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      YOU 2

      "But I *KNOW* my brain exists, I have *SEEN* it!"

      Of course you have, but you have also seen an apple.

      That doesn't mean the *APPLE* exists, that only means that the
*SEEING* of the apple exists.

      The seeing of the apple is a zero dimensional color form conscious
object, not a multidimensional space time object.

      If it were, you couldn't see it.

      That's because you can't see *ANYTHING* across a distance.

      Remember the defining facility of consciousness is perfect
certainty, and seeing is always perfect certainty of seeing.

      You see the red apple and you know you see the red apple, what you
see may be imagination, hallucination, sensory display, or a dream, but
the seeing of the apple exists, certainly.  There may be hallucinations
in consciousness but there are no hallucinations OF consciousness.

      And no you are not someone else's hallucination.

      The world you see around you is a hallucination in the mind of God
(you), the external world is a virtual reality, but *YOU* are actual.

      A virtual reality or a hallucination can not see a virtual reality
or a hallucination, thus you which can see both are actual.

      All consciousness-of is certainty-of, and all certainty-of is
consciousness-of.  There are no exceptions.

      Learning with certainty across a distance is impossible.

      Thus two objects separated from each other by a space or time
distance can never be certain of each other, and thus can never see each

      Thus if the apple were a physical object out there, and you were a
conscious unit here, with space and time between the two of you, you
could't ever see the apple.

      The brain is a virtual machine in a virtual reality, a conscious
dream if you will.

      The conscious unit is an eternal actuality experiencing the virtual
realities of space and time.

      If the brain were to go away, the worst that would happen is that
the data picture of the virtual reality which the conscious unit is
experiencing would go away, but the conscious unit would remain and
continue to be self aware.  That's like the show going away, but the TV
remains on with static on the screen.

      Remember the existence of an observer of a virtual reality can
never be dependent in any way what so ever on anything IN the virtual

      But really if that's true, the brain could go away, and the
conscious unit would continue to see just fine, as the conscious unit
isn't using any part of the virtual reality to see the virtual reality,
although it dearly loves to pretend that it is.

      This is a fair chosen delusion, don't belittle it.

      Seeing the virtual reality is not a function or process in the
virtual reality,

      Seeing is a function and process in the eternal actuality that is
self luminous conscious experience.

      It is of interest that seeing likes to see virtual realities in
space and time, and pretend that these apparencies are actuality upon
which seeing itself depends for its very existence.

      People think that because it looks like it is out there,
it must come from something out there.

      This is wrong, virtual realities of things out there, do not
come from anything out there, they come from you directly.


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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning,
but not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.

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