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       YOU 8

       You are an operating system of dicoms.

       A dicom is a DIchotomy of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

       The primary dicom is NONE and SOME, or NO and SOME.

       These arise from the top and bottom halves of the CDEINR scale.

       Source Of
       Curious about

       SOME refers to those items from Source OF down to Enforce.

       NO refers to those items from Inhibit down to Refused.

      The being is constantly riding both sides of any particular dicom,
love/hate, beauty/ugly, good/evil, etc.

      One wants to run each item pair using NO and SOME until no more
change takes place.

      One runs these things by spotting them in one's life, other's
lives and the universe at large.

      Spot NO love.  Spot SOME love.
      Spot NO hate.  Spot SOME hate.

      If 'spot' doesn't work for you, use instead:

      Get the idea of NO   love.
      Get the idea of SOME love.
      Get the idea of NO   hate.
      Get the idea of SOME hate.

      The choice of item pairs to call a dicom can be arbitrary, for
example the opposite of love isn't really hate, some people love to

      So you can be creative in picking your dicom pairs.

      Get the idea of NO   Love
      Get the idea of SOME Love
      Get the idea of NO   Sorrow
      Get the idea of SOME Sorrow

      Remember that NO SORROW can mean a true absence of sorrow, but it
also means the pretense of no sorrow.  The being has come down through
curious about sorrow, desiring sorrow, enforcing sorrow, regretting
sorrow, inhibiting sorrow, NO sorrow, pretending it isn't there, and
refusing sorrow.

      Same thing with LOVE.  The NO LOVE item is a tar pit covering a
tremendous amount of love.

      The following items are useful for running.

      Remember that eternality is defined as existing forever outside of

      Immortality is defined as existing forever inside of time, which is
hell forever, whether good or bad.

      Mortality is defined as existing for a while in time and then never
existing again at all forever more, which is death forever.

      A identity is the embodiment of a goal.  A child who wants to fight
crime as his goal might become a policeman as the identity.

      Every goal has an identity and every identity has a goal.  And
every goal/identity pair has an opposition goal and identity.  The
opposition goal and identity to a cop might be a criminal whose goal is
to commit crime.

      Some times the association between goal and identity, and between
goal/identity pairs and their oppositions may not be the obvious ones.

      What the cop is up to may not be most fundamentally fighting crime.
He may be trying to provide a stable state, or trying to help the people

      Identities, like being a cop or a criminal, are instantiated in
this or any life in a physical object called a terminal, usually a human


       NO Eternality      SOME Eternality
       NO Immortality     SOME Immortality
       NO Mortality       SOME Mortality
       NO Hell forever    SOME Hell forever
       NO Death forever   SOME Death forever
       NO Forever         SOME Forever
       NO Never           SOME Never
       NO Immutability    SOME Immutability
       NO Duties          SOME Duties
       NO Rights          SOME Rights
       NO Justice         SOME Justice
       NO Indecision      SOME Indecision
       NO Decision        SOME Decision
       NO Honor           SOME Honor
       NO Dignity         SOME Dignity
       NO One             SOME One
       NO Many            SOME Many
       NO Separation      SOME Separation
       NO Together        SOME Together
       NO Departure       SOME Departure
       NO Arrival         SOME Arrival
       NO Reversal        SOME Reversal
       NO Credible        SOME Credible
       NO Incredible      SOME Incredible
       NO Surprise        SOME Surprise
       NO Time            SOME Time
       NO Timelessness    SOME Timelessness
       NO Space           SOME Space
       NO Force           SOME Force
       NO Matter          SOME Matter
       NO Energy          SOME Energy
       NO Cause           SOME Cause
       NO Determination   SOME Determination
       NO Hurry           SOME Hurry
       NO Worry           SOME Worry
       NO Past            SOME Past
       NO Present         SOME Present
       NO Future          SOME Future
       NO Start           SOME Start
       NO Change          SOME Change
       NO Stop            SOME Stop
       NO Goal            SOME Goal
       NO Opposition      SOME Opposition
       NO Terminal        SOME Terminal
       NO Identity        SOME Identity
       NO Body            SOME Body
       NO Purpose         SOME Purpose
       NO Unknowable      SOME Unknowable
       NO Unconscious     SOME Unconscious
       NO Desire          SOME Desire
       NO Chase           SOME Chase
       NO Monotony        SOME Monotony
       NO Anger           SOME Anger
       NO Regret          SOME Regret
       NO Fear            SOME Fear
       NO Sorrow          SOME Sorrow
       NO Laughter        SOME Laughter
       NO Humor           SOME Humor
       NO Peace           SOME Peace
       NO Mystery         SOME Mystery
       NO Hysteria        SOME Hysteria
       NO Shock           SOME Shock
       NO Catatonia       SOME Catatonia
       NO Oblivion        SOME Oblivion
       NO Criminality     SOME Criminality
       NO Source          SOME Source
       NO Adoration       SOME Adoration
       NO Fairchosen      SOME Fairchosen
       NO Majesty         SOME Majesty
       NO Pride           SOME Pride
       NO Shame           SOME Shame
       NO Guilt           SOME Guilt
       NO Cool            SOME Cool
       NO Class           SOME Class
       NO Halcyon         SOME Halcyon
       NO SinSong         SOME SinSong
       NO Thrill          SOME Thrill
       NO Romance         SOME Romance
       NO Question        SOME Question
       NO Answer          SOME Answer
       NO Wonder          SOME Wonder
       NO Miracle         SOME Miracle
       NO New             SOME New
       NO Old             SOME Old
       NO Preciousness    SOME Preciousness
       NO Uniqueness      SOME Uniqueness
       NO Fragility       SOME Fragility
       NO OKness          SOME OKness
       NO Trust           SOME Trust
       NO Belief          SOME Belief
       NO Faith           SOME Faith
       NO Kindness        SOME Kindness
       NO Coldheartedness SOME Coldheartedness
       NO Warmheartedness SOME Warmheartedness

