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      It is reasonable to ask what can be expected from auditing or the
application of clearing technology.

      There are two basic End Phenomena or E/P's that should accompany
every session and the over all journey of going clear.

      Sometimes Church representatives or even auditors or C/S's will
tell you that you have to be patient.  That it takes time for auditing
to work, that you can't judge whether you are making case gain until you
give it a chance.

      It is fair at that point to ask, 'How much of a chance?'

      What ever they say you must take counsel within yourself to
consider if their answer is acceptable to you before you start, and then
you should keep track of whether their predictions are coming true on
schedule as your auditing proceeds.

      If you find that they say, 'well give it 4 intensives (4x12 =
48hours)' and then after 48 hours nothing of import seems to be
happening, and you ask them again and they say, 'well give it another 4
intensives', you probably should consider twice what you are doing.

      Now some registrars (Church reps trying to sell you auditing) will
try something very sneaky with you.  They will say, 'Well you know
auditing works very deeply, and not always in noticeable ways, and you
may not notice as you go along that any BIG change is happening.  But
years down the road you will look back on yourself and you will see that
you are no longer the same person that you were.'

      Fine, do this, and then years down the road see if you are the same
person, and if you are ask for your money back.

      Or they will tell you about the 'long road to OT', which is really
funny because the road to OT is exactly about 3 feet long, it's just
that everyone insists upon getting there via Timbuktu.  Church
registrars will be more than happy to charge you all along the way.

      Watch out for people whose income is proportional to how long it
takes you to walk that road, even if it is through Timbuktu.

      So there is a lot of room for scam here, because people's cases are
fixated on NO CHANGE anyhow, so they will buy the message of HOPE rather
than RESULTS, and they will be more than comfortable laying down $12,000
for 4 intensives, knowing that they don't have to have anything really
big happen until at least the 40th hour or so.

      Frankly I have exactly zero sympathy for this.

      When you put your money down for auditing it is like an investment.

      At the moment your money changes hands, BEFORE you receive your
service, your net worth has just taken a dive to the tune of however
much you have forked over.

      Now perhaps you can claim that your assets have merely moved over
from cash to inventory, counted as hours of auditing still to be
delivered, so your net worth really hasn't gone down at all.

      Fine, but the moment you start getting auditing you are using those
hours up, so you had better have something to show for it once it's

      Now what you are buying in auditing is increased ability.

      Ability to be healthy, communicate, remember, imagine, invent,
create, produce, make a living, and face your eternal future without
cringe, flinch or dread.

      Life consists of production and consumption, profit consists of
producing more than you are consuming.  The world is one large source of
exothermic reactions (little work in, lots of results out) and if you
can't produce more than you are consuming then you are a sinking ship on
your way to make room for those who can.

      You survive by consuming, producing and trading.

      By handing money over for auditing you are handing over hard earned
work credits, they represent production of ergs or joules or value
however you wish to count it.  If you do not get value in return for
your money you have gotten the poor end of the deal.

      Now maybe you don't want to measure your net worth in terms of
dollars or material things.  Perhaps you should also get a brain and
realize that you need to eat to survive long enough to enjoy all those
other non material things.  Thus net worth and affluence is measured in
some sense by the ability to produce, trade and consume material things,
accountrements of survival.

      But there are surely other assets not so material, like well being,
or peace, or being able to engage in a fearless future.  These too are
worth some work credits, when it comes down to it.

      How much is it worth to you to no longer be afraid of death, your
own or those you love?


      To see your cat go under the tire of a car and be able to say
"Wonderful!  Well done!".


      How much would it be worth to you to know exactly how
long you will spend in hell after you die before you let your
self out?


      So when you invest in auditing you are handing over a sizable chunk
of your net worth AS AN INVESTMENT with full expectation of return to
exceed your outlay.

      That means your net worth should go UP after each investment, not
down.  I don't care how you measure that net worth, or what your coin of
the realm may be, but what ever it is you had better have more of it
after an auditing investment cycle, or else you just made a bad

      Any farmer knows how to plant an ear of corn to make 10, so any
auditor should be able to do at least the same with your case and free
theta count.

      Now the purpose of auditing is to produce case gain, and there is a
specific end phenomenon to each auditing action, at least there is a
point at which you know you have WON rather than lost in this game of
auditing.  At that point, usually you end off the session for another
day and another process.

      And another dollar.

      When someone invests in a stock and it proceeds to take a nose
dive, you don't hold on to it, do you?  You get rid of it and cut your
losses short.

      You don't hang on to it for 4 months or $12,000 worth of auditing.
You get rid of it.

      Doing otherwise is called ESCALATION OF COMMITTMENT.

      You think you have already invested this much in a wrong decision,
you can't quit now, so you invest more...

