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      Imagine you are in a german concentration camp, where the guards
are very strict and very mean, but also very stupid.  They also let
you write letters to your family at home in America but they read them
and punish heavily any criticism of your own condition or how you are
being treated or any report of what you observe going on around you.

      So you write letters to your home, and you say well the Americans
are terrible, the Germans are great, I always wanted to be a German,
now I am one.  The Americans beat their prisoners, the Germans feast
them at banquets, the Americans torture their prisoners, do bio
chemical experiments on them with nerve gas and LSD, and the Germans
have great hostpitals to take care of our every need.

      You see how it goes.  It's code.  It tells the Americans what is
going on in Germany so they can be prepared for the horrors when they
come on liberation day.

      Now you notice how Koos has taken to simply reposting our
comments to a.c.t with a single denigrating line at the top:

      "Homer writes with hatred and red blazing eyes and blood dripping
off his fangs salivating at the fate of all his enemies who think he
befriends them:"

      Then he doesn't say anything at all about the posting.

      That's code for we got it right on, he is flagging the posting as
the truth, it doesn't NEED comment.  He can't say "YES, thank God
Homer you got it right!" because the guards would crucify him, but he
doesn't want to distract us from the simple indication that was
written either because its complete as it is.

      Try it, the code is amazing.


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