You can get out as long you are WILLING to come in, and can admit
that you did come in on your own volition.

      But you have to contact the aesthetic to coming in!

      The meatballs only want OT powers to GET OUT, and failing that,
to protect themselves from being harmed while they are IN.  How much
force would it take to protect your body forever more against all
possible ravages of this thermonuclear universe?  That's how much raw
OT power they want, and all to protect a worm on a stump which they
consider to be themselves, their body.

      These mortals are the very people who are living their lives by
getting others to live life for them, rip off cases in other words,
and if they ever did get that kind of OT power that they seek, they
would merely use it to the same ends.

      So don't give them power, and don't demonstrate to them that you
have power if you do.  Make more of them all howling for proof until
you tire of the scene.

      The ONLY power you need, is the power to TO COME IN.

      And the WILLINGNESS to use it.

      All else will follow.


      Session notes,

      One way to run this is,

      'Is there a withhold on COMING IN?'
      'Is there a withhold on GOING IN?'
      'Is there a withhold on WENT IN?'

      'Who or what have you come in to?'

      'Is there something about coming in that you are not talking

      'On the 8th dynamic what have you come in to?'
      'On the 7th dynamic what have you come in to?'
      'On the 6th dynamic what have you come in to?'
      'On the 5th dynamic what have you come in to?'
      'On the 4th dynamic what have you come in to?'
      'On the 3rd dynamic what have you come in to?'
      'On the 2nd dynamic what have you come in to?'
      'On the 1st dynamic what have you come in to?'

      The 8th dynamic is the being as a Creator of himself as a Creature.

      The 1st dynamic is the being as a Creature of himself as a Creator.

      'Is there a withhold on coming into BEING?'


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