      The above items are probably necessary but not sufficient to fully
running a case.  The preclear should be run on the entire Scientology
tone scale and Scientology Awareness Characteristic Chart, including all
other Scientology scales such as Know to Mystery.  Also all Adorian
items such as Cool, Class, Halcyon, Sin-Song, Thrill and Romance.  Tone Scale  ACC ADORE

      Probably more fun to let a person find his own items in session,
but if you were to run just the above on people you could probably make
a living at it.  Once your preclear catches on to how he works, he will
start running it all by himself while life progresses.

      When your preclears don't come back to you for more auditing, you
have either succeeded beyond your wildest dreams with them or failed


       NO Failure   SOME Failure
       NO Success   SOME Success

      Run any item that comes up as it comes up.

      Feeling frustrated?  Rather than getting into it just start

      NO frustration   SOME frustration.

      Spot in yourself, in others whether carnate or not, in the past,
present and future, in this and other universes.  Don't limit yourself
by 'what is real or reasonable', or by what others would approve of.


      NO Approval       SOME Approval
      NO Disapproval    SOME Disapproval

      Back and forth, back and forth, try to get with the alternating
flow.  The being has been dramatizing NO ITEM and SOME ITEM forever, and
each item found may run for a very long time.

      An item may stop running because its time to go onto another item
for a while, but if so, don't be surprised if the first item comes alive
again later.

      "What is right?"
      "What is wrong?"

       Remember that staying in sync with the flow is imperative to run
it.  If the flow is going SOME approval, and you are spotting NO
approval, you will simply jam it up and make the process stop working.

      If the process does stop working, it may have jammed up inspite of
your best efforts, so just poke around with NO approval, NO approval,
SOME approval, SOME approval, until it starts running again.  Then
follow the flows closely.  You can get this stuff running almost as fast
as you can say the items.

       When no more items can be found, or items which 'should' be running
won't run, run the following

      NO ITEM         SOME ITEM

      These are generic item names that will run the underlying forces of
the next available real items without you having to know what they are
yet.  Eventually the next runnable item will surface.

      You will find that as you run each item to a flat no change point,
or better yet to a clear laughter and cognition point, your life will
start to run into the next item that needs to be run.

      You may get very involved with the item until you suddenly realize
its just an item and you can run it.  Once you do, it will stop having a
hold on you and you will be free to run into the next item.

      This isn't meant to be a way to run out everything so you don't
have to feel anything, but a way to free up being able to feel anything
leaving you in control of it, rather than it in control of you.

      Love and sorrow are big ones, an inability to feel sorrow freely
will stop the ability to feel love and laughter freely also.

      Spot NO humiliation  -  Spot SOME humiliation.

      Sorrow is love in carnation where all must die and be separated
again one day for a while.

      Preciousness, uniqueness and fragility.

      Love and sorrow can be humiliating, because when we feel deeply we
go out of control with crying and laughter.

