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      ((This posting depends heavily on the ideas of symbols and
referents, a full discussion of which can be found at

      The Proof

      Without understanding symbols and referents clearly, this
posting won't make any sense.))

      There are actually very few differences between sleep dreams and
the waking state.

      Both are projections of virtual space/time realities in

      In both the dreamer can be either lucid or non lucid.

      Non lucid means implied referents are more real and important to
the dreamer than the conscious symbols that refer to them.

      Lucid means conscious symbols are taken as the primary actuality
which they are (along of course with the perceiver of the symbols).

      Non lucid means the being deals with uncertain and unprovable

      Lucid means the being deals only in the perfect certainties of his
conscious symbols.

      There are other dreamers both in our sleep dreams and in our waking

      Our control over either sleep or waking dreams ranges from total to
none depending on the situation and our cognition level.

      The process of going OT is the process regaining lucidity in the
sleep and waking dreams, and regaining direct causative power over both
of them.

      The implied referent does not in fact exist, and if it did there
would never be any way to know it did because all we can observe are our
conscious symbols of it.


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