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       Clearing is a fix and repair job.

       To the degree you are trying to fix and repair your own self and
your games across 8 dynamics, you will need to help fix and repair
others.  And they will do the same.  But then everyone gets back to
playing the game (libido across all 8 dynamics).

       Fix and repair should about 10 percent of your total time.

       Maybe an hour a day with yourself, or with another at $20 to

       Start sessions with:

       What would be an ideal scene with your life, and what is the
furthest departure from that ideal scene in present time.

       Write down all items.

       Define To Be Responsible for, as

       1.) Choosing to cause, this means taking responsibility for

       2.) Adding one's cause into an already existing scene that one did
not cause, in order to make it better.  This means taking responsibility

       3.) Taking responsibility for something 'someone else created'
as your own.  At the top it is true, but game postulates later
make it seem like it isn't.

      Spot times taking responsibility for or over things that came a
cropper, resulted in ruin, disaster, dismay, unintended betrayal and

      Regretted responsibility is a whopper, as it denies responsibility
for taking responsibility!

      Spot times one tried to duck the consequences of taking
responsibility by shunting or shifting responsibility to another as

      Since everyone is responsible for everything done by anyone to
anybody, its not the saying that another did it that is wrong, it is
saying that he did it AND you DIDN'T DO IT.

      Spot the times others didn't buy your attempted shift and the
responsibility came back to you as fault and guilt.  The fault and guilt
are not about what you first DID, that other's might be on your case
about, but about your effort to shift cause to another and claim you
didn't do it.

      Spot the times you then used a service facsimile to make yourself
sick, injured or disabled, to ameliorate the animosity of others towards
you and/or to exonerate yourself for having shifted blame.

      Spot the times you finally felt sympathy for your tormentors as you
saw they weren't in such hot shape either.

      Spot the moments of shock.

      Spot pride levels before and after.

      Spot desire and world view before the shock.

      Spot desire and world view after the shock.

      A being's life consists of desire driving it through time towards
basic goals.

      The being has set up postulate packages to surprise him that cause
himself to fail.

      This produces shock.

      The shock is covered (hidden) before it happens with desire and
forward motion, and is covered after it happens with degraded views
(postulates) of existence and blocked motion, indecisions or ANDS, going
AND not going at the same time forever.

      This creates the 'shock sandwich'.

       Desire - Shock - View

       Actually both desire and view exist before and after
the shock but in different conditions.  So its more like:

      Desire/View - Shock - Blocked Desire/Degraded View

      Notice and reevaluate the pollution of postulates made during the
shock designed to 'handle' the desire and the shock in a way that didn't
handle it.

      All case is dealing with life by not dealing.

      All case is persisted by the effort to make an as-isness via a

      As-isness causes true vanishment.

      Not-isness causes an apparent vanishment which isn't.

      A being can be knocked down to shock, but no lower, because at
shock he is back at timeless eternity again.

      He can make three choices:

      One is to go lower into catatonia and oblivion, that is handle the
desire and the shock by denying it, making nothing of it, shifting to
something else, some other goal, in other words Q&Aing with it.  He
becomes a "what desire, what shock, what view?" case.

      His view becomes smaller, more limited, more solid.  His universe
does not get smaller, but he gets smaller in his universe, until
eventually it is running him rather than the other way around.

      His universe may LOOK smaller to him, but its full of dark matter
covering all the things he no longer wishes to know went down.

      Or two, he can climb back out of shock up through hysteria,
disaster and ruin to demand for improvement, help and hope.

      Hope is playing the game again, hoping to win but willing to lose.

      A being will generally not seek or play a game that he has no hope
of winning, unless his only goal is see how long he can remaining

      That would probably be a last last-ditch game when all others were
gone or hopeless.

      Three, he can go higher to author mode where he can end the game or
rewrite it.

      Thus auditing addresses each moment of desire-shock-view, they are
like nails in his time track, and removes them one by one.  As each one
is addressed, go earlier similar until basic on the chain.  Also go
future similar, as sorrow is for the future, not the past.

      Sorrow = loss of futures.

      Sorrow = will lose.

      You are looking for moments of deep injury, deep loss, deep
emotion, where pride, self confidence, self trust, self faith, self
love, self interest, self loyalty were broken and were not healed and
recovered in the retelling.

      No longer in love with responsibility.

      No longer in love with love.

      He will no longer associate responsibility with able control, and
the KRC triangle will go to hell.

      Responsibility without able control is the exact opposite of what a
Sovereign being is.

      Once he gets the idea that he can be responsible but not have
control of what he has created or others are creating, then taking
responsibility for anything becomes anathema to him, and down the tubes
he goes.

