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Alan said:

>     The Prime Code therefore had to precede the being's choice of "BE".
> For one only chooses a beingness to carry out a Postulate and Vision.


>     By knowing this the Being can now play ALL games knowingly.  A very
> big step forward.

       If the being created everything based on a Code and then sought to
hide the Code from himself, why would it be of benefit to know the code

       If the being had wanted to know his own Codes, then he would have
known them, end of story.

       Thus the choice to NOT KNOW an operating code, would itself be the
application of his code to himself and his knowing of his code, and if
the code didn't want to know itself then, why would it want to know
itself now?

       I am not saying that Alan is wrong in these things.

       I am saying that Alan speaks much and says little.

       I would also surmise that at the very top all beings share the same
desire/want/vision, and then it splits into later individual

       Thus finding individual codes for a being is missing the primary
earlier common code to all.

       The individual codes create conflict amongst beings and a desire
that other's not exist or be in the same game stream or at all.

       The top level code on the other hand is eternally unanimous and
thus creates prior willingness for everyone and anyone to be in one's
dream, no matter how apparently lousy they later turn out to be.

       Thus auditing the top level common code is necessary to restoring
willingness, change, help, problems, creativity and responsibility.

       In other words, friendly ARC towards everyone and everything
forever for free.


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