      Poor dears.

      Humiliation is born of a lack of humility.

      Let love and sorrow go infinite then, until peace and humility are

      Before running an item, someone tosses you a ball, you grab it, and
you run with it to the goal post without thinking.  You can't stop
yourself from doing this day after day, item after item.

      They throw you a ball, you run with it.

      They can MAKE you run, by throwing you a ball, you see?

      After running an item, someone tosses you a ball, and you can just
sit there and do what you want with it.

      The basic theory is that if SOME frustration is controlling you,
then underlying it is the power of many years, even lifetimes of
pretending there is NO frustration when there was.  The subterranean
charge of NO frustration adds to the surface charge of the known
frustration in present time to make it seem overwhelming.

      The subterranean charge on NO ITEM probably WILL be overwhelming so
expect lots of forces, fireworks and wild physical and emotional
somatics (sorrows, pains, weird phenomenon) to turn on.

      Anything that can go wrong with a body or its parts will.


      NO Overwhelming SOME Overwhelming

      Don't get stuck in them, feel and express them fully, let them be
and flow and run, and they will change to other things which will scare
the hell out of you even more.

      You know you are running your case when you are just SURE you
should go to a doctor immediately!

      Don't, forget doctors, just keep running the item.

      Once major items run to sorrow/laughter -> peace, the physical
somatics will chill out and your body will be well again in that area.

      Don't tell the medico's though, they will throw you in jail for
curing without a license to quack.


       NO Doctor    SOME Doctor
       NO Psych     SOME Psych
       NO Zombie    SOME Zombie

      If you keep running the items that come up, eventually the fear
will come up tone to pleasure waves and laughter.  At that point that
item is released, and you can prepare for the next one to surface and
start ruining your life.

      Again you will probably need to run many different items to a no
change point before any of them fully release to love, laughter and
peace, so expect to be running some items many different times over the
course of a life time.

      Doctors depend on half run items never being completed for their
living.  Half run items can kill you dead.  Or make you kill yourself.

      Or turn to drugs to help with the pain.

      If SOME sorrow turns on, and you dramatize NO sorrow at it, what is
it going to benefit you?

      Some drugs, in fact probably all drugs for a short while, actually
facilitate the running of the next item in line, which is WHY most
people do drugs, to facilitate case gain.

      But most people balk and rabbit from the charge leaving them worse
off for having done the drug.  Items that are turned on but not run out
will leave a person worse for the wear.  Some drugs like LSD will turn
on items the person had NO CLUE were there.  That's his immortality from
long ago coming back to him.  Man he hasn't thought about them for a

       At the same time he will think they feel like HOME.

       Spot NO   Deja Vu
       Spot SOME Deja Vu

       Spot NO   Home
       Spot SOME Home

       Spot NO   Lost
       Spot SOME Lost

       Spot NO   Kindness
       Spot SOME Kindness

       Spot NO   Cruelty
       Spot SOME Cruelty

      Because of this failure to properly be in session while doing a
drug, instead of actually running out what comes up, most drugs leave a
person in a 'thud zone' after they have come down from using the drug
where items won't run at all no matter what.

      This is too many half run items begging for attention.

      This leaves the person craving to do the drugs again which usually
then results in more thud zone, thus a psychologically addictive cycle
is created.

      If a drug session is run smoothly and properly, usually the person
will come down feeling cleaner and less likely to do the drug again,
certainly no screaming need for it, at least until the next unrun item
demands attention.

      Some drugs do have a physical addiction component independent of
the above.  Drugs in the end are half poisons that bring one closer to
death while remaining alive, thus showing people various heavens and
hells that are available.

      These are just items waiting to be run.  Every heaven and hell are
half run items, desires standing in line for satisfaction, some thinking
they will never make it (hell), others looking forward to satisfaction

       Spot NO   Heaven.
       Spot SOME Heaven.

       Spot NO   Hell.
       Spot SOME Hell.

      Fully run items lead to sorrow, fear, anger, laughter and then

      They run from (pretended) NO DESIRE, through hell, through heaven,
to omni sovereignty on the matter.


      Spot NO   peace.
      Spot SOME peace.

      For most people , life tends to live on the hell side of SOME
DESIRE or in deep denial of NO DESIRE.

      Your job as an auditor is to bring the person up to living in the
heaven side of SOME DESIRE engaged in winning chase, resting in peace
when needed, and able and willing to do the same for others, no matter
who they are.


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