      So its the same with auditing.  If you haven't gotten gains during
the very first session that make you comfortable with your net worth
situation, then you have not gotten a good first session and you should
go get another auditor or C/S.

      Enjoy the sound of their whine about not giving them enough of a
chance to produce valuable change in your outlook, but enjoy that sound
from an increasing distance.

      If after 4 intensives and $12,000 you are still wondering if this
is doing anything for you, you ought to get a new self, because you are
really too stupid to help.

      So there are two E/P's that override all other considerations in
case gain.  Each E/P is contained in every other conceivable E/P, and
every E/P you will ever have in auditing or in life can be checked for
these two E/P's to see if they are worth the time and money you spent on

      The first E/P is this,

      'KNOWS that clearing technology is a good thing and ought to be

      If you can feel this after every session then you know you have
received what you should have, and what is possible, with today's high
speed processing.

      The second E/P pertains to your overall track in the universe
coming in, and your over all track getting out.  It is the final E/P of
all E/P's, the final release state and the final reason for getting
auditing.  It is the highest possible state that anyone can attain, and
it must be reflected in some measure in all lower states attained or
case gain made.

      If you are not making this E/P in some measure in every session,
then you are not on the route out.

      This E/P is,

      'Willing, interested and able to be here, and able to remain.'

      This might not at first seem very sensible.  There is a lower
harmonic mimicry of this state called apathy.  The person is so low tone
that they have no protest about being here, and they are able to remain
solely because they can't get out.

      Barring this false acceptance of what one can not stand, the only
condition that anyone could ever complain about with regard to
themselves or their case can be summed up in one line,

      'Unwilling to be here and unable to leave'.

      The opposite of this of course is,

      'Willing to be here, and able to remain or leave at will.'

      Many people get into auditing because it promises to lead the way
out of this universe.  Ron has said that this planet is an egress
terminal for this universe at this time.  And right he is.

      The problem is that people who are running on an unwillingness to
be here, figure they are going to get out and never come back.  They
aren't sure how they got here in the first place, but they don't care as
long as they get out and don't ever have to think about it again.

      That's called ELSE-WHERE-NESS, or wanting to be elsewhere.

      Now the fact's are a being chose to be here, so he had some reason
for coming in.  Before he came in he was out, so he clearly had free
choice in the matter.  Therefore the address of auditing MUST be towards
recovering for the individual why he chose to come in, why he WANTED to
to be here.

      Once he has that he can get out.

      Outness INCLUDES, no IS, a willingness to come in.

      Cuz that's what outness does, create and enter an inness.

      So those who get into Scientology or auditing solely because they
want to get out, never get out.  Clearing technology can never help you
get out of something except by helping you recover your willingness to
come in.

      But then you CAN get out, so its ok.

      However you might decide to stay in.

      You can get out of anything you are happy you came in to.

      Thus what we are looking for in auditing or any form of real help,
is a recovery of the ability to come in, and a willingness to come in
and STAY in for a while.

      OUTness drips with the beauty and aesthetic of being IN.
no matter how horrible being in is.

      There is an aesthetic to horrow that needs to be contacted and
mastered as Creative Artist again.

      You will find that early on the track some beings were quite ready
to come in, but they had a hard time staying in.  They kept waking up
out of their own dream, it was too ludicrous.  This was actually a major
problem and resulted in the present situation where some people guard
very closely their inability to get out because they don't want to

      But the only way they could stick themselves in, was to hide that
they had wanted to come in in the first place.  Remembering where you
really are will wake you up out of any dream.

      So they hid their choice and willingness in the matter of coming
in, making it SEEM like they only wanted out, all so that they could
stay in.

      If this confuses you, good, that will help you stay in, which is
what you wanted.

      There are too many naked girls here in this dream to want to leave.

      Even if we all are hanging from crosses and them above us.

      So the purpose of auditing is clearing up these confusions and
INABILITIES that a thetan has on the subject of coming in, staying in,
getting out, being unable to stay in, getting stuck out, getting stuck
in, etc., by auditing his DECISIONS to make it so and his reasons for
those decisions.

      Part of this is handled on the Interiorization-Exteriorization
Rundown, but really the whole address of auditing pertains to it.

      One is not only stuck in a body, but also a life, an identity, a
language, a set of abilities, a country, a planet, a solar system, a
galaxy, a universe and a time stream.

      Each one had considerations of coming in, and getting out.

      Each one started off with willingness to be here and not being able
to remain, decaying eventually down to unwillingness to be here and
unable to get out.

      So look, if you are going to put down your hard earned cash for
auditing, please judge your auditing by sensible guidelines.  If you are
the poorer for it after it is done, and I mean EACH SESSION, then don't
get more.  Just go find another auditor or pick up the cans and solo.

      You do have an E-meter, right?


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