      You will need to have the preclear REWRITE each incident to
delineate what he should have done after the shock (not to avoid it), to
have healed it on the spot.

      You will need to run all 5 flows, times he was shocked, times he
shocked others, times others shocked him, times others shocked others,
times he shocked himself, times others shocked themselves.

      Shocks don't have to be caused by BEINGS, they can be caused by the
mere existence of things as they are.  But since all things created,
were created by a being, then it does eventually come back to who done
it, which was him as part of the omni sovereign multi being US.

      The basics are all flow 0, what he did to himself.

      But the basics are buried under eons of who did what to whom.

      First awareness of death will show up, and first invalidations of
depth of affinity and feeling with show up.

      Basic feelings are exhilaration, courage, joy, love, monotony,
antagonism, anger, fear, despair, terror, numb, sorrow and apathy.

      Antagonism is batting back at attacks.

      Anger/Hate is holding attacks still and trying to destroy them.

      Fear is trying to survive by running away.

      Despair is the computation that you can't run fast enough.

      Terror is waiting, which quickly becomes numb.

      Sorrow is the cry of love lost.

      Apathy is given up.

      DEPTH is the key word here.  We aren't running dry river beds, we
are running bottomless oceanic flows.

      If your preclear picks up a dry pebble and hands it to you as the
upset of his life because he stubbed his toe on it, then go out and find
yourself an honest preclear.

      If he hands you the limp body of a cat newly killed by a car in the
night, then perhaps you will make some headway.

      Remember in the end though, what is wrong with your preclear is
mostly flow 0, what he caused to himself, which consist mostly of
created views (realities) of his own nature and the nature of the
AllThatIs that he conceives crush out his own desires and in the
conception of it, they do.

      You might ask why a being would do this to himself, the final
answer probably comes back to a sense of humor, if it doesn't then we
all might as well throw in the towel now.

      We have already done that, and that's why we are all still here

      "The way to happiness is a true confession."

      "Not one yet gleaned..." - Electra

      Those words are not meant to be depressing, but the next time you
think you have told all, and yet feel like a dry river bed, harken to
those words for comfort.

      The oceans of the soul are made of sorrow and laughter.

      The preclear will run when he first turned against life, but
decided to suffer it anyhow.

      Shocks are moments of debonding with people, places and things,
particularly desires and goals and ABILITIES.

      You want first moments of debonding with anything and everything
including and especially self on all dynamics.

      People fall into these chains easily, and will run almost without
help, and once they 'get it', they can handle future restims on their
own without an auditor.

      Doesn't matter if all chains are flattened in session, preclears
will flatten unflat chains during next restim once they see where the
game of catatonia and oblivion get them.

      Sorrow is love, no sorrow means no love.

      Dry eyed sorrow never heals, because suppressing expression of
sorrow is suppressing expression of love.

      If the preclear isn't SCREAMING, he isn't running.

      One who can not cry no longer dares to love.

      Once enough sorrow starts to come off a case, pains will turn on,
they can be alarming, they run out just like anything else.

      Eventually laughter will turn on big time and alternate between
sorrow and laughter.

      The pain in his side will go from being 'lumbosis', to he's
laughing so hard he can't breath.

      Excess of joy weeps, excess of sorrow laughs.

      Long term E/P is unfathomable composure, equanimity and peace.

      Flinch and cringe will be inconceivable to him, and he will have a
hard time bringing them about to persist for any amount of time.

      One can afford to love the cat again, and anyone else for that
matter, no matter what fair chosen fate awaits them.

      But it comes only with presence, which is the ability to confront
and take responsibility for ANYTHING done by anybody to anybody, without
ducking into shunting responsibility or the service facsimile tar pit
with its attendant sympathies and ruins of ability.


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On Sun, 26 Jun 2011, Bob1357 wrote:

> So,
> Good (Consciousness) and evil (ego) (God and Devil) with a "thinking"
> buffer.
> The trinity is now seen.
> Non dualism says stop thinking ..............close the buffer.
> Ummm... No..... .that's to easy will turn you into a
> bumbling fool.
> Most others (religions)......... well .......... bullshit.
> Homer? ..... ya there? .... Talked with a few times on the phone in
> despair.
> You gave me some great advice.
> Now I have only a few choice friends, zero employees and making more
> money than I ever have before.
> Good for me.
> I'm not here to pull everyone out of ignorance right.
> I'm here for me.
> It's not my job to fix others right?
> Then why does it feel so fucked up?
> Yes........ I used the word feel.
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